Yes! It is more fun while catching the real fish in the fresh air outside but at the moment, the fishing video games are the best option to get satisfied with for the fishing lovers. So, getting turned on to the beloved Xbox games is the right choice in this quarantine time.There’s a variety of fishing games available out-there and to help you out, in this article, we have pinned the top 11 Xbox 360 fishing games that would surely make you day. So, let’s get familiar with these games without wasting much time.

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1.Rapala pro bass fishing

 Xbox 360 Fishing Games 2020

Rapala pro bass fishing can compete against the real-life pro fishermen in the tournament of authentic action and prove that you are one of the best. This game would allow you to gear up to at most 25 species of trophy fishes.

You can challenge your friend in a variety of fishing competition and that too with angling challenges. It is for the first time, that the fishing game is allowing you to set up the competition in the professional tournament. Moreover, the actions are presented like a live performance is going on television. There are in total 20 tournament events and with the announcer making it more real.

2.Bass pro shop: the strike bundle with a fishing 

 Xbox 360 Fishing Games 2020

Do you want to feel like you are actually casting in the lake and catching out the fishing then this game is the best option for you to have. The sensitive fishing rod controller in this game makes the experience real.

If you want to be in a win-win position, then it is essential to understand the behavior of fishes, the topography of the lake, and various instruments. The player would be guided for the true rules of the fishing tournament as if they are fishing in the real.

The strike is at its perfect for the quick competition with friends as boat racing and casting challenges. You can invite up to 4 players for real fun. Thus, if you want to experience real-life fishing then this is the best option for you.

3.Rapala tournament fishing

 Xbox 360 Fishing Games 2020

Are you ready for having your tournament of life! If yes, then this game has it all for you. This game would put you in the middle of the heart-pounding fishing actions. In those actions, you have to compete at most 20 tournaments and the most challenging is to be in a win-win position by angling water.

This game allows you to drive your boat to at most 100s of the hot spots or else it takes you to the secret hole of local fishing that only you know.

4.Bass pro shops: the strike

 Xbox 360 Fishing Games 2020

Do you want the authentic environment of the real lake and want the real fishing adventures then this game is the best option for you to have. The player can enjoy the three most entertaining modes that are quick fish, bass pro shopping tournament, or career.

You would be able to feel that you are catching the fish in real life as the fishing pole peripheral would help you out to cast, jig, set the hook and enjoy the fishing catching like real life.

5.Rapala for Kinect

 Xbox 360 Fishing Games 2020

Do you want the family fun in these days of quarantine then this game is the best option for you to have. This game is of arcade-style action, and fast-paced. Get ready to have the best experience of man vs. fish battle.

You can experience the thrilling adventure of action-packed in 45 seconds of fish battle in the quick mode. Enjoy the boating race with your pals as well as friends. This game includes fishing with personality.

6.Rapala Fishing Frenzy

 Xbox 360 Fishing Games 2020

Are you ready to put your ultimate angling skills at the game now? If yes, then this game is the best option for you to have. You can travel the world’s famous fishing hot spots via this game. Its graphics are eye-catching.

There’re more than 20 tournaments and it would be great fun by crossing all of them. This game consists of 9 monster bass’ species and 14 trophy fishes. This game includes two modes that are open fishing and quick match.

7.Deadliest catch: a sea of chaos

 Xbox 360 Fishing Games 2020

Get ready to be the part of the world’s most dangerous job ever! In this game, you would be leading as the captain and facing the most difficult circumstances you have never seen before. To be in the win-win position you have to make a proper decision as to the captain of the crab boat.

The crab fishing action of this game is the best and that features are set pots, sort the catch, repairing the ship, rescue the men overboard, and much more. Be the captain of your life for a while and enjoy the play to the fullest.

8.Rapala pro bass fishing with rod peripheral

 Xbox 360 Fishing Games 2020

This is the first fishing game with wireless Rapala rod and the controller that features cast, jig, set the hook and it feels like you have the actual rod in your hands. This game includes at most 50 competitive contents.

Moreover, you have to face various challenges according to time, location, fish weight, and the accuracy of the cast. Have an enjoyable experience with licensed boats, rods, apparel, and lure. To have the real experience of fish you can refer to this game.

9.Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm

 Xbox 360 Fishing Games 2020

Get ready to battle with the 40-foot waves, ice, storm, and some of the dangerous hunting experience! Get your life get some thrilling experience in this boredom quarantine. You would be able to experience the hardcore of Bering sea life and various challenging missions.

This game features the top 5 authentic crab boats and 20 of the real fishermen. Enjoy this arcade mini-games that includes some of the fun challenges, crab boat racing, skiff races, and throw the hook experience.

10.Rapala trophies: pro tournament trophies

 Xbox 360 Fishing Games 2020

If you want to enjoy the game of fishing on the rainy cold days then this game is the best option for you to have. This game is somewhat hard to understand but ones you get into the controls then it is at the best.

There’re over 20 of the tournaments included in this game and the fishes to catch in this game include pike, catfish, walleye, perch, trout, salmon, and much more.

Hence, the above was everything about the top 11 Xbox 360 games that you would enjoy in this boredom moment. So, cheer up and have a fun time.