Who is Pain in Naruto? All You Need to Know 2024

In the world of Naruto, Pain is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of ninja across all nations. But who is Pain exactly? This mysterious character has left fans puzzled for years with his powerful abilities and tragic backstory. In this blog post, we’ll be diving deep into everything you need to know about Pain in Naruto – from his true identity to his powers and abilities. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind one of the most enigmatic characters in anime history!

Who is Pain in Naruto? All You Need to Know

Pain in Naruto: Everything You Need to Know

Pain is a villain in the Naruto franchise who first appeared in Naruto Shippuden. He is known for his god-like powers, which he gained through his mastery of the Rinnegan and Six Paths of Pain techniques. But beyond his impressive abilities, Pain has a complex backstory that makes him one of the most compelling characters in the series.

Pain’s true identity is Nagato Uzumaki, a former student of Jiraiya. He was born into war-torn Amegakure and experienced unimaginable suffering from an early age. After being orphaned, Nagato formed a bond with two other children – Konan and Yahiko – as they struggled to survive on their own.

Their lives changed when they crossed paths with legendary sannin Jiraiya, who recognized their potential as ninja and trained them for several years. During this time, Nagato developed his skills as a shinobi while also becoming increasingly disillusioned with the state of the world around him.

Eventually, after another tragedy struck when Yahiko died protecting Konan and Nagato from enemy ninja, Akatsuki was formed by Obito Uchiha (posing under Madara’s name) and they gathered like-minded individuals to start working towards their goal: peace at any cost.

This led to yet another tragedy where Obito manipulated events leading up to Yahiko’s death ultimately shaping Nagato into Pain – leader of Akatsuki 2.0- whose ultimate plan involved using chakra-based weapons called Tailed Beasts’ Chakra Cannonballs to essentially create an Apocalypse causing mass destruction all over Earth unless everyone submits themselves willingly or forcefully become partakers/followers within its “godly” realm…

What Is Pain’s True Identity in Naruto

Pain, also known as Nagato Uzumaki, is a character in the popular manga and anime series Naruto. Pain’s true identity was initially shrouded in mystery, which only added to his enigmatic presence as an antagonist.

It was later revealed that Pain is actually a member of the Uzumaki clan, making him a distant relative of the protagonist Naruto himself. Pain was orphaned at a young age due to war and violence, which ultimately shaped his beliefs about peace and order.

After meeting with Jiraiya and being exposed to his teachings on world peace through mutual understanding, Pain became convinced that he could bring about change by using force. He believed that pain was necessary for growth and development, leading him down a path of destruction as he sought to create his own version of order through fear.

Pain’s true identity reflects how one’s past experiences can shape their worldview and lead them down unexpected paths.

The Life Story of Pain in Naruto

The life story of Pain in Naruto is one filled with tragedy, loss, and ultimately redemption. Pain’s true identity is that he was once a young boy named Nagato who lived in the war-torn country of Amegakure.

Nagato’s early life was marked by unimaginable hardship as he endured bombings and starvation during the Third Shinobi War. After losing his parents to the conflict, Nagato became part of a group of war-orphans that included Konan and Yahiko.

After crossing paths with legendary Sannins Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade, they began training under their tutelage which helped hone their skills for battle.

However, tragedy struck again when Yahiko died protecting Konan and Nagato from enemy ninja. This event led to Nagato embracing his new persona – “Pain”.

As leader of Akatsuki alongside fellow members Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki; they aimed to create an era of peace through violent means. But after realizing how far he had strayed from his original intentions due to betrayal by his sensei; Pain sought redemption before dying at Naruto’s hands.

Tragic Past

Tragic Past:

Pain’s past is one of the most heart-wrenching stories in Naruto. Born in Amegakure during a time of war, Pain was caught up in the violence and chaos from an early age.

As a child, he witnessed his parents being killed right before his eyes, leaving him alone and vulnerable. He then spent years struggling to survive on his own until he met two other orphans named Yahiko and Konan.

Together they formed a bond that would last for years to come as they searched for ways to bring about peace in their war-torn homeland. Unfortunately, this dream would prove elusive as tragedy continued to strike.

Despite all the suffering Pain endured throughout his life, it ultimately shaped him into the person he became- driven by both pain and conviction towards achieving true peace even if it meant destroying everything else around him.


Pain, also known as Nagato Uzumaki, was a war-orphan in the world of Naruto. He lost his parents during the Third Great Ninja War and was left to fend for himself in a world filled with violence and chaos.

As a child, Pain witnessed firsthand the horrors of war and its devastating effects on innocent civilians. The destruction he saw around him fueled his desire for peace and led him down a path that would ultimately shape his destiny.

Despite being orphaned by war, Pain found solace in friends who shared his aspirations for peace. Alongside Yahiko and Konan, Pain formed the Akatsuki organization with the goal of bringing an end to all wars.

The experiences that come with being a war-orphan can have lasting effects on one’s psyche. For Pain, it instilled within him a sense of empathy towards those who suffered at the hands of conflict. It also motivated him to become stronger so that he could protect those closest to him.

Pain’s experience as a war-orphan played an integral role in shaping his character arc throughout Naruto Shippuden. It serves as another example of how tragic backstories can help create compelling characters in storytelling.

Cross Paths with Legendary Sannins

As Pain’s story continues, he crosses paths with some of the most legendary ninja in Naruto – the Sannin. Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade all play a role in shaping Pain’s fate.

During his time as a war-orphan, Pain meets Jiraiya who soon becomes one of his mentors. Under Jiraiya’s guidance, Pain learns how to harness his chakra and perfect his ninjutsu skills. However, this does not last long as Jiraiya eventually leaves him to return to Konoha.

Pain also encounters Orochimaru during their young adult years when they were both members of Akatsuki. While Orochimaru was eventually expelled from the organization due to conflicting goals with its leader (Pain), he still played a significant role in influencing and manipulating Pain into making certain decisions that led him down a dark path.

Pain comes across Tsunade later on who ends up becoming the Fifth Hokage of Konoha. Despite their opposing sides during battles throughout the series, there is mutual respect between these two powerful characters.

The interactions between these legendary Sannin and Pain add depth and complexity to an already intriguing character arc for Naruto fans everywhere.

Training Period

After leaving Jiraiya and developing his Rinnegan, Nagato, now known as Pain, returned to Amegakure. There he met Konan again and started training the orphaned children who had been affected by the war.

Pain believed that this was a crucial step towards bringing peace to their world. He taught them how to defend themselves and use their abilities for good instead of being manipulated by those in power.

During his training period, Pain also developed a new technique called the Six Paths Technique. This allowed him to control six different bodies at once using chakra receivers implanted into each one.

As he continued training with his fellow Akatsuki members, they grew stronger together. However, it became clear that not all of them shared Pain’s vision of creating peace through force.

Despite these disagreements among his comrades, Pain remained focused on achieving his goal of ending war forever.

Formation of Akatsuki

After Yahiko’s death, Nagato and Konan founded the organization known as Akatsuki. Their initial goal was to create peace in the world by removing corrupt leaders from power. They believed that through this method, they could bring about a new era of understanding and cooperation between nations.

At first, their methods were peaceful and non-violent. However, over time they became more ruthless in achieving their goals. They began to use fear and intimidation to force leaders into submission rather than negotiating with them.

The formation of Akatsuki was not an overnight process; it took years for Nagato and Konan to gather like-minded individuals who shared their vision for a better world. Each member had their unique skills that made them valuable assets to the organization.

As the group grew stronger, tensions started rising within its members due to conflicting views on how things should be done. Some thought that violence was necessary while others wanted to stick with peaceful negotiation tactics.

Despite these internal conflicts, Akatsuki remained united under one common goal: creating peace at all costs – even if it meant sacrificing themselves in the process.

Another Tragedy Strikes

Another Tragedy Strikes

As if Pain had not suffered enough, another tragedy struck. After Yahiko’s death, the Akatsuki was left without a leader. Nagato, now known as Pain, assumed leadership of the organization and set out to carry on Yahiko’s will.

Under his guidance, the Akatsuki began to pursue their ultimate goal: world domination. They planned to capture all nine tailed beasts in order to unleash an unimaginable power that would allow them to rule over all nations.

In pursuit of this goal, they carried out numerous attacks and battles against other ninja villages. The impact of these attacks was devastating – many people lost their lives or were severely injured.

For Pain himself though, it seemed like he had lost everything he held dear once again. His former sensei Jiraiya infiltrated Amegakure in search for information about the Akatsuki and ended up sacrificing himself in battle against Pain’s Six Paths of Pain.

This tragic event only fueled Pain’s desire for revenge even more and brought him one step closer towards his dream of becoming a god.

Yahiko’s Death

Yahiko was a dear friend and comrade to Pain, Nagato and Konan. Together, they formed the Akatsuki organization with the primary goal of bringing peace to their war-torn world. However, tragedy struck when Yahiko was killed by Hanzo the Salamander during negotiations.

Pain had promised Yahiko that he would protect their village and people from harm but failed to prevent his death. This event changed Pain’s perspective on life, causing him to believe that true peace could only be achieved through power.

Yahiko’s death not only affected Pain personally but also caused a rift within the Akatsuki organization. Some members believed that they should continue pursuing Yahiko’s dream of peace while others followed Pain’s new ideology.

Despite his death, Yahiko remained an important figure in Naruto as he inspired both Nagato and Konan to continue fighting for peace in their own way. His legacy lived on through them even though he wasn’t physically present anymore.

Akatuski 2.0

After Yahiko’s death, Nagato continued to lead the Akatsuki and sought revenge against Hanzo. To achieve this goal, he reorganized the group into what was known as “Akatsuki 2.0”. The new version of Akatsuki consisted of powerful ninja who were recruited with a much more ruthless approach compared to their predecessors.

This team had various members like Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, Deidara, Sasori and others. Each member had unique abilities that made them formidable opponents on the battlefield. They all shared a common goal in capturing all the Tailed Beasts for world domination.

Their plan involved infiltrating each Hidden Village and extracting their respective Tailed Beast from its Jinchuriki. With every successful mission they completed along with collecting valuable intel about other villages’ practices allowed them to become an even stronger force within shinobi society.

Under Nagato’s leadership, Akatuski 2.0 became notorious throughout Naruto’s world as one of the most feared organizations ever seen in this universe. However, it wasn’t without its own internal conflicts which eventually led to its downfall and dissolution by end of Naruto Shippuden series.

Becoming a God

Becoming a God was Pain’s ultimate goal in Naruto. He believed that by creating a world of peace through pain, he could become a deity and bring true serenity to the people. This aspiration came from his tragic past and experiences with war.

Pain realized that achieving this god-like status required immense power, which led him to obtain the Rinnegan – one of the most powerful dojutsu (eye techniques) in Naruto. With this ability, he became nearly invincible and controlled all six paths of pain.

To achieve his godly status, Pain orchestrated an attack on Konoha that left many dead and injured – including Jiraiya, who had been like a father figure to him. Despite his sensei’s pleas for peace, Pain continued with his mission until being defeated by Naruto Uzumaki.

Although Pain did not ultimately succeed in becoming a true deity or bringing about everlasting peace through pain, his journey towards this goal showed how far one can go when driven by their beliefs and experiences.

Betraying his Sensei

After Yahiko’s death, Nagato’s outlook on the world became even more dark and twisted. He believed that pain was the only way to bring about peace in the world. Nagato then began to use his powers as Pain to manipulate and control others for his own gain.

One of these people was none other than Jiraiya, one of Nagato’s former senseis. Jiraiya had been investigating Akatsuki and eventually came face-to-face with Pain himself. The two engaged in a fierce battle, but Jiraiya ultimately lost.

Pain used this opportunity to infiltrate Konoha by using one of his six paths of Pain – Yuraime – who took on the appearance of Kakashi Hatake. This allowed Pain and his fellow Akatsuki members to enter Konoha undetected.

During their attack on Konoha, Nagato also betrayed his other sensei: Naruto’s own master, Kakashi Hatake. Using another path of Pain named Tendo, he impaled Kakashi through the chest with chakra rods before leaving him for dead.

Nagato’s betrayal showed just how far he had fallen from grace since forming Akatsuki with Yahiko and Konan years ago. It also served as a wake-up call for Naruto, who realized that he needed to stop Nagato at all costs if he wanted any chance at bringing true peace to the ninja world.

Who Killed Pain in Naruto Shippuden

Pain’s death in Naruto Shippuden was a culmination of various events. After destroying Konoha, Naruto and the other shinobi villages banded together to defeat him. During the ensuing battle, Pain faced off against Naruto and the two had an intense fight.

Ultimately, it was Nagato himself who killed Pain. He realized that his actions as Pain were misguided and wanted to pay for his sins by ending his own life. In doing so, he also released the jutsu that controlled all six of his paths.

Naruto tried to stop Nagato from killing himself but ultimately failed. However, he did manage to convince Nagato before he died that true peace could be achieved without resorting to violence.

While it was technically Nagato who killed Pain in Naruto Shippuden, it was ultimately a result of both their actions and beliefs throughout the series leading up to this moment. It is a tragic end for such complex characters with heartbreaking pasts but leaves us with valuable lessons about seeking true peace through forgiveness and understanding instead of conflict and vengeance.

Pain in Naruto: Powers and Abilities

Pain in Naruto is known for his powerful and unique abilities. He possessed an immense amount of chakra, which allowed him to perform jutsu that were beyond the capabilities of most other shinobi.

One of Pain’s most notable abilities was his mastery over Ninjutsu. He could use techniques like Shinra Tensei, Bansho Ten’in, Chibaku Tensei and many more with ease. These moves gave Pain the power to manipulate gravity and cause devastating damage to anyone who opposed him.

Pain also had access to the Six Paths of Pain technique, allowing him to control six different bodies at once. Each body had its own unique set of skills and abilities, making it nearly impossible for opponents to predict or counterattack.

Additionally, Pain possessed the Rinnegan – a rare ocular kekkei genkai that granted him god-like powers such as seeing through illusions and manipulating reality itself.

Pain in Naruto was one of the strongest villains in the series due to his impressive array of powers and abilities. His strength made him a formidable enemy for even some of the strongest characters in Naruto lore.


In the world of Naruto, chakra is an essential aspect of a ninja’s abilities. It refers to the energy that flows throughout one’s body and allows them to perform various techniques.

Chakra is created by merging physical and spiritual energies within oneself. The amount of chakra within a person varies, with some individuals being born with more natural reserves than others. However, through training and experience, one can increase their chakra pool and control its flow.

There are different types of chakra in Naruto: elemental chakras such as fire or water that correspond to nature transformations; kekkei genkai which is the result of combining two different natures; tailed beast chakras which come from powerful creatures called bijuu; and finally the ultimate form known as Six Paths Chakra.

Chakra plays a significant role in battles in Naruto. From simple jutsus like creating clones or breathing fire to complex ones like summoning giant monsters or manipulating time-space itself. Each technique requires precise manipulation of chakra for success.

It’s safe to say that Naruto would be incomplete without its unique concept of Chakra – it adds depth and complexity not only to battles but also character development throughout the story.


Ninjutsu is one of the three main categories of techniques in Naruto, alongside Genjutsu and Taijutsu. It refers to the use of chakra to perform various skills such as elemental manipulation, hand seals for jutsus, and transformation techniques. Ninjas are highly skilled in this category of technique and it has been shown throughout the series that ninjutsu can be extremely powerful.

The basic principles behind ninjutsu revolve around manipulating chakra to create different effects. This includes creating fireballs or summoning animals to aid them in battle. The versatility of ninjutsu allows ninja to adapt quickly on the battlefield, making them deadly opponents.

One important aspect of mastering ninjutsu is learning how to control your chakra flow effectively. By doing so, a ninja can manipulate their environment and unleash devastating attacks with ease.

Naruto himself specializes in using clones made from his own chakra through shadow clone jutsus – a powerful form of ninjustsu that has proven useful time after time during battles.

Ninjustsu is an essential skill for any shinobi looking to become formidable warriors on the battlefield. Its flexibility makes it an invaluable asset both offensively and defensively giving its user many options when confronting their enemies.

Six Paths of Pain

The Six Paths of Pain is a powerful technique used by Nagato, also known as Pain, in the anime series Naruto. This technique allows him to control six bodies simultaneously, each with its own unique abilities and powers.

The first path has the ability to manipulate gravity, making it incredibly difficult for an opponent to move or evade attacks. The second path can absorb any chakra-based attack and convert it into energy that can be used by Nagato. The third path has access to a variety of mechanical weapons and tools.

The fourth path acts as a sensor, able to detect the presence of enemies from great distances. The fifth path possesses immense strength and durability, making it almost invulnerable against physical attacks. The sixth path has access to all of Nagato’s other abilities and serves as his primary vessel.

Together these six paths form an unstoppable force capable of overwhelming even the most skilled opponents. In order to defeat them, one must find a way to bypass their individual abilities or take out each body separately before they have a chance to regroup.

The Six Paths of Pain remains one of the most impressive displays of power in Naruto history and serves as a reminder that even seemingly unbeatable foes can be overcome with determination and strategy.


Rinnegan is one of the most powerful and legendary dojutsu (eye techniques) in Naruto. It is said that only those with immense chakra reserves can awaken this eye technique.

The Rinnegan grants its user an array of abilities, including the power to control all six forms of nature transformation, summoning creatures from other dimensions, and even reviving the dead.

One of the unique features of Rinnegan is its ability to see chakra pathways. This helps users to identify their opponent’s weakness and also enables them to absorb jutsus directed at them.

Moreover, it allows users to use a special technique called “Limbo,” which creates invisible clones that can attack opponents on a separate plane of existence.

Only two individuals have been confirmed to possess this ocular jutsu: Hagoromo Otsutsuki and his younger brother Hamura Otsutsuki. However, throughout the series’ course, we learn that Pain also has access to Rinnegan’s powers through Nagato’s body modifications.

Rinnegan remains one of Naruto’s most fascinating ocular techniques due to its incredible powers and limited availability. Its very existence sparks curiosity among fans about its potential uses in battle as well as who else might be able to awaken it in future storylines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

As we wrap up this comprehensive guide on Pain, let’s address some frequently asked questions that fans often have about this enigmatic character from the Naruto series.

1. Who is Pain in Naruto?
Pain is the main antagonist of the “Tale of Jiraiya The Gallant” and “Pain’s Assault” arcs in Naruto Shippuden. He was once known as Nagato Uzumaki, one of three war orphans who were trained by Jiraiya. Later on, he becomes the leader of Akatsuki 2.0 after a tragic incident involving his friend Yahiko.

2. What are Pain’s powers and abilities?
Pain possesses Rinnegan, one of the most powerful eye techniques (Dojutsu) in existence that grants him access to six distinct abilities collectively referred to as Six Paths of Pain. Apart from these unique abilities, he also has exceptional chakra control and mastery over various Ninjutsu techniques.

3. Why did Pain betray his sensei?
After witnessing numerous atrocities during their childhood years as war orphans – including losing friends before his eyes – Nagato became disillusioned with Jiraiya’s teachings about peace through understanding each other’s pain since those principles seemed ineffective against all the suffering they endured.

4. How did Pain die in Naruto Shippuden?
Naruto defeats Pain using Sage Mode and Talk no Jutsu – a technique where he convinces his opponents to change their ways by understanding them at an emotional level rather than just defeating them physically; ultimately leading Nagato to sacrifice himself by reviving everyone killed during his invasion of Konoha Village.

5. Is there any redemption for Pain?
Although initially consumed by vengeance and hatred towards humanity due to personal tragedies, it is important to note that later on in life when confronted with empathy from none other than our hero Naruto Uzumaki, Pain/Nagato recognizes the error of his ways and opts for