18 Best WhatsApp Status Saver Apps Android 2023

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It has been a long time since we talked about the problem related to Whatsapp and other social media apps. I was thinking of putting an issue related to social media apps, and then I came across the problem faced by its users of saving whatsapp status. You all have whatsapp on your phones which is as crucial in today’s time as the internet is. We Use whatsapp as an unlimited messaging app. Also, we put our Status there to show our feelings, our life incidents and ongoing happening to give an idea of our life to our other contacts. But sometimes, when we try to save someone else’s Status, we find no option for this. We either take a screenshot of any picture or can request the person to share the Status with you. But what if, You do not want to request a video and can not take a screenshot of it? 

To avoid this situation, today, I, shyami-the tech solver, brought you the 18 best whatsapp status saver apps 2023 available online for your android or iphone. To choose the best for you, read the whole article.

Let’s start…

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best WhatsApp status saver apps android 2022

Status Saver Video

best WhatsApp status saver apps android

The app was designed and developed by Shree Ganesha’s lab. The app is excellent for downloading any photo image, GIF, and Video on the Status of your whatsapp contact. The app allows you to directly share the downloaded Status with your friends or other contacts. Apart from downloading the whatsapp status, You can also explore new short videos on the web through this app; also, you can share any short video with your friends. Then why download another app for a short video, If the app is working as a two in one. The other speciality is that the app works the same for Whatsapp business accounts. 

Here are the unique features of this app.

  • Watch the Whatsapp + Status without going on the app- Yes, the app provides you with an option to watch all the statuses uploaded on whatsapp + (2023). We can say that the app is among a few apps working for Whatsapp + version too.
  • Download high-quality Whatsapp Status- The app scans the photo, GIF, and Video on statuses and lets you download them in original high quality.
  • Save the profile picture or profile videos- With the help of the app, you can directly save the whole screen dp image and the profile video to your storage space. By sharing options on the app, You can directly share all these profile photos or videos with your friends. 
  • Autosaved Viewed status- The app is complete with various unique features. The auto-save option is one of all them. It lets you automatically save the Status you have already viewed.
  • Direct chat without saving the contact number- If you are using this app on your whatsapp, It will help you chat with any number online without saving their contact number to your whatsapp contact list. 
  • Lyrical Video status saver- If someone uploaded a 30-sec video on their Status, story or particle, You can watch and directly share it by using this app.
  • Recover your deleted messages for Whatsapp business- If you have deleted some important messages on your whatsapp business, The app has a recovery option to recover all deleted messages. And with the help of this option, you can regain the messages; you have deleted.
  • Ratings- 4.5
  • Downloads- 100M+

Snack Video Status 

best WhatsApp status saver apps android

The bid status team develops the app. Although the app is a combo pack of many different fancy features, you can use it for downloading Whatsapp status. One of the remarkable things is that it can download the Status of Share chat and Moj App and the Status of Whatsapp. The app is also good at exchanging Status on different platforms so that you can apply for Status from one platform to another. The app works for Whatsapp video status, Funny snack video status, TakaTak video status, share chat video status, Lovely video status etc. 

Here are more features of the app to tell you.

  • Create a lovely short video by using your photos in a few seconds- Yes! You read it right. As I have told you above, the app is a combo pack of unique features, and it is not only used for downloading Status, But you can also create a video by using your pictures and sharing it to the Status of your whatsapp share chat or Moj app. The app comes with numerous video themes with beautiful video effects so that you can prepare a video as professionals do. 
  • A great status saver for whatsapp- The app works beautifully for Whatsapp. You can download any image/ story/picture from Whatsapp status and share it directly with your friends using the share option.
  • Significant beautiful various effects for status making- You will find many TakaTak stickers and short video templates to take an idea to create an excellent short video. Use the lyrical and name templates if you want to try something different and new. Either Select your photos or Video from your gallery or record a video and then add emojis, texts, themes, and stickers to create a professional-looking video in some seconds. With the AI face swap feature, You can use any animal filter on your trending photos. Finally, you can share your creativity on different platforms in the form of Status, stories, etc.
  • Ratings- 4.5
  • Downloads- 100M+

Status Saver

best whatsapp status saver apps 2022

Download this app now and start repost on Whatsapp, and share on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and any other social networks. This app has a straightforward and beautiful dashboard to manage Saved WhatsApp Stories, and also you have the option to save multiple WhatsApp Photo and WhatsApp Video stories. You can view and save your contact’s WhatsApp status stories without letting your friend know who sees a status. This app also has an Inbuiltan Story viewer and media player.
You can share status to whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, telegram, Snapchat, etc…
Download this app now and open and see photo, video, and gif in the app, and your contact will don’t know that you see the Status.

Status Downloader


This app is a good Story saver app, and with this app, you can Download the Story and Whatsapp Status of your friend. Download this app now and save any Video Story. With this app, you can download Story GIFs and Photos. This app supports all Language. With this app, you can easily Repost and Share the Status of any of your Other Friends or your contact on Whatsapp. With the help of this app, there is no need to ask your friend for sending Status, which they posted on Whatsapp status. Download this app now!

whatsapp status saver


One of the best app for saving and downloading whatsapp status on a smartphone with just one click. You can save both photos and videos by this app. just simply download the app and access your whatsapp contacts status and download them directly. This app contains many more features like send messages to whatsapp without saving contact on your smartphone. So download and start downloading your favorite whatsapp status now.

 Status Saver

best WhatsApp status saver apps android 2022

This is the Best Whatsapp Video Status saver App Android 2023, and this app has many features like Multi Save, Repost / Share, and can Delete the post. This app also has a feature to repost the status even without Saving quickly, and it has the feature of easy & Fast Saving. This app has an Image Viewer & Video Player, and this app can also be used for easy Navigation. Download this fantastic app now and save any of your friend’s statuses.

 Status Downloader For whatsapp


This app is also Best Whatsapp Video Status saver App Android 2023 and with this app, you can save your friends status, image, video, and moment from your friend’s whatsapp status. All you need is to watch status from your original whatsapp and then open this app and this app will scan and display that status and then you can directly save that status to your storage. Download this app now!

 WhatsApp Status Saver

best whatsapp status download android 2022

This is amazing app and with this app, you can save and share images, videos and GIFS from any of your friend’s whatsapp status. This app is free, interactive and user friendly. With this app, you can save images and videos and share them with friends as your stories. Have this app now!

 Status Saver:

best whatsapp status saver apps 2022

This is also a great app, and with this app, you can view your friend’s WhatsApp stories and save multiple WhatsApp stories. This app provides you full Screen Whatsapp Stories view, and also you can preview Downloaded Story. This great app offers a WhatsApp status download option, and you can also share that post-WhatsApp and share with Friends. You also have the option to delete Unwanted Whatsapp Story, and you can save Whatsapp business statuses and parallel space & parallel space lite status also.

 Status Saver – Whats status video download App

best WhatsApp status saver apps android 2022

This app is also the Best Whatsapp Video Status saver App Android 2023, and in this app, you can make multiple selections by which you can save status, delete status, and cancel the selection. Whenever your contact updates their status, it will be visible in this app. This app has a specific setting as whatsapp status from the app and has a simple downloading procedure, and it downloads fast. Have this great app now!

 Video Status Saver For Whats

best WhatsApp status saver apps android 2022

This is also a good app, and with this app, you can save your friend’s status, image, video, and moment from your friend’s whatsapp status. All you need is to watch status from your original whatsapp and then open this app, and this app will scan and display that status, and then you can directly save that status to your storage. Download this app now!

Status Saver For WhatsApp by THE APPS FESTSocial

best WhatsApp status saver apps android 2022

This app is basically to save WhatsApp statuses. In order to save status, first of all you need to choose category after that choose images or videos which you want to save. Than open image or video and then click on download to save. That’s all. Now your images/videos will be saved in Gallery. Have this great app now!


This app is to save WhatsApp Status and also WhatsApp Business Status. This app will save all statuses, and it will specifically save selected statuses. With this app, it is possible to repost status on WhatsApp. You also have the option to set picture status as your wallpaper and WhatsApp profile photo also. You can also share status on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, and any other social media. You can also delete unwanted statuses and can manage all your saved statuses by sharing or deleting them. This app also allows you to show all the saved status in-app, and you can also enable or disable statuses showing in-app. This app has a built media player like whatsapp has to play videos. This app also has the feature of automatic Swap between all statuses when you open on a status. With this app, you can look at your friend’s status, and your friend will don’t know who sees status. Download this app now!

 Status Saver by Jaanu Apps


Best WhatsApp Status Saver Apps Android 2022

It is the most popular status video save app which allows you to download images and videos from WhatsApp. All of the pictures and videos will be saved to your phone gallery directly.You have to watch the desired status from WhatsApp and now come back to the status saver and click on any image or video to view, then click the download button, and you can get it. It is a great app which lets you to easily download and share WhatsApp images and videos on your smartphone.

 Status Saver by PS Developers

 Best WhatsApp Status Saver Apps Android 2022

It is a great android app with lots of the latest features that can be used to save free status videos. You can easily download a new view photo/video status from WhatsApp. It helps you make your day beautiful by downloading and saving the latest WhatsApp status on your smartphone. The app’s unique feature allows you to download stories, funny status, romantic status, photo status, etc. This app is easy to use with many other features to use it as photoshop alternative apps and edit photo for free.

Easy Status Saver


Best WhatsApp Status Saver Apps Android 2022

Easy status saver is the most trending status saver app for android users that allows them to save all types of Whatsapp statuses on smartphones. It comes with the most straightforward design with lots of the latest features so anyone can easily use it. The app’s unique feature lets you enjoy the easy and fast sharing options to other apps without savings. The app is very secure to use, and it doesn’t keep any hidden track of user’s personal information. One of the best features of this app is to provide an option to get images and videos in two different tabs.

 All Status Saver

All status saver is the most popular status save app that helps you download and save photo images, GIFs, Video of WhatsApp status of friends. You can easily download and repost the status story of your contacts. The unique feature of this app provides you an option to save multiple Photos and Video stories. The unique feature enables you to view status offline even after 24 hrs. It comes with a beautiful dashboard to manage protected status with an inbuilt story viewer and media player.

 WA Status Saver

WA status saver is one of the best status saver apps used to save and share your friends’ statuses instantly. It is a single-click app that lets you save WhatsApp status in a single click. This app comes with an excellent user interface to view and share statuses with your friends. It is free and easy to use the app with an image slider and video player so that you can quickly view the image and stream the video before you save it on your device. Along with these, it also can get and save status on your friends from different social networking platforms.

Friends! These were the apps to solve your downloading status problem. Most of the apps on the list work more than downloading the Status. And the have more features you require. Select that one, fulfiling your more than one wish at a time so that you do not need to download another app for the same feature already in it. 

Now, I am going to write a new article to solve your problem.

Till then, TATA, Bye-Bye.

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  1. There are many apps available for this in Google Play Store. The best app which I personally use is GetVid – Status Saver and Video Download. They have functionality of downloading the whatsApp status of your friends. Not only this there are 1000+ funny and exciting videos and images available for you to download and put it as your status. You can download that app from this link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.getvids.earns

    Let all of us know once you experience the app, that will help other users to take a call on the app further.

  2. no doubt these are best apps but here are some more that are missing in this article. Like status downloader