Why is a Website SEO Audit Important for My Business

If you are reading these pages, then you are probably interested in the professional services of a search engine optimization company. And you will make a good decision because SEO is the primary way through which your website can become visible in the 21st-century digital marketplace. The services offered by an SEO company are complex and can range from content writing to analysis and link-building packages.

Any implementation by a company working in this field will not be carried out until your website has gone through an extensive SEO analysis process. But what does a website SEO audit involve, and why is it necessary for your business? In the following article, we propose to find out the answer to these questions together.

What is a Website SEO Audit? 

A website SEO audit, also known as an SEO analysis, is a process by which your SEO firm will compare your website’s metrics against the competition and create a strategy and pricing for your particular circumstances. A complete website analysis is necessary for the SEO plan implemented to be as thorough and adequate as possible. This plan will often be divided into three stages: off-page SEO analysis, on-page analysis, and technical analysis of your website’s architecture.

What should be kept in mind is that the duration of a complete SEO examination process varies depending on the size of the client’s website. For people who want a local SEO package, the complexity required will probably be lower, and the analysis duration will, in most cases, not exceed two or three weeks. But the analysis can take up to six weeks for people who need an international SEO package and have a medium to high-complexity website. SEO is ultimately a process that takes time but shows predictable and calculated results.

Analyzing the On-Page Parameters of Your Website

The on-page audit and technical SEO processes overlap quite a bit, and many people use them to discuss about the same thing. However, there are a few distinctions. Compared to the technical aspect, on-page SEO refers to those changes to your website related to the available content. In other words, through on-page SEO analysis, you can determine if your content has the formatting needed to be competitive.

In this regard, with the help of tools like Semrush or Ahrefs, your SEO expert will analyze the keywords searched by people interested in your field of activity and compare them with those used by you and your competitors. A complete content writing and editing strategy can be developed depending on the results. The SEO expert you employ will analyze the used tags, the general structure of articles and descriptions, and the spread of internal or external links on the pages of your site. Such an analysis can, for example, identify the number of dead links on your site and modify them, so your SERP score remains unaffected.

It is essential to identify the existence of duplicate content and to remove it. Search engine algorithms interpret indexing of the same content under different URLs as spam, which can severely affect your site’s SERPs. A professional SEO company will try to avoid the association with black hat SEO methods as much as possible because although they can have short-term results, they are just a way to fool the search engines’ preventive systems, which will eventually identify and punish these practices. Correctness is the key to an unblemished reputation, and your reputation is the most valuable tool you can have in this business.

The Importance of Proper Content Writing 

The content on your website should take advantage of keywords found during the SEO examination process. The median number of words used for articles on the first Google search page is just under fifteen hundred, so a good idea might be to use the professional services of an SEO company with a separate content writers department. Depending on your field of activity, their services can be divided between writing detailed descriptions for the products or services you market and writing relevant articles for your website, respecting the highest content standards available.

The importance of quality content becomes apparent from the way it can provide you with backlinks and referrals to external sites. Quality content, when it is original and adds information to your field of activity, is likely to be cited by other sites, which can bring you an influx of visitors and improve your performance in the SERPs. The presence of quality content keeps visitors’ attention in the long term, which can influence your ranking and profit.

Analyzing Off-page SEO

A website SEO audit should also include a complete analysis of the off-page factors influencing your search engine standings. In this category, elements such as social bookmarking, social networking, mentions on social media groups, and the feasibility of using brand deals to improve your company’s reputation will be analyzed. However, the most critical item that will be examined is the achievability of hyperlinking collaborations.

To get these links, the content available on your website must be of sufficiently high quality for it to be worth being shouted out. The process of altering the available content is usually part of on-site operations. Still, sometimes the availability of a website’s content is not enough, and this is where the work of an experienced SEO expert comes in.


Analysis of hyperlinks available on competitors’ websites, the removal of inactive links, active presence on forums relevant to your field of activity, and contacting sites possibly interested in the services or articles present on your domain represents a tiny part of the package of successful backlink building operations.

The Implementation of Technical-SEO


This is the most complex aspect of a website SEO audit, as the number of variables to be analyzed is directly correlated to the complexity of the website. During the technical analysis, the SEO expert will identify how your site loads for mobile users, document pages that are not appropriately indexed, draw up a plan to simplify or modify the site’s core architecture, permanently fix 301 or 401 errors, and last but not least, take steps to improve page load speed, with this final aspect being perhaps the most essential of all.

Even a one-second delay can mean a 7% loss in potential traffic. The efficiency with which your website loads on mobile and desktop can be the key to changing a near-collapse business into a successful one. Fast loading speed, a site map that successfully indexes all your content, a cohesive design, and keyword-friendly editorial pages that match the main topics of your business can be the elements that bring your SEO investment into the realm of profitability. It is also imperative to take the security of users accessing your site seriously, and one of the easiest ways to improve this can be to implement HTTPS for all your domain pages.

What Are the SEO Tools Used by Professional SEO Companies? 



The company that will handle your SEO analysis will have access to many specific tools suitable for identifying the principal issues of your website. Utilities such as Ahresf or SEMrush can be ideal for detecting keywords in your field of activity. In contrast, others such as Google Search Console or Google analytics are necessary for a more detailed analysis of the effectiveness of the changes produced on your website. In addition to the ones already listed, we can also mention applications such as SpyFU, Ubsersuggest, Mozcast, Xenu, HEADmaster SEO, Wordable, or Also Asked.

It is essential to work with an SEO firm that uses a wide range of tools that can be used for quality SEO analysis. True, they can’t replace the expertise of a human, but they can automate searches that usually would take forever. It’s also vital to work with a firm that has in-house access to all of these tools without having to work with outside contractors. The outsourcing process does have the advantage that it can lead to a quicker solution for your website analysis, but there will always be an additional risk regarding the final quality of the results.

What Happens After the Audit? 

After completing the Website SEO audit process, the company you work with will present a detailed analysis of the changes that need to be implemented on your website. The responsibility of an SEO firm at that point is to provide you with a long-term SEO strategy and to estimate a final cost. These details must be well worked out to avoid misunderstandings in the middle of the SEO process.

SEO analysis is just the first step in a process that can take up to six months to produce tangible results, but the benefits will eventually come. SEO is the primary way a website can boost visitors nowadays because it represents a whole set of complex techniques whose sole purpose is to improve your profit. Is it cheap and fast? No, but it is effective, and with a bit of patience and trust in the services of a professional company, any SEO investment in your website will lead to a positive ROI.