Where are Samsung phones designed and made? The answer might surprise you 2024

Did you know that Samsung, the world-renowned tech giant, doesn’t manufacture all of its phones in one location? In fact, their design and production process is much more complex than you might think. From South Korea to Vietnam and beyond, the locations where Samsung phones are made may surprise you. So buckle up and get ready for a fascinating journey as we explore the manufacturing magic behind some of your favorite smartphones!

Where are Samsung phones designed and made? The answer might surprise you

Where are Samsung phones designed?

Samsung phones are designed and made in multiple countries around the world. While some of Samsung’s more high-end devices are made in South Korea, most Samsung phones are produced in several different countries across Asia. Here is a list of which countries produce Samsung phones and the percentage of total production for each country:

Country Percentage of Total Production
China 25%
South Korea 20%
Taiwan 10%
The Philippines 5%
Japan 3%

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Where are Samsung phones made?

Samsung phones are most commonly made in South Korea and Vietnam. However, they have also been produced in China, Indonesia, the US, and Spain. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were made exclusively in Samsung’s new 10 million square foot factory in Austin, Texas.

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