What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs 2024

Have you ever found yourself humming a catchy tune, but couldn’t remember the name of the song? Or perhaps you heard a great track playing in a store or café, but had no idea who the artist was? We’ve all been there. Luckily, technology has come to our rescue with a range of mobile and web apps that can identify songs for us! In this blog post, we’ll explore 18 of these amazing tools that use audio recognition software to automatically detect music playing around us. Get ready to never again ask yourself “What song is this?” as we dive into these innovative solutions.

Identify Music Playing Around You in 2024

As technology advances, so do our methods of identifying music around us. In 2024  it’s predicted that we’ll see even more sophisticated tools for recognizing songs playing in our surroundings.

One exciting development is the growing use of AI-powered assistants like Google Assistant and Siri to identify music. By simply asking “Hey Google, what song is this?” or “Siri, what’s playing?”, these voice-activated helpers can quickly analyze audio signals and provide you with the name of the artist and track.

Other personal assistant devices like Bixby and Alexa are also becoming increasingly adept at recognizing songs on command. With just a few spoken words, you can access an entire world of musical information without ever having to touch your phone or computer.

But it’s not just smart speakers that are getting better at identifying music. Many smartphones now come equipped with apps that allow them to listen out for songs around you – such as Pixel’s Now Playing feature, which uses machine learning algorithms to recognize tracks automatically.

With all these advancements in place, there’s never been a better time to discover new tunes while out and about!

Use Google Assistant to Recognise Songs

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

If you’re an Android user, chances are you already have Google Assistant installed on your device. And did you know that one of its nifty features is the ability to identify songs playing around you? That’s right – just ask “What song is this?” or say “Hey Google, what’s this song?” and let it do the rest.

Google Assistant uses machine learning technology to recognize tracks by analyzing their unique sound patterns and comparing them with a vast database of music. It can even recognize songs in different languages!

But that’s not all – once it identifies the song, it will provide additional information such as the artist name, album cover, lyrics (if available), and links to streaming services where you can listen to or purchase the track.

So next time you hear a catchy tune but don’t know its title or who sings it, simply turn to your trusted virtual assistant for some help!

Identify Songs with Siri

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

If you’re an iPhone user, Siri is your go-to virtual assistant for a variety of tasks. But did you know that it can also help you identify songs? All you have to do is ask the question “What song is this?” and Siri will try to recognize the music playing around you.

Once activated, Siri listens to the music and provides information about the artist, title, album name, and even lyrics if available. If there are multiple matches or if Siri cannot find any results, it may offer suggestions for other apps like Shazam or Apple Music.

One great thing about using Siri for music identification is that it’s hands-free – perfect when driving or busy with other things. It’s also convenient since most iPhone users already have access to this feature without downloading any additional apps.

However, keep in mind that while Siri does its best at recognizing songs accurately, it may not always be successful depending on factors like background noise or sound quality. In those cases where it fails, consider trying out one of the other recommended apps mentioned earlier in this article.

Use Bixby to Identify Music

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

If you’re using a Samsung device, chances are you have access to Bixby. This virtual assistant can be used for more than just setting reminders and answering questions – it can also help identify music playing around you.

To use Bixby’s music recognition feature, simply say “Hi Bixby, what song is playing?” or press the dedicated button on your Samsung device and ask the same question. Bixby will then listen to the music and provide information about the song title and artist.

One advantage of using Bixby over other music recognition apps is that it’s already built into your phone, so there’s no need to download any additional software. Plus, since it’s specifically designed for Samsung devices, it may be more accurate at identifying songs played through Galaxy speakers.

It’s important to note that in order for Bixby to accurately recognize songs, your device needs to have an active internet connection. Additionally, if there is too much background noise or interference while trying to identify a song with Bixby, results may not be as accurate as desired.

Utilizing Bixby as a tool for identifying music can save time and effort when trying to figure out what song is playing around you.

Ask Alexa “What Song is this?”

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

If you happen to have an Amazon Echo or any device with Alexa built-in, asking it “What song is this?” can quickly give you the answer. It’s a straightforward process that requires no additional apps or downloads.

First, ensure that your Echo is connected to Wi-Fi and playing the song in question. Then, simply say “Alexa, what song is this?” and wait for her response. She’ll usually tell you the name of the track and artist within a few seconds.

If Alexa isn’t able to recognise the song initially, try repeating the command a couple more times or double-checking if your device’s microphone is working correctly. It’s good to note too that while Alexa might not be as accurate as some specialised music recognition apps like Shazam or SoundHound, it still does an excellent job most of the time.

Using Alexa to identify songs is simple and convenient since many homes now have voice assistants installed. If you don’t already own one of these devices but are interested in having one around – identifying songs aside – they offer plenty of other useful features worth considering!

Automatically Recognise Songs and Music Playing Around You

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to automatically recognize songs and music playing around you. This means that you no longer have to manually search for the song or wait for someone else to tell you what it is.

One way to do this is through Pixel’s Now Playing feature, which can identify songs even when your phone is offline. It uses on-device machine learning to detect the title and artist of a song by analyzing its acoustic fingerprint.

Another option is asking smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home by simply saying “What’s this song?” These devices are equipped with built-in microphones that pick up sounds in their surroundings and use cloud-based algorithms to match them with music databases.

Additionally, there are several apps available like Shazam, SoundHound, Musixmatch Lyrics, MusicID and Genius that automatically identify songs as they play around you. These apps use audio recognition technology combined with massive music libraries to provide accurate results in just seconds.

Automatic music recognition has become an essential tool for any music lover who wants quick access to information about the tracks they hear throughout the day.

Get Pixel’s Now Playing Feature on Any Smartphone

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

One of the most exciting features of Google Pixel smartphones is their “Now Playing” feature. With this feature, your phone listens to ambient noise and identifies any songs playing in the background without you having to open a separate app.

But what if you don’t have a Google Pixel? Can you still enjoy this handy feature on your smartphone? The answer is yes! There are apps available that can bring Now Playing-like functionality to any Android device.

One such app is called “SoundHUD”. It works similarly to Now Playing by continuously monitoring audio around your device and identifying songs when it recognizes them. Another option is “Musixmatch”, which not only identifies music but also includes lyrics for nearly every song in its database.

While these apps may not be as seamlessly integrated into your phone’s software as Now Playing on a Google Pixel, they do offer similar functionality for anyone who wants to know what song they’re hearing without opening a separate app or typing out search queries.

Ask Smart Speakers “What’s This Song?”

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

Do you have a smart speaker at home? If yes, then you can use it to identify the song playing around you. Smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod all come with voice assistants that can recognize music.

To identify a song using your smart speaker, simply ask “What’s this song?” or “What song is playing right now?” The voice assistant will listen to the music and try to match it with its database of songs. Once it finds a match, it will tell you the name of the song and provide other details like the artist and album name.

One advantage of using a smart speaker for music recognition is that it works hands-free. You don’t need to pull out your phone or type anything on your computer. Simply speak out loud and let the device do its job.

However, one downside is that not all smart speakers are created equal when it comes to music identification. Some may be better than others in recognizing certain genres or styles of music. It’s also worth noting that these devices rely on an internet connection to work properly.

Asking your smart speaker what song is playing can save you time and effort while enjoying some tunes at home!

Music Recognition Apps to Find a Song

If you are a music lover, chances are that you have found yourself humming a tune but unable to remember the name of the song. Fortunately, with modern technology, it is possible to identify songs easily using music recognition apps.

One of the most popular apps for identifying music is Shazam. This app has been around for over a decade and boasts an extensive database of songs. All you need to do is open the app and let it listen to the song playing around you, and within seconds, it will provide information about the artist, album name, lyrics plus more.

Another great option for identifying songs on your mobile device is SoundHound. What sets this app apart from others in its category is that it can recognize songs based on humming or singing rather than only listening to actual audio clips of tracks.

Musixmatch Lyrics also doubles as both streaming service providing lyrics while identifing tunes playing nearby through its sound recognition feature.

If you’re looking for something less mainstream MusicID may be what you want as they claim their database has access to even more obscure tracks not available elsewhere.

Genius offers users an opportunity not simply just find out what track they were listening too but instead go deeper into understanding every lyric in your favorite song thanks Genius’ annotated system which explains each line’s meaning behind them

Whether your phone runs iOS or Android operating systems there are plenty of options available when searching for music recognition apps online so download one today!


What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

Shazam is one of the most popular music recognition apps out there. It’s been around since 1999 and has evolved over time to become a highly accurate tool for identifying songs.

One of the best things about Shazam is its ease of use. All you have to do is open the app, hit the big blue button, and let it listen to whatever song or sound you want to identify. Within seconds, Shazam will tell you what it is, who sang it, and even provide links to lyrics, videos, and more.

Another great feature of Shazam is its ability to recognize songs even when they’re not playing at full volume or in ideal conditions. Whether you’re in a noisy club or trying to sneakily identify a song playing on your friend’s phone across the room, Shazam can often still pick up enough detail from just a few seconds of sound.

Shazam also offers personalized recommendations based on your listening habits and lets you save identified songs directly into playlists on various streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and reliable music identification app that works almost anywhere at any time with accurate results then Shazam should definitely be among your top picks!


What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

SoundHound is a popular music recognition app that allows users to identify songs playing around them with just a tap of their finger. The app boasts an impressive database of over 300 million tracks, making it one of the most comprehensive song identification tools available.

One unique feature of SoundHound is its ability to recognize songs even if you only hum or sing a few lines. This makes it perfect for those times when you have a melody stuck in your head but can’t remember the lyrics.

Another great thing about SoundHound is its real-time lyrics feature, which displays the words to the song on your screen as they are being sung. This can be especially helpful for karaoke nights or when trying to learn the words to a new favorite tune.

SoundHound also offers an immersive music discovery experience, allowing users to explore new artists and genres based on their current listening habits. With personalized playlists and recommendations, this app truly has something for everyone in terms of musical tastes and preferences.

SoundHound is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly music recognition tool that goes above and beyond simply identifying songs.

Musixmatch Lyrics

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

Musixmatch Lyrics is a free app available on both Android and iOS that allows you to identify songs playing around you. It also provides the lyrics of the song in real-time, making it easier for users to sing along. The app has over 50 million downloads worldwide.

One unique feature of Musixmatch Lyrics is its ability to translate lyrics into different languages, providing a global music experience for users. This means that if you’re listening to a Spanish song but don’t understand the language, Musixmatch can translate the lyrics into English or any other language of your choice.

The app also allows users to search for specific songs or artists and view their complete discography. Additionally, Musixmatch offers personalized recommendations based on your taste in music and listening history.

Musixmatch Lyrics is an excellent tool for anyone looking to identify songs playing around them while simultaneously enjoying the full lyrics experience with translations available in multiple languages.


What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

If you’re looking for a reliable music identification app, MusicID has got your back. Powered by Gracenote, this app can identify songs playing around you in mere seconds.

One of the standout features of MusicID is its ability to recognize even obscure tracks that other apps might miss. It also provides comprehensive information about the song, including artist name and album details.

MusicID’s interface is simple and user-friendly, making it easy to use for anyone regardless of their level of tech-savviness. Plus, the app allows users to save their searches in case they want to refer back later.

Another advantage of using MusicID is its integration with various streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. This means that once you’ve identified a song on MusicID, you can easily add it to your playlist on these platforms without having to search again.

If you’re looking for an efficient music recognition app with an intuitive interface and extensive database capabilities – look no further than MusicID!


What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

Genius is a popular music and lyrics website that offers a wide range of content related to the world of music. It was founded in 2009 by Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory, and it quickly became one of the go-to sources for anyone who wanted to learn more about their favorite artists or songs.

One of the most appealing features of Genius is its extensive database of song lyrics. Users can search for almost any song they want, and they’ll likely be able to find accurate lyrics on the site. The site also allows users to add annotations, which can provide additional context or insight into certain lines or phrases.

In addition to lyrics and annotations, Genius also has a wealth of other content available. This includes interviews with musicians, reviews of albums and concerts, news articles related to the music industry, and much more.

Genius is an excellent resource for anyone who loves music. Whether you’re looking for new songs to listen to or want to dive deeper into your favorite artist’s work, there’s something here for everyone.

Use Snapchat to Recognise Songs

Snapchat is well-known for its fun filters and addictive Stories feature, but did you know it also has a music recognition tool? The app’s Shazam integration allows users to identify songs playing around them by simply pressing and holding on the camera screen.

To use this feature, open Snapchat and point your camera towards the source of the music. Then, press and hold on the screen until an album cover appears with the song title and artist name. You can then save or share this information with friends.

One unique aspect of using Snapchat as a music identifier is that it also provides links to listen to the full song on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. This makes it easy to add new tunes to your playlists without having to search for them manually.

However, keep in mind that Snapchat’s music recognition tool only works when you’re actively using the app with access to your device’s microphone. If you’re playing a song on another device while using Snapchat passively in the background, it may not be able to recognize it.

If you’re already an avid user of Snapchat, why not take advantage of its built-in Shazam integration next time you hear a catchy tune?

Online Song Identifier

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

Online Song Identifier is a popular tool available on various websites that can help you identify songs just by humming or singing the tune. These tools use advanced algorithms to match your input with their vast database of music tracks.

One such website is Midomi, which allows you to sing or hum up to 10 seconds of a song and provides accurate results within seconds. AHA Music, another online song identifier, works as an extension for Google Chrome and identifies songs playing on any webpage.

AudioTag is another website that helps identify songs using audio recognition technology. You can upload an MP3 file or record a short clip directly from your microphone to get instant search results.

Musipedia offers an interesting feature where you can draw the melody of the song on their virtual keyboard and it will provide matches based on your drawing. Songsear.ch allows users to enter lyrics from a song they are trying to identify and find matching results.

Online Song Identifiers offer quick solutions for identifying unknown tunes without having any information about them except for the melody or lyrics. These tools have revolutionized how we recognize music in today’s digital age!


What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

Midomi is a music recognition app that allows users to identify songs by humming, singing, or even whistling the tune. This innovative feature makes it stand out from other music recognition apps on the market.

One of Midomi’s unique features is its community-driven database where users can add and edit song information. This feature ensures that the app always has up-to-date and accurate information about songs.

In addition to identifying songs, Midomi also provides lyrics for recognized tracks and offers links to purchase them through popular online retailers like Amazon and iTunes.

Midomi also includes a social aspect where users can connect with others who have similar musical preferences. Users can rate songs, create playlists, and share their favorite tracks with friends within the app.

Midomi is an excellent choice for those looking for a comprehensive music identification tool combined with social networking capabilities.

AHA Music

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

AHA Music is a browser extension that works on Chrome and Firefox to help you identify songs playing around you. It’s free to use and easy to install, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants an efficient song recognition tool.

One of the best things about AHA Music is its simplicity. All you need to do is click on the extension icon while music is playing, and it will quickly provide you with information about the artist, album, and song title. You can also listen to snippets of the track or watch the corresponding music video.

AHA Music even has a feature that allows you to discover new music based on your listening habits. With just one click, it will generate recommendations for similar artists or songs that match your preferences.

Another fantastic feature of AHA Music is its ability to show lyrics in real-time as the song plays. This makes it easier for users to sing along or understand what their favorite artists are saying.

AHA Music is a great option for people looking for an easy-to-use browser extension that provides accurate identification of songs playing around them without any hassle.


What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

AudioTag is a free music recognition app that allows you to identify songs by simply uploading a short audio clip. With AudioTag, you can easily recognize the name of an unknown song and its artist in just a few seconds.

To use AudioTag, all you need to do is visit their website, upload the audio clip from your device or record it using your microphone, and then click on the “Identify” button. The app will analyze the clip and provide you with details about the song such as title, artist name, album artwork and more.

Another great feature of AudioTag is that it allows you to listen to samples of identified songs directly within their platform. Moreover, if there are multiple versions available for any particular track or if there’s some ambiguity in identifying certain parts of a song – they also offer alternate matches.

One thing to keep in mind while using this app is that it may not be able to identify every single track out there due to varying quality factors but overall it’s quite accurate!

AudioTag proves itself as one of the best options when searching for an unknown tune; thanks to its user-friendly interface combined with advanced algorithms!


What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

Musipedai is a music recognition app that allows you to identify songs by humming or singing. It’s a unique and innovative feature that sets it apart from other apps. You don’t need to know the name of the song or any lyrics; all you have to do is hum or sing the tune, and Musipedai will do the rest.

The app uses advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to analyze your voice and match it with its extensive database of songs. It works surprisingly well, even if you’re not a great singer!

Another great thing about Musipedai is its simplicity. The app has a clean interface that makes it easy to use even for beginners. You just open up the app, hit record, hum or sing your tune, and wait for Musipedai to find a match.

Musipedai is an excellent option for those who want an easy-to-use music recognition tool with a unique twist. Give it a try next time you can’t figure out what song is stuck in your head!


What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

Songsear.ch is a music search engine that can help you figure out the name of any song stuck in your head. This website has a simple interface and works by allowing users to type in some lyrics or even just a few words from the song, then hit enter and wait for results.

Once you’ve entered your query, Songsear.ch will scan through its database of user-contributed queries to find matches. If there are no exact matches, it will provide suggestions based on similar keywords or phrases. The site also gives you an option to filter results by artist, album, or genre.

One advantage of using Songsear.ch is that it doesn’t require any downloads or installations like some other music recognition apps do. Plus, since its database draws from user contributions rather than relying solely on algorithms and machine learning models, it may be more accurate when identifying lesser-known songs.

If you need help finding the name of a song but don’t want to install an app or pay for premium features, Songsear.ch could be a useful resource. It’s quick and easy to use with helpful filtering options for narrowing down results based on specific details about the track in question.

Ask Other Music Lovers to Help Find the Song

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

If you’re having trouble identifying a song, sometimes it’s helpful to turn to other music lovers for assistance. There are several ways to do this online, including using the website WatZatSong or asking for help on Reddit.

WatZatSong is a crowdsourcing platform where users can upload a short audio clip of the song they’re trying to identify. Other users can then listen and provide their best guess as to what the song might be. This approach can be especially useful if you only have a small snippet of the song or if it’s in a language that you don’t understand.

Reddit is another option for seeking out help from fellow music enthusiasts. There are several subreddits dedicated specifically to identifying songs, including r/NameThatSong and r/tipofmytongue. Simply post your question along with any relevant information (such as lyrics or where you heard the song) and wait for responses from other Redditors.

While asking others for help may not always lead to an immediate answer, it can be a fun way to connect with other music fans and potentially discover new songs in the process.

Use WatZatSong to Crowdsource an Answer

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

WatZatSong is an online platform where users can crowdsource answers to identify songs that they cannot recognize on their own. This website works differently than other music recognition apps since it relies on the power of human knowledge instead of algorithms.

To use WatZatSong, simply upload a clip of the song you want to identify and post it on the site’s forum. Other users will listen and give suggestions based on their familiarity with the tune or any relevant information they may know about the artist or genre.

The community aspect of WatZatSong makes it an excellent option for those who are looking for a more interactive experience when trying to identify songs. It also allows users to connect with people from all over the world who share similar musical interests.

One thing to keep in mind when using this platform is that responses may not always be immediate, so patience is crucial. However, as more people join and contribute, the chances of getting an accurate answer increase significantly.

WatZatSong provides a unique way for music lovers worldwide to come together and help each other out in identifying unknown tunes.

Ask Reddit to Identify Music For You

What Song Is This? 18 Mobile and Web Apps to Identify Songs

If you’re having trouble identifying a song, why not turn to Reddit for help? The popular social media platform has several communities dedicated solely to helping people identify music.

Simply head over to r/NameThatSong or r/tipofmytongue and make a post with as much detail about the song as possible – lyrics, melody, any context or memories attached to it. Within minutes (or hours), fellow Redditors will start chiming in with their suggestions and guesses.

The best part? These online communities are made up of music lovers from all over the world who have varying tastes and knowledge of different genres. So even if your song is obscure or from a specific time period, there’s a good chance someone on Reddit can help you out.

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just suggestions and guesses based on limited information. It’s always best to double-check before assuming that an answer is correct. But overall, asking Reddit for help identifying music can be a fun and effective way to solve the mystery of “what song is this?”