Xbox was first launched in the United States in 2001 created and owned by Microsoft. There are about six generations of Xbox among which Xbox is the first-generation video game. Despite having a wide rush in the gaming world, Without any doubt, Xbox has been the best selling and most popular online video game till the date.There is something uniquely satisfying about the Xbox one Mystery game and offers a wide range of gameplay experiences. Whether you are looking for an investigation game or some likely puzzled solving or the combat of the mix, we have provided the list of top 15 Xbox one Mystery games when you are looking for a good mystery to solve.

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1.Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

 Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

How could the history of Mystery games exist without the man himself, Dr. Sherlock Holmes? The detective and inspection of mystery stories and games looks always incomplete without relying on this famous name. This game will let one to guess yourself as through the moral complex bargaining.

Talking about the game, pick out the clues and letting yourself back to the conclusion together is all in the game. What else could you expect from the Sherlock Holmes game? The games of his choices add more to the lives up to its legends.

2.A Noire

 Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

When you think of Mystery games, the best game to keep always in mind is L.A Noire. The game is an essential drama mystery for aspired detectives. The story is laser-focused and has a lot of room for distraction which turns out to be a good thing for rooting out the scum of L.A to care.

This is one of the best Mystery to guess your minds and is at its best to make your quarantine more fun.

3.The Wolf Among Us

 Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

This is the Telltale game series, based on deeply thoughtful stories to make the perfect decision for the mystery genre. The game was released back in 2013 and is one of the best fairytale mystery game.

The game consists of 5 consecutive episodes. In this game, you have to suspect the brutal bloody murder by keeping the fairytale character and hidden community as a secret from the outside world.

4.The Walking dead

Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

Isn’t the game feels more mysterious and adventurous just by the name of it? The walking dead is based on the Telltale comic books, comprising of 5 episodes released back in 2012. The game has the same view as that of the Comic onset of Zombie apocalypse.

All the characters, graphic designing, the gameplay is at its best and has more focus on story.

5.What remains of Edith Finch

 Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

If you are looking for the mood changer, empathize, and heart-wrenching dive into the lost world type of mystery game, then no game could be the best game than this. The game will take you far longer time to escape from the emotional grip, be ALERT!! The game story is about family members who are left a mystery by relatives death.

The game will let you know more about Edith Finch and takes a few hours to learn the truth that remains of Edith Finch.

6.Outer Wilds

 Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

When most of the mystery games are based upon finding the culprit this game seeks for much more than that. The game is based on exploring the universe and solar system. You might be thinking how could some mystery occur on the outer Universe?

But yes, this is an exploration game looking for cues on diverse planets and has a unique experience one could ever have. Playing the game will uncover more mysteries one could ever think of. This is a must-play game.

7.Return of the Obra Dinn

Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

This is one of the most mysterious game one could ever play. He distinct monochromatic art style, graphics, gameplay is at its best and is perfect to wrack your brain to get the clues. The story in the game is about the missing ship which returns after 5 years.

Finding about the ship, what happened to the ship and the passengers, how many died becomes your job to find the mystery in the game. Obra Dinn stories always leave you into the mystery piecing into the secrets more than rewarding.

8.The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

 Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

If you are a fan of the game having both the combination of Horror and Mystery than The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is the best game for you. I am confident enough to say that this the best game ever even after the six years of its release.

Talking about the story, a twelve-year-old boy Ethan Carter went missing that creates the tragic event in the Red Creek Valley which will slowly unfold the mystery in the end. This is one of the best games from Xbox production.

9.Life is Strange

 Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

Life is Strange is a graphic mystery adventure video game consisting of 5 episodes. This becomes an award-winning series with its ability of having supernatural twists of your choices.

Now talking about the game, each episode is designed in such a way that it creates a key moment by combining your present with the past. The game approaches with their main aim of the world issues such as depression, suicide, bullying, violence, major loss, as promised.

10.Batman: Arkham Asylum

Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

In this 21st Century, who does not know about the comic creation of Batman. Batman has its films with a huge amount of fam following at its best. This is the unique, dark, action, adventure game that will take you to the depth of hospitality of criminally insane.

Talking about the story, The game focus more on the strength, ability, detective skills, Batman’s combat, and much more adding fun and interest to the game.

11.Unmechanical: Extended

Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

This is the best Xbox One production game. The game is a simple and straightforward 2.5D graphic mystery game. The player all has to do is solve the mystery of the student project by assembling the pieces which will keep you occupied in the game for several hours.

Although, the game is not well-known, but is rated positive from the critics. If you give yourself a chance to play, it might surprise you.

12.Portal 2

 Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

There are numerous mystery games by Portal. Portal 2 is the sequel series if Portal. More of the best game is the portal’s best game. The game introduces new more obstacle challenges and solving mysteries at a better idea in the second series.

Now talking about the game, it can be played with a friend and can design it all it’s own. The game has the smartest machine embedded with the guns to shoot it back. By playing the game you can get a real idea of it.

13.Valiant Hearts: The Great War

 Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

Xbox One might be the first platform to release this type of dark mystery game. The story of the game is little intertwined as it has tried to describe both the love and happiness at one place in the name of destiny.

The Valiant Hearts is all about the one caught into trench warfare, greedy affairs indeed. Get yourself a box of tissue ready as there is no guarantee of not crying as soon as the game ends.


 Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

This is the trippy, first-person, thriller games with a mixture of lots of mysteries involved in it. One must play this game as it contains a lot of mind crust in it.

Talking about the game, in this mystery set, the emotional lifeline of the person is set at the other end of the radio. However, you have to find the real memory and stimulated memory in between the game.

15.The Turing Test

Best Xbox One Mystery Games 2020

What if you are told to control the International Space agent? It would be much fun, Right? It is the same in this game as you have to control the space agent one working on Jupiter, Moon, Europa. You have to help them in controlling the power system as they had forgotten to unlock the doors and other machineries.

So, above mentioned was the list of top 15 Xbox One mystery game for which need to whip out your magnifying glass.