10 Best Word Games Without Ads (Android/iphone) 2023

Are you tired of the barrage of ads in mobile games? If you’re looking for really engaging word puzzles without all the bothersome advertisements, this list is perfect for you!

Discover the top 10 best word games without ads (Android/iPhone) in 2023.

Find out which ones provide the most challenging and enjoyable experience — all without advertisements!


 Best Word Games Without Ads

💕Playing Wordscapes for 10 minutes a day sharpens your mind and prepares you for the challenges of everyday life. 💕

You’ll have a blast with this text twist of a word game. Enjoy modern word puzzles with word searching, anagrams, and crosswords!

Unlock stunning landscape backgrounds to escape from home and relax your brain by connecting letters and finding hidden words.

Play this addictive crossword puzzle once and you’ll never want to put it down. Love word connect and word find games? Here’s your final destination!

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Word Games PRO 98-in-1

 Best Word Games Without Ads

From one app, you can play more than 90 word search, spelling, guessing, educational, puzzle, and casual games.

There are no ads, in-app purchases, or subscriptions in Word Games PRO.

The Word Games app was originally released in 2018 with 5 games, but we have added more than 90 games since then. And you get to play all the new games for free!

All the games included in our Word Games app are highscore-based!

Try breaking your personal bests, against up to 5 players on a single device, or submit your points and challenge other players from around the world!

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Word Connect

 Best Word Games Without Ads

Enjoy classic word games? Are you a puzzle game master? DOWNLOAD Word Connect and start your word story right now! 💕

Create words by swiping the letter blocks! Solve crossword puzzles by finding clues! Download Word Connect NOW and start training your brain!

Discover hidden words and build as many words as you can! How does Word Connect differ from other online services?

Powered by Oxford Dictionaries, the game features authoritative dictionaries. You can build words by swiping the letters! There are 13596 levels in total!

You can choose between normal mode, crossword mode, and the daily challenge! Come and solve different puzzles!

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Words With Friends 2 Word Game

 Best Word Games Without Ads

It’s the best word game on the planet! Beat this word jumble by unscrambling letters, train your brain, and play board games and crossword puzzles in Words With Friends 2! Using our beloved classic free word games, you’ll expand your vocabulary and demonstrate your spelling skills while searching for the highest scoring word.

Play multiplayer board games with your friends and family who love scramble crossword puzzles, or find your perfect opponent using Smart Match. Keep your brain training up by challenging them.

Find the highest scoring words on the board and fill in the crossword puzzle! Let us know if you are the word king or queen in this classic game!

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Word Collect – Word Games Fun

 Best Word Games Without Ads

Word Collect offers the best word games for free!

It starts out as an easy word game and gets harder as you level up in Word Collect!

Have fun playing Word Gameplay!  Connect letters in any direction to form hidden words! Earn bonus rewards by finding as many words as possible!

Find hidden words to earn bonus coins! Fill in all word block jumbles! Can’t figure out the word jumble? Use coins to get a hint!

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Word Cookies! ®

 Best Word Games Without Ads

🍪 You can sharpen your mind and increase your vocabulary by playing Word Cookies 10 minutes a day! 🍪

Yummy Word Cookies are hot out of the oven! Take a bite! You’ll soon be obsessed with testing your spelling and vocabulary limits to make as many words as you can in Word Cookies! This word puzzle game will train your brain and vocabulary for free!

Play our word game if you love word games!

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Wordleap: Guess The Word Game

 Best Word Games Without Ads

This word puzzle game for Word Nerds is one of a kind! Wordleap Unlimited starts out easy and gets harder as you level up.

With GUESS THE WORD GAMEPLAY, you can become a word detective! To form the hidden words, select the letters in the correct order!

Find the right word by using the color of each letter block! Fill in every word block jumble to earn bonus coins!

If you can’t figure out the word jumble, use coins to get a hint and win!

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Scrabble® GO-Classic Word Game

 Best Word Games Without Ads

Scrabble GO is the new and improved version of the classic crossword game!


With the official Scrabble board, tiles, and word dictionaries, only Scrabble GO delivers the authentic crossword game experience. NOW WITH MULTIPLE PLAYERS!

With our newest feature, you can play classic Scrabble with multiple opponents! UPDATED & MODERN

We’ve got lots of new features for you to explore, including four fast-paced competitive game modes!

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Infinite Word Search Puzzles

 Best Word Games Without Ads

Infinite Word Search offers an abundance of word find puzzles for you to solve! Across over 300+ categories, all with various levels of difficulty and varying game modes, there’s no shortage of thrilling play options.

To begin, select the category that interests you most and start your search. Move your finger up, down, left, right, diagonally or even backwards to discover hidden words! Moreover, we understand that each player enjoys different types of gameplay so our game enables you to control the type of experience you want. Enjoy endless free word puzzles with Infinite Word Search!

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Quotescapes: Word Game

 Best Word Games Without Ads

Quotescapes is a brand new word puzzle game for those who love word games, word search puzzles, word collects, and sudoku puzzles. It is a new word game with a sentence to complete. It is the perfect choice for gamers looking for a new word game, crossword puzzle, and internet-free games.

Make your brain stronger by challenging yourself to find hidden words in quotes.

You will have fun trying to solve beautiful inspirational and motivational quotes, idioms, proverbs, movie lines, celebrity and funny quotes, and much more! Relax with offline word collection games and play this word calm game.

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