25 Best WiFi Paasword Hacker Apps Android 2023

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I hope you are doing fine and spending your time browsing the internet, exploring the world, playing online games or enjoying making friends. But what is irritating in all this is a slow and disturbing internet connection. Sometimes, you are fully involved online, but suddenly, Your mobile internet gives the slow internet.

If you live in villages or outskirt areas, you face difficulties with internet connection. It may be that the price of internet in your localities is very high and It is usually seen that you need to update your device, but the requirement is wifi internet.

But when you try to access the wifi internet in your college, at the railway station, in any park or any other public place, you need to know the password of that wifi connection, which is unknown to you. 

To solve this problem, I, Shyami-the heart hacker, will tell you some apps for your android that can hack the wifi.

Here is a list of the

best wifi hacker apps android 2023

To access the free internet, you need to read the whole article and download your favorite app by clicking on its name. Follow the simple instructions on the app’s interface and start hacking your friend’s wifi. 

Let’s start…

wifi hacking apps for android

 Wifi Master Key

Best WiFi Hacker App

This is the best wifi hacker app for Android 2023, and it allows you to find and connect to any shared wifi worldwide. This app has been downloaded by millions of people and is rated the best.

Here in this application, you can find and connect to any shared wifi hotspot with one click. This app is easy and safe. This app will help you by saving data costs.

This app is easy and fast and allows you to connect to any wifi in a single click, and allows you to enjoy the internet. This app is safe and secured and is also easy to understand.

This app is available in about 19 languages and available in more than 200 countries. Have this app now!

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wifi hacking apps for android

This app is one of the best wifi hacker app for android 2023. With this app, you will access any free wifi every time without asking for a password.

With this app, you will get a wifi connection in all large cities, and you will get unlimited data at no cost.

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wifi hacking app

Sangiorgi Sri Presents you best wifi Hacker App Android 2023, and this app allows you to test whether your access point Wifi is vulnerable. With the help of this app, you can try the connection to any Wifi access point through WPS PIN. IN this app, PINs are calculated using several algorithms like Zhao, Blink, Asus, Arris, etc., throughout the MAC addresses.

There are also other PINs included in the local database for many access points. Fortunately, just a tiny part of the wireless access point is vulnerable to WPS protocol.

If you know that your access point has a WPS protocol, we advise you to disable it. The main aim of this app is to educate people to allow the customer to know about the vulnerability of their access point.

This app also has many connection modes, and it will enable you to try the brute force mode. This app also allows the users with root permission to see Wi fi passwords saved. This hacking app is also famous for its ability to break security. This app requires Android 4.0 and up for running.

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Aircrack – ng


wifi hacking app android

This app is specially designed for testing network security and making sure that you have got a tool to protect yourself. Along with allowing you to know about wi-fi hacking nuances,

this app will also make sure that you have got yourself covered and protected. This famous security tool is one such tool that has been ported to Android by many of Android developers and security enthusiasts.

Running this app on Android is not much issue, but the hard part is possessing a wi-fi chip that supports monitor mode. Have this app now!

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Kali Linux Nethunter

wifi hacking app

This is the best operating system for ethical hacking purposes. If you are using a hacking Android app, you require launching Kali’s wife tool to go ahead with the process.

This app from their developers is the first open-source Android penetration testing platform. Netter’s configuration interface allows you to take care of the complex configuration files.

This app’s custom kernel, which supports an 802 wireless connection, will make kali’s nethunter a must-have android hacking tool.

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 Wifi Warden

Best WiFi Hacker Apps

This is an excellent app by EliyanPro and is the best wifi tool for your device. It is a device that will also protect you from hackers and crackers. In this application, you can view the list of wifi networks available in your area and generate a password web,

WPA and WPA2 for your wi fi router.

This app allows you to see the signals and provide you with all the information about your wifi.

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best wifi hacking app

This app is a great wifi password hacker, and it is simple to use the app. This app, shipping with monitor-mode support, which can be activated and deactivated anytime. This app will also detect WPS-enabled wireless routers on its own.

This wifi hacking app generates a brute force that attacks WPS register PINs and allows you to recover the WPA/ WPA2 passphrases.

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best wifi hacking app

This is a network security scanner app and is available for various operating system. Ethical hackers use this app to hack wifi and find vulnerability.

The best part of this app is that it works on both rooted and non-rooted phones. This is an excellent wifi hacking app for android.

wifi key view

best wifi hacking app android

This app will provide you with network information and will also work as a UPnP device scanner. This app will discover for host and is also a great network sniffer.

This app has the feature of Pcap Analyser and also has the quality of the PCI DSS menu.

With this app, you can access the point default password test and access point security tests. Herewith this app, you can also access the point scanner which has many more features.

 Wi-Fi Auto Unlock and Wi-Fi connect

best wifi hacking app android

This Wi-Fi Auto Unlock and Wi-Fi Connect application is an effective tool to hack any Wi-Fi password as per your need. This is the best tool that helps you to turn on the Wi-Fi connection in just one click.

Even you don’t have to unlock your mobile screen every time; you have to go to Wi-Fi settings and create a pathway to connect it to screen lock settings directly.

WIFI Password Hacker

best wifi hacking app android 2023
There are so many companies and businesses offering free Wi-Fi these days, and you need to figure out one application on your phone who can help you find good Wi-Fi in your area.
So, the Wi-Fi connection app is an excellent application to connect to any good. The Wi-Fi connection app is the one perfect application to connect to any good Wi-Fi connectivity.

This application helps you to stay connected to any good Wi-Fi provider without knowing the password.

It scans, searches, and finds the best connection for Android. You can improve your connection quality by using its graphical channel radar features.

 Free Wi-Fi Connect Internet Connection

hacking apps for android
Wi-Fi Free Connection is everywhere; you need to find the best network connectivity. It also enables your android and iPhones to search and connect with accessible Wi-Fi sources and gives your easy and fast connectivity without any trouble.

This Free Wi-Fi Finder app helps you access and manage its master free feature of Wi-Fi hotspot connection in an open network. Even when you are in urgent need, and you have to find connect with fast sourcing Wi-Fi connection to complete your work,

this application will give free access to different networks IN FREE ZONE CONNECTION.

Wi-Fi Password key

hacking apps for android

This device helps you figure out Wi-Fi passwords and the fastest connectivity and gives you saved and recovered passwords you have used previously.

This Wi-Fi hacker App enables you to manage and back up all your earlier connected Wi-Fi passwords on phones.


hacking apps for android

Do you want to dive into cyberspace by hacking other persons’ Wi-Fi passwords and creating your virtual networks? This Hackers application will help you make an accessible world of your high-end virtual network by searching different Wi-Fi networks and connecting without the need for any password.

It has other features; you hack different Wi-Fi networks worldwide without any problem. You can develop and upgrade your 3D network by updating your hacking tool.

Connected Cualquier Wi-Fi

hacking apps for android

This is the best application for android and iPhones, both in 2023 that allows you to figure out a new and fast connecting Wi-Fi network. It also allows you to share a Wi-Fi hotspot and connection in just one click. It is effortless to use.

This application also gives a locking app facility that helps you to hide your Wi-Fi password and details from other people and hackers.

You can also save your data cost. You don’t have to connect again and again with a Wi-Fi network manually; it has automated connection features that permit you to auto-connect with your network. Even you can enjoy your fast-growing internet by downloading this app now.

 Show Wi-Fi Password

hacking apps for android
Show Wi-Fi password is a rich and influential tool that allows you to retrieve saved Wi-Fi passwords saved on your device. So many times, it happens that easy access to any passwords is not easy; this application allows you to connect with any Wi-Fi worldwide. Even when you are in urgent need and find a link with fast sourcing Wi-Fi connection to complete your work,

this application will give free access to a different network in a free zone connection.

This “Show Wi-Fi Password application” allows you to copy passwords in the clipboard with just one touch.


hacking apps for android

Zi is the best and most effective penetration hacking and testing tool kit for android and iPhones. This application is also available in web courses such as different hacking servers and helps you with Wi-Fi scanning, password auditing, and searching for MAC address spoofing.

As this application is a simple app to use, you can ship it with your screen, and you can activate and de-activate the Wi-Fi connection at any time.

Network Scanner

hacking apps for android
Are you ready to discover you are using your Wi-Fi? If yes, this application helps you get all details about their network using your devices. Even this application can allow you to find new network connectivity. You can also filter the data; this application can highlight new networks on your devices.

This app also allows you to detect WPS-enabled routers and generate a brute force which helps you to prevent attacks on WPS register PINS; it recovers your WPA passphrases.

WPSApp Pro

hacking app for android
WPSAPP Pro is the updated version of WPSApp, and it checks the security of your mobile network using different WPS protocols effectively. This is an effective Hackapp that allows you to predefine different 8-pin passwords of routers.

You can even quickly scan various networks around you, as this is a secure application so that you can disable the unknown WPS protocols. You can save them as default passwords on your device.

This Free Wi-Fi Finder app helps you access and manage. It is a master free feature of a Wi-Fi hotspot connection in an open network.

WiFi Kill Pro

Best WiFi Hacker Apps

It is a tool used for multiple purposes; from wifi hacking to network security, this app is handy. It can easily crack when you have a WPA-based wifi network with a weak password.

You can also cut down the other devices from the wifi network you are using to increase the Internet speed. This app is top-rated as it is straightforward to use; even a person without prior experience can use it.

The simple user interface is excellent use. Apart from this, you can also monitor your wifi network and block the devices trying to gain access to your wifi.

Router Keygen

Best WiFi Hacker Apps

The Router Keygen isn’t precisely a WiFi hacker tool; however, you can use it to test the vulnerability of a WiFi network. It scans all WiFi hotspots around you and tries to crack them.

It also helps to recover the password of your WiFi if you have forgotten it. The WiFi networks are usually more vulnerable as others can see them. This app provides extra security to your WiFi network, so it protects your home WiFi as well.

The app is available for both the android and iOS platforms.

WiFi Password

Best WiFi Hacker App

This is another excellent WiFi hacker app that can help you connect to a WiFi hotspot even if you don’t know the password. It also detects the safe hotspot only and warns you about vulnerable WiFi connections.

The application detects the WiFi connection automatically and lets you connect to a WiFi with just one click. You can also share the WiFi password with other users.


Best WiFi Hacker App

WIBR+ is an excellent application used to test the vulnerability of a WPA wpa2 WiFi network; however, it can crack the WiFi password. You can download the app from Google Play Store for Android phones.

After downloading, you need to tap ‘Add Network to find the WiFi networks around you.

Then you need to select a WiFi network from the list and choose a type of attack and click on ‘Add to Queue.’ The app will start cracking the password.

wifi m2apps

best wifi password hacker app

WiFi Hacker – Show Password is an all-in-one WiFi analyzer & VPN app that takes care of your WiFi network needs. WiFi Analyzer also comes bundled with additional features like Software Update, Internet Blocker, Data Usage Meter & VPN.


hacking apps for android

dSploit is a WiFi hacker app & Security Toolkit for Android-based mobile phones that can analyze a WiFi network and penetrate through it. It is an advanced professional tool used by IT experts for security assessment, especially on mobile devices.

You need to click on the WiFi scanner, and it will show you the available access points. You need to click on one of those, and it will allow you to crack the password.

Disclaimer: The WiFi hacker apps we have discussed in this article are for educational purposes. We do not endorse hacking someone else’s WiFi, as it is illegal and prohibited by the law.

We will not be responsible if you face any unpropitious consequences for using any of the above apps. It is a list of the top WiFi hacker apps; if you wish to use them, use them at your own risk and responsibility.