XLR Splitter has 1 mic and 2 outputs splitter. It is attached to 1 mic and a 2 car plug recording unit. You can now set the record level for each channel in different ways. A microphone divider is a microphone input system with multiple outputs. The large number of cables involved in it is also known as an “arthouse.” A divider is also used in larger areas to feed both a front mixing desk and a display desk from microphones or other outlets.

How does Splitter Snake work?

Splitter cables take the entrances from the stage and send the same signals to the two distinct attached to the input box via the hardwired Y cable split. For a talented musician or Sound Engineer, there are several explanations.

What is passive Splitter?

In the case of passive splitter an incoming signal is simply divided into two (or more) outputs with a passive division. Therefore a good passive two-way splitter will produce half of each output (-3 dB). Probably, more than that would be the losses. So now as we know the importance of splitter, let us have a look at the best XLR Splitter in the market.


1. Maono AU-400 Lavalier Microphone (Black)

 Best XLR Splitter 2020


  • is designed specifically for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PS4 or Skype, Whatsapp, Face Time Speakers, YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Webinar. It is tailored to a laptop with just one audio jack (input/output).
  • Even with a phone it shows a protector, high-quality and Omni-direct features, the pin is small enough to plug it directly into your mobile 3, 5-mm headsets jack
  • In this the sound is taken from the rest of the microphone similarly, which makes the assembly versatile and guarantees a high degree of usability.
  • It has a 78-inch long chain which makes it possible to perform remote podcasting on the tie or shirt collar much simpler and safer because of the durable metal clip With the aid of your cell phones.

2.  AmazonBasics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter 

Best XLR Splitter 2020


  • In this the cable is attached to a speaker, stereo receiver, or other from a laptop, tablet, or MP3 player.
  • It has a 3.5 mm Male on one side and two male RCA on the other side.
  • It fits with left and right input and devices with an auxiliary jack of 3.5 mm (typically used for headphones or earbuds).
  • Its special feature is its dual blinding, polished metal plug and 3.5 mm golden-plated corrosion-resistant connector for flat, and most importantly it produces clear sound and minimum signal output.
  • It has beveled step-downs that ensure a safe, fully connected connection; external PVC offers additional resistance and flexibility.

3.   C&E CNE74535 25ft(7.6M) 3.5mm Aux Male 

 Best XLR Splitter 2020

  • It allows a clear signal between components with copper quality for excellent output.
  • It has a premium 3.5 mm stereo cable with soft PVC Vest, polished metal loops, and relief rings increase versatility and long service lives.
  • The best part of this cable is it has a which is suitable for tight environments and does not impact the charge of a loading cable on your network.
  • The combination of gold plated connector points, naked copper drives, and tearing protectors provides superior cable strength and loss-free audio transmission.
  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPod, Android iPod Touch, and other smartphones, MP3 boxes, or any 3.5 mm Audio Jack Player.

4.    TNP XLR Splitter Patch Y Cable Adapter Cord 

 Best XLR Splitter 2020


  • This cable connects two XLR outputs to an XLR input. It can be used when a second channel is not available for connecting two microphones to a channel
  • In this the balanced audio cables use balanced impedance lines which are used to reduce EM and RF noise and increase cable running capacity. The thick, strong gage wires and powerful connector housings in our XLR cable are very useful and contribute to giving prime output.
  • provide quality audio connectivity which is compatible with XLR devices; molded connections with strain relieve ensure that the connected devices have solid high-quality connections.

5.   TNP XLR Splitter Patch Y Cable Adapter Cord 

 Best XLR Splitter 2020


is a type of electrical connector that is used mainly on professional lighting systems for audio, video, and stage. The connectors are circular in design with 3 to 7 pins. They are most often associated with balanced audio interconnection, like AES3 digital video, and are often used for lighting control, low voltage power, and other applications. The signal from a microphone on a mixing console is ideal for two channels.

6.   Mono AU-WDM01 is a Professional Dynamic

 Best XLR Splitter 2020

  • In this there is a special feature which is that every word is obtained from the special direction by the dynamic cardioids microphone to prevent noise.
  • It has 19.68 “audio cable that provides your activities with more space and you enjoy even more.
  • In this cable XLR-to-1/4 is included, and you just have to connect audio cables to different devices, including DVD, TV, KTV Audio, reverberator, mixer, tour bus, etc.
  • The proper and humanized design of this cable gives you a good feeling to sing or talk; metal handheld material protects microphones from being easily broken
  • It is ideal for professional KTV programs, stage presentations, business meetings, family parties and friends, outdoor activities, etc.
  • It has 1/1.8/ XLR 3-Pin Male to Mono Plug Shielded Microphone Mic Audio Cable Cord.
  • It has attachment of Male to Mono Plug Shielded Microphone 1/1.8/10 M XLR 3-pin.
  • It also has 3-pin Female XLR to 1/4 “Female Mono connectors.
  • It has a Flexible PVC jacket 6.35 mm OD Black in color.
  • It has High Loss cable which provides Low-Risk capability.
  • This XLR connector is made up of Nickel Plating Zinc Alloy.

7. FENTICO™ High-Speed HDMI Male to Male 

Best XLR Splitter 2020


  • It is used to connects Blu-ray players to TVs, Monitor screens, A / V receivers and others; Fire TVs; Apple TVs; PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360.
  • This cable allows you to connect to the Internet between many devices without having to use the separate Ethernet cable.
  • This device has met the  for bandwidth of 18Gbps and backward and has shown excellent compatible with previous models, i.e. 4 K Video at 60hz, 2160p, 48bit / pixel color depth.
  • FICO HDMI cable offers the possibility of sharing an Internet connection with multiple devices without the need to use a separate Ethernet cable. You can control your TV with your Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, TVs, screens, A / V recipients, and many more.
  • It provides multifunctional support to the Audio Return Channel (ARC) and hot plugging Ethernet, 3D, 4 K video, and audio. It is superior for all 2.0 applications and compliant with previous HDMI specifications (v1.4 & v1.3) backward.

8.   CABLESETC HDMI – DVI-D ( 24+1 pin ) CABLE


 Best XLR Splitter 2020

  • is used to reduce the EMI / RFIs (which are the main causes of interference with optical signals), it is 6 feet (1.8 meters) from the horse to the horsepower (DVI-D).
  • At the end of the cable, there is an interrupt with the EMI / RFI and prevent its transmission.
  • Our hi-def plasma or LCD TV is particularly designed to link the DVI output of your computers.
  • For our cable components and jackets there is the use of high-quality material.
  • The best feature is that it has gold-plated connectors provide better compatibility and cable life.

9.   Powerpak BM 800 Silica Gel Professional 


 Best XLR Splitter 2020

  • It is a condenser microphone that only fits with the system that can control it sufficiently and effectively. When the condenser of the microphone is connected to a computer with a desktop system, you can connect the laptop to the outlet, or use a phantom power of 48v to gain sufficient power unless the sound is clear and high enough.
  • The recorded sound volume may be small and you need an to connect it (Phantom power adapter is not included). If your system can not provide enough power (where used with amplifier or blender, etc.) The qualified condenser microphone adopts the completely new audio circuit, capturing warm, full sound from sources right outside the microphone.
  • You can also do it with a desktop, but not with a laptop. A power supply 48V is required for use with a laptop; the cardioids pickup pattern minimizes background noise and remains the main sound source, mounting shock to reduce noise.
  • In its packages it includes Microphones, 1xshocks, 1x power cables, 1x antifoam cap, and 1x user handbook.

10.  CABLESETC Pro-Series 3.5mm Male

Best XLR Splitter 2020


  • In this the cable is attached to a speaker, stereo receiver, or other RCA compatible device from a laptop, tablet, or MP3 player.
  • It has a 3.5 mm Male on one side and two male RCA on the other side.
  • It fits prime with left and right input and devices with an auxiliary jack of 3.5 mm (typically used for headphones or earbuds).
  • It is made of Zinc Alloy full metal connectors and 3.5 mm pure, transparent, and has low signal loss gold plated connector with dual blindness, polished Zinc Alloy.
  • It is a safe, fully connected connection; external PVC offers additional resistance and flexibility.

11.  AKG P220 – High-performance large-diaphragm 

 Best XLR Splitter 2020


It is referred to as a condenser microphone professional because it has a strong, It is conceived and produced in Vienna, Austria. This device is your excellent value for capital

12.  CABLESETC HDMI Extension Cable 

Best XLR Splitter 2020


  • This is an HD Male to Female Angle: Left English Cable Extension Male to Female which has an angle of Left Angle, 90 Degrees Perfect for Android Sticks Roku Chromecast, etc.
  • With the help of this extended HDMI extension cable for your existing your connection will work without signal loss.
  • This cable comes with gold plastic connectors; this male-female cable meets the highest quality possible including 3D ARC and 4 K support.
  • It provides support for Max Res 4096p/30Hz.
  • It has a length of 30 cm.

13.  AKG P120 – It gives high performance 


 Best XLR Splitter 2020

  • In this device there is a low-mass diaphragm that produces a consistent sound with detailed sound information for voices, speech, and instrument recordings in studios and at home.
  • It has a reaction frequency of 20hz to 20khz.
  • It also has a special max of 150 dB.
  • The capacity of this microphone is 24 mv/pa.

14.   CABLESETC Gold Plated Pure Copper 


 Best XLR Splitter 2020

  • It has a Female HDMI and Male A Type-A cable which can be regarded as Type A * 1, 8 m 6 m.
  • It comes with a dual Shielding OFC Copper-The EMI / RFI eliminates ferrite magnets and guarantees lossless signal.
  • It also has an audio Return Channel – It Allows an HDMI linked TV with an integrated tuner to relay ‘upstream’ sound data to a surrounding audio network to eliminate the need for a separate audio cable
  • The best feature of this device is that it has a Sets input/output logs for major 3D video formats that pave the way for true 3D gaming and 3D home theatre.
  • It provides an Image support for 4 K x 2 K-High definition images that go well beyond 1080p.

15. BlueRigger 3.5mm to RCA (2) Stereo Audio

 Best XLR Splitter 2020


  • It has an innovative design that enables plugs even with bulky protective cases to be fully seated.
  • It also has a link to a stereo receiver or speaker your iPod, iPhone or another audio system
  • It has which is made with quality metal connectors; 3.5 mm and RCA audio plugs are equipped of gold plated connector
  • It has an audio Jack 3.5 mm which is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, Android, other tablets, MP3 boxes, or other 3.5 mm recording.

So don’t delay and get the best one for you. All these items are available online and you can get them very easily from www.amazon.com.