Nowadays, almost all of us experience a busy life. Such a busy life can make you stressful throughout the day. Apart from watching movies, listening to music, having a conversation with your friends, playing a game can be a great idea to eliminate all your stress. One such home video game, Xbox is familiar to all gamers with a lot of games are designed to accord the feeling of reality and makes you feel thrilled at the end of the day. If you are an actual fan of racing games and, playing Xbox with a controller, then its time to change those uncomfortable controllers and invest in a good compatible steering wheel. We are here with the top 15 best Xbox steering wheels 2021, which can give you a realistic feeling of driving a car.

1. Thrustmaster TMX Force

 Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
Gamers are looking for such a hardheaded steering wheel that can take over the U-shaped design of a Microsoft speed wheel and that can look like something that could be realistically mounted in a sports car. Toastmasters is one of the impressive and competitive brands among the best Xbox steering wheels 2021. Unlike other competing options, the Trustmaker is compatible with Windows 10 and Xbox One, making it a high-value option for those gamers who like to alternate between console gaming and PC.

The Trustmaker features several exciting options. Such features include a realistic steering wheel with an additional pedal that can make your gaming experience even more breathtaking. It also comes with a 900-degree force feedback base that allows the gamers to feel every impact and bump from the beginning till the end. Moreover, the exceptional build quality provides large and optimized pedal sets with wide footrest. It also features a good button layout for easy understanding.

The only problem the game faces is in the terms of the steering wheel which is not durable and smooth. Apart from this, the company has designed a wheel that exactly looks like the aracing steering wheel in terms of materials and dimensions, that provides a premium feel to the gamers. If the budget isn’t your issue and you want to have all the features that you expect from a serious steering wheel, then Trustmaker is one for you.

2. Logitech G920

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
For many years, Logitech is a prominent manufacturer of computer accessories such as keyboard, mouse, keypads and even steering wheels. You cannot miss a chance to experience its superb pedal action and realistic steering. The Xbox is designed from high-quality stainless steel and provides easy access control that allows you to play the game wonderfully.

Now let’s talk about its features. It not only employs a wheel but also comes with shifters and pedals to give a fuller racing simulation experience. From all the best steering wheels 2021, Logitech G290 comes in various editions that work for both Pc and consoles. The build of the product is sturdy as it employs steel ball bearings and stainless steel pedals that give you a look of a true racing beast. The wheel provides 900-degree rotation. Moreover, the product comes with a hall-effect steering sensor that makes the game more immersive and authentic.

The only downside of this product is regarding its less amount of force feedback. If you are looking for a quality feel at a low price then, you should go for this one.

3. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
are you looking for authentic and Italian experience just like an Italian sports car? Look no further than the Thrustmaster TX 458. you will love this product if you are a fan of Ferrari. The Tx 458 gives high-end racing experience to all its Xbox owners. Just like a Ferrari, the steering wheel of this product is covered with high-quality Italian leather which ensures the most tactile feel while racing.

In addition to the steering wheel, the Xbox comes with the pedals that further enhances the realistic nature of the Italian racing experience. It is fully compatible with Windows and Xbox One. On top of that, the feedback mechanism incorporated in the steering wheel that gives you a similar feel to what drivers experience on the racetrack in an actual Italian sports car. Apart from this, it is equipped with a sturdy pedal set that makes the racing experience better than ever. Get your hands on this Xbox to feel the thrill of racing just like a Ferrari.

4. HORI Racing Wheel Overdrive for Xbox One

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
With Hori Xbox, one can experience the best build in quality and authentic racing at a budget-friendly price. At such low price, Hori’s team of experts has brought together all the features and quality of a full a full-size racing wheel. Hori has manufactured 2 different racing wheels to serve the latest generation of console gaming. The company also offers separate models of the wheel for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. These wheels are not cross-compatible, so it’s worth choosing the Xbox wheel only if it will never be used outside the Microsoft ecosystem

The product is equipped with a dual pedal set that is highly made from a superb material and is built to last for a longer time. On the other hand, the sturdy clamps are added to this unit. You also have access to turn the wheel from 270 degrees to 180 degrees and can tune other settings such as pedal zone, dead zone and many more. In addition to this, the steering wheel is programmable and customizable to provide easy and smoothy turns all the time. Like every coin has 2 faces, so does it have. This device is small in size and does employ any force feedback or vibration.

5. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
Coming to the 6th Xbox in the list, we have Xbox 360 from Microsoft, which is super easy to use even for the beginners. It has an instantaneous response time which can make you feel like you are on the road. unlike many other steering wheels in the market, The Xbox 360 provides compressive wireless compatibility with the console and also features the traditional Xbox control buttons on either side of the wheel. The device is designed in a U-shaped which is ergonomic and easily holds the steering wheel for a long time.

The device offers many benefits. Its wireless design makes the connection playing easier. It is equipped with motorized steering with motion sensors. It offers rumble feedback to have easy motion-controlled racing. Get the Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel and get an amazing experience with all our favorite racing games.

6. Logitech G27 Xbox Steering Wheel

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020

Whether its a console gaming or PC gaming, Logitech comes under the biggest name in peripherals. Logitech G27 designs a racing wheel accessory for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which is one of the most impressive accessories among the best Xbox steering wheel 2021, in the market. It employs an innovative design where the wheels come with a set of pedals as well as with a fully connected gearshift.

The device offers an exciting set of features. It supports a powerful dual-motor force feedback mechanism that accurately stimulates weight shit and road feel with a quiet steering option. It has a 6-speed shifter with a push-down reverse gear that allows you to choose the right gear for every corner. In addition to the 6-speed shifters, it also provides addle shifters, so that you can keep your hands on the wheel for a quick style-shifting. There are shift indicator LED’s on the device that indicates when to shift gears. On top of that, it has top-notch free feedback to create a realistic driving experience.

7. doyo

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
Looking at a high-end Xbox, Fanatec Forza is the best you can get. Fanatee Forza highly employs authentic and luxurious materials just like a real race car. The great thing about this Xbox is that it is user-friendly and allows endless customization. The wheelbase of this devices is designed with the help of Germanium engineering and utilizes high standards for performance. This wheelbase is an improved version of its predecessors and comes with modern electronics. The improved motor further enhances the functionality of the devices even more.

Get to know about its exciting features. The product is embedded with a 33 cm rim, which is made up of anodized aluminum. Nothing makes you faster than a set of good pedals and a good shifter adds perfect immersion. It also features 7 function funky switch elements that are used to navigate the vehicles. In addition to this, its steering features a dual belt, imposed with big ball bearings and v-ribs, which protects from drag and slippage and thus, feels like a direct drive wheel. Besides, its direct sensor technology is like a cherry on top. It includes dual hall sensors on both steering axis and motor to provide unmatched precision and reliability. Furthermore, the servo motor delivers smooth acceleration with no dead spots.

The only downside of this product is that it does not support auto clutch features and most people do not invest in this product as the wheel tends to be slightly expensive as compared with the rest products. Apart from this, if we look at its quality and performance then it turns out to be a boon.

8. Subsonic SA5156

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020

If we look tall the best Xbox steering wheel 2021, then Subsonic SA 5156 is the most underrated steering wheel in the market with its low cost and a complete set of features. This inexpensive device offers compatibility with just not PC one Xbox One but also with several other versions of PS3 and PS4. This Xbox is ideal for beginners who are learning to use a steering wheel with their Xbox One. Subsonic SA5156 is the absolute best product when it comes to an introductory wheel for racing games.
Having said that, it still has a lot of features to offer. The devices in a single package offer 240-degree rotation, wheel-mounted paddle shifters, and three driving modes. The device also employs 5 suction cups which ensures its stability and security on the steering wheel when being used. Moreover, it provides additional customizability through its programmable buttons which can be used according to the gamer’s preference. The device also has a double vibration motor to have an authentic experience. It’s a great product when it comes to price and performance.

9. Subsonic SA5426 Racing Wheel

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
Subsonic SA5426 is recognized as a Universal wired racing wheel. Among the best Xbox steering wheel 2021, Subsonic SA5426 promises to give an immersive racing experience like never before. You will be surprised to know at such a low price this device makes you compatible with PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The device is also compatible with the array of popular games in the market such as Grand Turismo, Project Cars 2, Forza Motorsport and many more.

Coming to its functionalities. The device is embedded with 5 suction cups which allows the gamers to blaze down the path of any racing game without thinking about the stability of the wheel. You also have access to 3 programmable buttons which can be customized according to your preference. In addition to this, there is a 2 step padding unit which can be utilized for padding as well as shifting. Subsonic SA5426 also comes with 180-degree rotation and with some level of the dead zone. Moreover, with the availability of 3 driving modes, you can easily adapt to the sensitivity of the product according to your preference. For beginners who do not want to invest in an expensive product, this racing wheel is perfect for getting a feel of such an item with lots of specifications at a low budget.

10.  Thrustmaster TX RW

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
Trustmakers are known to deliver high quality and reliable steering wheels from a long ago. It gives you access to comfortably select your favorite steering wheel due to its modularity. The best among the Trustmakers’ design is the Tx Racing Wheel Leather Edition with the T3PA 3- pedal. It is similar to a racing car, having a sturdy design coupled with a unique slant.

The device offers a complete package featuring the TM detachable leather wheel, Tx servo base, and a double pedal set. It employs a next-generation force feedback racing simulator for both PC and Xbox One. The part that contains the force feedback motor also called servo which is compact and lightweight and can be easily attached to a desk or racing seat. A hand-stitched leather wheel is there for the ultimate racing experience. It also has a metal central attachment system that makes your device compatible with all desks and tablets. Sometimes the user may face compatibility issues with the PC. Overall, this device provides a seamless and smooth action without any time lag, which is a great point as compared with the other best Xbox steering wheel 2020.

11. Mad Catz Wireless Xbox Racing Wheel

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
The wireless Xbox racing wheel is manufactured by Mad Catz which is recognized as a well known leading accessory producer for Xbox gamers. It makes the wheel alive as soon as you begin to feel every nuance of the road. Coming to its designing, it has an alluring black body that gives a realistic feel while enjoying the game. The player can experience consistent real-time feedback through this unit. Its Wireless Force steering wheel makes the racing experience even more immersive.

Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel with Vibration Technology for Xbox 360Experience every jolt, bump and shudder with Mad Catz’ officially licensed Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox 360. Force feedback makes the wheel come alive as you feel every nuance of the road. Rev up the throttle and when the tires start to slip, powerful rumble technology kicks in to provide the response needed to make race-critical adjustments. Complete with a sequential stick shift and true-to-life gas and brake pedals, all the intensity of a race comes to the comfort of your home and shifts your next-generation racing into top gear.

Besides its excellent design, it offers various functionalities. You can efficiently feel the game with vibration technology which allows you to drive over the racetrack’s edge. Wireless connectivity is there to boost the range over 40 feet. One can also employ with non-slip pedal surfaces. Moreover, there is force feedback that provides realistic resistance to enhance your performance as you get to tune in with the road. The great thing about this product is that it does not come with any drawbacks thus, making it a brilliant pick for all the gamers out there.

12. Thrustmaster

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020

The Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel is a direct challenge to Logitech’s G2920. In short, what you get with this steering wheel is all the performance flash of the Tx Ferrari 458 Edition. This device is designed with multiple capabilities and on a surprise note, the overall build is made using the plastic material. The plastic is durable and robust enough to provide a great racing experience and does its job pretty well.

Now let’s talk about its functionalities. Its controls are well put up around and at the central console of the steering wheel. The controls include an Xbox guide button to provide complete interaction with your Xbox console. Another efficient design features its central attachment system which makes the console compatible on any desk. Apart from this, the most impressive feature offered by Thrustmaster is regarding its dual-motor force feedback. It provides a varying degree of resistance4 at the time of turning and give vibrations to your hands that that correlates with the track conditions within the game. However, the only difficulty you might face while inverting the pedal as they are supported by a plastic base. Overall, the product is great in terms of price and features.

13. Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
Here comes another great Xbox for which most of us might be waiting for. Trustmaker Ferrari F1 designs robust and well-made products. Its construction is slightly different from rest. It is manufactured from reinforced, scratch brushed metal, which makes it as the sturdiest product from the other best Xbox steering wheel 2021.
Talking about its functionalities, the device is designed in a way such that the fingers can efficiently reach within the various knobs and switches. Another cool aspect is that it offers a customizable wheel where the gamers can adjust it according to their preferences. You won’t face any difficulty regarding its compatibility as the device can be easily compatible;e with Xbox One, PC, PS3 and even with PS4.

The other significant thing you need to know about this device is that it is 2 distinct game modes. First comes the normal mode which employs 13 action buttons, 17 programmable functions, and 3 D-pads. The other is the advanced modes that employ 25 action buttons, 29 programmable features, and 1D-pad. If you are satisfied with all the above features, then give this device a shot.

14. subsonic

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
Though some people may find subsonic Bundle to be expensive, once you own such Xbox you will be delighted with its results. Now lets straightaway come to its features. The CLC Elite racing wheels work seamlessly with PS4 consoles. It employs a powerful servo motor that is used to deliver sturdy force feedback. With the help of Snapdome technology, Its newly designed shifter paddles provide an intensive and positive click feeling. These pedals are manufactured from high-quality aluminum so that they can ensure long-lasting durability. On top of that, the steering wheel contains a built-in stripped LED screen that can be customized to the wheel as per your requirements. Despite its heavyweight looks, it provides an extremely smooth and seamless experience.

15. Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel

Best Xbox Steering Wheels 2020
T300RS is another model that made it to the list under the Thrustmaster brand. When it comes to creat the products, the model goes to show the versatility of the company. The main purpose of this company is to provide gaming solutions to several kinds of gamers, thus satisfying their unique requirements.

The T300RS Racing Wheel is often categorized as the quick-release steering wheel. This feature is especially built-in for this particular model and is designed into its detachable racing wheel. The wheel structure is similar to the automotive frameworks and provides a full 180-degree rotation. It also has a 3 metal pedal set which has the capability to support ultra-high resistance at the end of every brake pedal. Moreover, this device is easily compatible with any of your PC, PS3, and PS4. The only flaw it faces is that its petals are slightly flimsy and noisy.


The immersive and vivid gaming experience is now possible with these highly advanced steering wheels. Getting the right features of a racing steering wheel is something that only a real gamer can understand. These days, there are vast options available in the market and choosing the right one can be quite overwhelming. However, with our list of the best Xbox steering wheels 2021, you won’t face any difficulty while investing in one for yourself. Since different models come with different sets of requirements, it is essential for you to look at the particular specifications that include pedals, gear stick, the material employed in a wheel, force feedback, price and many more.