15 Best White Board Animation Apps (Android/IPhone) 2023

There is always a chance that many of us may find it extremely difficult to create animated content, especially for people who do not have sufficient tools with them. Also, a lack of adequate resources and know-how of user-friendly applications makes it even more challenging to come out with a solution.

What can help you out in such a situation?

Well, a whiteboard animation app can make it easier on your end to create some exciting animated stuff on the go.

Here’s a list of some fantastic White Board Animation Apps 2023 that can help you create some good stuff!

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White Board Animation Apps (Android/IPhone) 2022

 Explain Everything

White Board Animation Apps (Android/IPhone) 2022

This application is probably the best whiteboard animation app Android/ iPhone 2023 and is the most popular whiteboard app for iPhone. On opening this application, you will see four new and different options, In view, Join and share. You can also collaborate on this application with other users and brainstorm on a single piece of the whiteboard. The interface of this application is similar to other whiteboard animation application, but it includes more tools compared to others. This application allows users to import multimedia and documents. It allows users to integrate and connect seamlessly with Google drive, and it also supports Apple pencil and iPad pro. This application has the feature of real-time collaboration.

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Best white board animation apps Android 2022

This application is the best whiteboard animation application app, Android 2023, and it will allow users to make animation easily. This application has the feature of audio recording, audio import and audio library. This application also has the feature of onion layers and drawing layers. It has many more features like an animation timeline, frames manager, drawing tools and text tools. It also allows users to build animation videos and lets you share animation videos via YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and many more.


Best white board animation apps iPhone 2022

It is also one of the best whiteboard animation app, iPhone 2023 and is a unique and interactive whiteboard tool that is simple and powerful. This application is designed for digital classrooms, and in it, lessons sync automatically between students and teachers. You can also share your created video via emails, Facebook and many more.

 VideoScribe Anywhere

 Best white board animation apps iPhone 2022

Download this application now and create whiteboard animation quickly and easily. You need only add images and text to canvas, and this app will magically turn them into a powerful animated video. It has many more features also.


Best white board animation apps Android 2022

This application is easy to use for those looking for a clean whiteboard app for Android devices. You will see a plain white canvass that occupies 90% of your screen on opening this application. On the top of the home page, there are options to select various colours, pens and effects, and it also allows you to change the background colour, type text and much more. This application also possesses the feature of a one-click to undo button in case of any mistakes. You can also import photos from the gallery in this application, and there is no support for videos. This application contains ads, but you can put your phone offline to get rid of irritating ads. This application has the feature of autosave and allows you to change the background colour. Overall this application is a practical application for simple tasks like drawing or jotting down ideas.

 LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

Best white board animation apps Android 2022

This app is the best whiteboard app Android/ iPhone 2023 and contains lots of innovative features. This app lets a real-time and good quality collaboration with other users. On opening this application, you will sample whiteboards, and it allows you to create your own by just tapping on the green plus button at the bottom right. This application can automatically switch to landscape mode, and its whiteboard layout looks precisely similar to the above whiteboard app. A significant part of the screen is white canvas with lots of drawing options to the left in this application. This application has the feature of layer support. This application has real-time collaboration and has feature in-app chat and broadcast.


Best white board animation apps Android 2022

It is another Android application which is shareable, real-time and works well on all smartphone and tablets. This application lets users publish their design/ boards on the web and allows other people to view them without joining or editing them. This application will enable users to save commission on the web and have a Google Chrome extension bonus feature. This application also allows you to sync the screen with mirror view, and it uses vector graphics technology, making it genuinely zoomable.

Animation Desk

 Best white board animation apps Android 2022

This application provides you with an intuitive drawing environment for animation creation. It allows users to create animation, draw cartoons, and light sketching when they are on the go. It has a friendly interface and has features to develop and blend multiple levels of animation. It includes various painting tools and has adjustable size and opacity for brushes and eraser.


 White Board Animation Apps

It is another good whiteboard animation app that allows everybody to create awesome whiteboard videos in minutes. It allows users to type or paste the text into the application, and it can also automatically find glyphs and animated images to stitch together in a video. You can also change or remove and add new glyphs in this application and even draw your glyphs. You can record your voice and also have the option to use one of the humans as machine voices provide. It contains images and videos clips in your videos and many more.

 Whiteboard- Draw Paint Doodle

Best white board animation apps Android 2022

It is a fun drawing tool that can convert your device into a real-time whiteboard. This application comes with three modes, and that is a whiteboard, kid board and doodle desk. You can personalize each type of modes to get the maximum use of your screen.


Top 10 Best white board animation apps Android 2022

It can be the perfect interactive whiteboard that is easy to use and can work as an excellent digital whiteboarding software solution. It comes with unique features such as annotating pens, painting tools, and media file managers with unlimited pages to facilitate engaging content creation for developers. The app merges physical and virtual space using online interactive technologies to create a user-friendly interface and make your work easier. If you are looking for a perfect whiteboard animation app for your content creation, you should try it out.


white board animation apps Android 2022

You can use this app to create educational content, mainly if you belong to the teaching fraternity. You can also share your classroom materials and communicate with students who are outside the classroom. You can use the application on your tablet or phone as a perfect interactive whiteboard that can also help you conduct and manage conferences on the go. Overall, you can use this app as an interactive whiteboard platform to carry out your work.


Best white board animation apps Android 2022

Doodlify Whiteboard Animator Creator is another excellent application that you can download on your device and create animated content for your social media channels or personal use. One of the best things about this app is that you can also use the built-in assets and add music to your video content as an additional feature. Once you complete the necessary editing, you can export the video in MP4 format and share it with people. If you are looking for a perfect whiteboard animator app, this can do the job for you.


Best white board animation apps Android 2022

If you are looking to scribble your imagination, this whiteboard is what you may need. It can let you use your phone as a notepad. You can quickly note down or jot down your creative ideas on the go. You won’t need to look out for a pen and paper for any work if you already have the substitute on your mobile phone. You can create notes in your handwriting and also edit your photos, write or mark on them. Also, you can share your work with anyone as it contains fundamental and natural user interaction. You can also use the pinch in and out options to zoom adjust the size of your image. The app can serve as a perfect tool.

Mediabyte Whiteboard

Best white board animation apps Android 2022

It is the perfect app that enables you to work and communicate with other people on the go. You can draw on the board, create software diagrams and electrical drawings, and even draw over them when the requirement crops up. It comes with background image support and a rotating feature for the content that you create. You can also resize the text object using text handles. Also, the scaling feature over the whiteboard area helps you to use zoom in or pinch gesture accordingly. In a nutshell, the app is an all-rounder that can ease up your struggles.