While we all surf our lives through the lockdown that is going around in the world at present, video games have become the most favourite escape for many.Since forever, video games have had a compelling effect on its audience. Everyone is keen on finding out the new edition or a new playstation in the market. One such sensational amusement present in the market is the Xbox one console by Microsoft. The third in the series of Xbox this one was marketed as the all-in-one entertainment system by Microsoft.Gaming is super fun until everything in the system works efficiently and congruously. But what if there is a problem in the sound while you are playing? An essential part of the whole Xbox one is the headset adapter, the one that gives you the feel.. If this breaks down and starts dysfunctioning, it is sure to ruin your playing time.Numerous options are readily available in the market for the replacement of this accessory, but it can still be confusing and tedious. Here are a few best of them which we have put together that will help you choose for yourself.

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1.Turtle Beach Ear Force Xbox one headset 


15 Best Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

This product offered by turtle beach has attracted a massive success amongst the users. The product allows you to gain a new experience in the game. It adds game and mic presets and a very appropriate mic monitoring to the audio experience that makes the game too lively. The other controlling aspects, such as volume and chat mix and mic control, are also in your hands.

  • Release: 1 September 2018
  • Warranty: two years manufacturer’s warranty.

2.PDP Afterglow LVL Headset adapter for Xbox one

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

The afterglow LVL headset adaptor uses the 3.5 mm jack to retrieve chat audio and game audio. The reason behind the success of this product is the advantage of noise-canceling technology along with flexible wiring. The product provides a well-deserved sound with controls that are perfect for the gamer. The product may be available on the vendor’s condition.

  • Release: October 2015

3.WIISLIN Headset adaptor for Xbox one

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

This Xbox one headset adaptor is highly compatible with stereo headset having a jack of 3.5 mm and with Xbox One, Xbox S, and Xbox X. Once you update the driver of the headset this new technology in your hands is ready to show its independent functioning. The adapter has a well-specified controller set that balances the sound of the game. The WIISLIN headset adaptor is a smart alternative for the original Microsoft adaptor.

  • Release: January 2020
  • Warranty: 18 months manufacturer’s warranty.

4.Microsoft Xbox One chat headset

Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

This astounding product by Microsoft has a headset along with the volume and mute settings controller in your hand. The sound option in this device is mono usable. The technology is wired and thus is easy to us and understands. The product fits beautifully over the ear and has a well-connecting jack of 6.35 mm. The product is quite famous amongst the users for the simple application. Also, it does not use any battery and is directly connected to the wireless controller.

  • Release: 12 October 2013

5.Generic Headset adapter for Xbox one

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

Another very popular and reasonably priced product is available in this form. There is no need to connect wires and make the system complex; all you need is a microphone for the chat. It controls the volume and chat button along with the microphone. Controlled processing and excellent artistry can be seen in the product very clearly. The plastic-based product is very efficient.

  • Release: December 2018
  • Warranty: The manufacturer provides no warranty.

6.SevestoIn Stereo Headset Adapter Headphone  

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020


The headset is included with a new stereo headset adapter designed for Xbox One. The connector is directly connected to the system and works efficiently to get results through the same. It uses a 3.5mm jack and a chat mic for better communication. The product comes with different warranty periods, generally based on the choice of the vendor.

  • Release: October 2018

7.Uber Bluetooth Xbox one stereo headset  

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

With Bluetooth version 5, this is one of the most loved technologies. This console has a perfect transmission range up to 15 meters and a working voltage of 5V. It takes one hour to charge the device entirely. It was the first wireless device in this range. It supports a two-channel stereo that adds to its other advantage.

  • Release: November 2019

8.Kogoda Stereo headset audio mic stereo  

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

This third party manufactured product works well with the updated version of the software. Once you update the driver, it yields the best results. This Kogoda product is well designed and well equipped to perform the work best.

  • Release: August 2017

9.Levelhike stereo headset adapter for Xbox  

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

The best feature available in the adapter is that you can create an audio balance without adjusting the chat mixer setting on Xbox one. Along with the system, it has a 6ft micro USB charging cable.

  • Release: November 2018

10.Sandistore Stereo headset adapter for Microsoft  

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

The game chat balance is obtained very efficiently through this adapter. The adapter uses the stereo 3.5 mm jack as the connecting the whole sound mechanism well. The buttons comprise of a mic, game balance, chat balance, and volume.

  • Release: May 2018

11.Turtle Beach- Elite Pro Tactical audio adapter 

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

This is an ultimate headset audio controller for Xbox One that allows a superhuman hearing in the game where you can even hear the slightest soft footsteps. It has a dynamic chat boost system that will enable you never to miss a command when in the game. This also features the mic controlling and compatibility.

  • Release: April 2017

12.Accreate best stereo headset adapter for Xbox 

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

The device enables the weirdest stereo gaming headsets to work on the Xbox One. The chat audio control handler is easily adjustable without taking off the hands from the controller. The controller has a volume button to adjust the volume in addition to the chat balance, where you can mix the chat as required. Just connect the headset of Xbox with this controller.

  • Release: April 2018

13.Stereo headset adapter for Xbox one controller  

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

The adapter has quick control of chat mix, mute, and volume. Without taking hands off the controller, you can use the device to maintain the audio. It uses the basic stereo 3.5 mm jack to maximize connectivity. This plastic-based system is too easy to use and handle. The device is compact and lightweight and thus preferable. There is a warranty period that depends upon the vendor’s choice.

  • Release: March 2018

14.Aoile Xbox Stereo headset adapter game 

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

The advanced technology offered by Aoile deals with a new and high-quality headset controller with a jack of 3.5mm dimension. The headset with the stereo jack of 3.5mm is generally compatible directly to Xbox one. The adjustable chat audio is instantly available through Xbox one. We require a microphone for a chat. You just need to plug the Xbox One stereo headset adapter into the controller and connect the headset.

  • Release: December 2017

15.Stereo headset adapter for Xbox one  

 Xbox One Headset Adapters 2020

Another very successful technology set that works with any version of the stereo headset. It helps you control volume, microphone, and chat balance. Very easy to use; this adapter is beautifully synchronized to work with 3.5mm jack. The device is well coordinated with Xbox One, Xbox S console, and Xbox X.

  • Release: June 2018

Though there are many companies in the race to make a desirable product for the people to use, the above are a few best in the business. The year 2020 is halfway and still, the companies may announce something new and exciting with advanced features that will surely be a grade up from the current market offerings.