DBZ’ is known as Dragon Ball Z video game, based on Manga and Anime series. The video game is based on the property released in Japan, majorly produced by Bandai, and created by Akira Toriyama. DBZ was first aired in April 1989 to January 1996 and is broadcasted in 81 countries worldwide and has become a huge part of the Dragon Ball media franchise.If you are not familiar with the name DBZ, then the below-mentioned information will help you to fetch up the answers to all your questions.With the well-being of all over 9000 video games, below is the narrowed list of Top 15 best Xbox DBZ games in 2021.

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1.DBZ FighterZ

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

Dragon Ball FighterZ, without any doubt, is one of the best-crafted games under the Dragon Ball media franchise. After the release of FighterZ, there was great enthusiasm seen in the fans of fighting games and become the fastest-selling DBZ game.

The game was released worldwide in January 2018. The game consists of 21 playable characters along with 8 additional characters that can be unlocked as paid Downloadable content (DLC). Now talking about the game, it consists of different players possessing cell body warriors, mainly, Super Warrior Arc, Enemy Warrior Arc, Android 21 Arc, which provide strength.

The game became very addictive as the human soul has the superpower to possess the warriors. This game is really fun and if you want to buy this game, the link is provided below:

2.DBZ: Budokai

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

This game has broken records and has been once the best-known game of Dragon Ball Z series. The game is fully featured in 3D and retold the story of the first three Arcs of Z. The game was released between 2002-2003.

The story game is based upon the life of a comic named Goku. The game has 23 playable characters having story mode divided into different chapters including bonus chapters and ‘what if’ episodes to play with the addition of amazing graphics. The link for the purchase of the game is provided below:

3.DBZ: Burst Limit

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

A promised, the game has used most of the anime production to utilize fight cutscenes. The many different types of modes mainly ‘Z Chronicles’ adds more mysteries to the game. The best thing is you can pick any character in the roaster.

The main point in the game is the ‘Fatigue- Meter’ used for the attack when the score reaches zero. If you are interested to buy this game the link is given below:

4.DBZ: Kakarot

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

This is the latest game produced by Bandai in early 2020 including must-see story characters like Goku, Frieza, Vegeta. The game has become most likely game worldwide and has sold about 1.5 Million of copy in the first week itself.

There is a total of 9 playable characters with the system of unlocking other characters as soon as the game proceeds further for play. The game has different types of Sagas followed by Saiyan Saga, Frieza Saga, Cell Saga, MAJIN Buu Saga which can be unlocked through DLC.

This is the most advanced and the best game to play. If you haven’t bought the game yet, below is the link provided for the series of the game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot:

5.DBZ: Xenoverse 

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

Who doesn’t know about the Xenoverse – ‘The ALIENS’? The release of the game was undoubtedly magic as it was on multiple platforms like PlayStation 3, Play Station 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 with the sequel release of Xenoverse 2.

Talking about the game, it has 3D battle arenas, letting the fighters roam in the large space on ground, in air, and underwater. This game is an online multiplayer game which can serve as a hub for player worldwide in cooperation with time-traveling missions.

If you want to purchase this game, then the is provided below:

6.DBZ: Xenoverse 2

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

Xenoverse 2 is the sequel of Xenoverse. The interesting part of the game is that about 300 players can play online on the same server at the same time. Many changes have been from the Xenoverse and new characters are also added including Boss Fight and playable races having different rewards for their Mission. DBZ introduced this game in 2016.If you want to buy this game the link is given below:

7.DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

Ultimate Tenkaichi is the fourth and final game of Budokai Tenkaichi, produced by Bandai for Play Station 3 and Xbox 360. This is the 3D fighting game, created by the player to fight against the AL, or other local or online players.

All three parts of Budokai Tenkaichi 1,2, and 3 have been super hit and most likely game by the fighting game fans. If you are interested in playing this game, then below we have provided you the link for the purchase:

8.DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is the series game of Budokai. This game has the most fighting game fans as it has the finest features including Battle Replay, Day and Night stages, the Wii’s online capability, and combo attacks.

This game was released back in 2007. Talking about the characters, this game has the largest character roaster than any other game, featuring, 161 characters with never-seen-before characters. This is the best game and I don’t think any fighting game fan can even miss out on such an amazing game having all the features one wants to have in a game. If you are interested in buying the game link is provided below.

9.DBZ: Battle of Z

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

Who can ever forget the game like Battle of Z from the DBZ games and the story play featuring of 70 characters at a time? One can experience the epic fight with the great characters like Great Ape Vegeta, Gohan, and Hirudegarn.

The game has four main types: such as, Melee, Ki Blast, Support, and Interfere Type with a unique feature system of editing the character as one wants. If you are interested in buying this game the link is as per below:

10.DBZ: Attack of the Saiyans

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

Attack of Saiyans was the third best-selling video game in Japan, meet the fair expectations of the fans by completing Battle System, its visuals, and capability to stay true to the series. The game is based on RPG and can be played in three modes by taking six characters from the series. The story is based on the 23rd World Martial Art Tournament and the Battle against Vegeta.

It’s the show must go on the game and if you are interested in buying this game then the link is given below:

11.DBZ: Infinite World

Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

No one can forget the DBZ World cult classical having franchise featuring The Dragon Mission game mode which makes the game less linear. Talking about the game, the player can take control of their icon by completing the mission. The player can buy Skill Capsule to make the effect stronger.

The players are rewarded at the end of the game by the according to the Battles won by them which turns out to be more interesting in the game. The link for the purchase of the game is given below:

12.DBZ: Raging Blast

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

As promised, the game features high graphics, audio, and advanced character features. Many new features are added such as ‘D-Point’, ‘Super Rising’, ‘Ultimate Attack’ makes the great power-up of the characters. Many different Fusions are also added which makes the game more lively.

If you have not purchased the game yet, below is the link provided:

13.DBZ: Raging Blast 2

Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

When we talk about the DBZ Manga series how can we forget “Raging Blast 2”. This game uses 3D gaming mechanics where the character represents the planet in the game’s Galaxy, concerning several mission paths. One can take any mode they want to and participate in the World Tournament along with other players worldwide.

The game has many more to cover with many different features. If you want to buy this game, the link is given below:

14.DBZ: Sagas

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020


While talking about the DBZ games the first game that comes to our mind is Sagas. Talking about the game, it is 3D action-animation having three basic fighting styles. The game also has both single and multiplayer modes. The opening and closing themes are been amazingly placed. One must play this game and if you are interested in buying this game the link is given below:

15.DBZ for Kinect

 Best Xbox DBZ Games 2020

Kinect is the sensor majorly used for the Xbox gaming. The game has a specialty of Scanning QR codes which offers promotion. The camera movement is in an anime style that requires specific movements for the player. The game is a true fusion of cinematic outbreaking and score attack duels scoring the highest possible score.

This game is truly fun and if you haven’t purchased the game yet, the link is given below: