A little Introduction about Application Server & WebSphere

Are you a novice in the world of application servers and looking for an introduction to this essential technology? Look no further! In today’s tech-driven world, application servers have become indispensable components for businesses that rely on web applications. One such popular option is WebSphere, which has revolutionized the way organizations deploy their applications. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what an application server is and explore the capabilities of IBM’s WebSphere offering. So buckle up and read on to learn more about these crucial components powering modern-day businesses!

Supported Platforms

A little Introduction about Application Server & WebSphere

Application Server is a platform that enables businesses to build and deploy web applications. These applications can be accessed by users over the internet or on a company’s own intranet. The Application Server provides the necessary tools and programming interfaces to make these applications run, manage their security, and support their use with an associated database.

WebSphere is an Application Server from IBM that has been specifically designed for large scale web application deployments. It has many features that make it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. Some of these features include: comprehensive scalability, robust middleware offerings, clustered deployments, and robust performance tuning capabilities.

WebSphere Editions

A little Introduction about Application Server & WebSphere

Application Server & WebSphere is a family of products from IBM. It provides an open architecture for developing and deploying middleware applications on the WebSphere platform.

The product family includes:

WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is the flagship product in the product family. WAS is a multi-tenant, clustered environment that offers comprehensive administration tools and rapid deployment capabilities. WAS also includes a web server component that supports the most popular web applications.

WebSphere Commerce (WCS) is a commerce platform that provides an open source ecommerce solution. WCS integrates with leading marketplaces to provide users with ready-to-use features and accelerated time to market. The platform offers scalability, flexibility, reliability, and security for your business needs.

WebSphere Topologies

A little Introduction about Application Server & WebSphere

WebSphere is a popular application server used in the IBM mainframe space. It provides many features such as web services, clustering, and load balancing. In this article, we will discuss how to create a simple Topology diagram for WebSphere.

We first need to create a diagram that shows the relationships between the components in our Topology. We can use either an Application server or WebSphere MQ Broker as our Root Node and then connect these nodes using links. For example, if we wanted to use an Application Server as our Root Node and configure it for load balancing two WebServers, we would create a link between the Application Server and Each WebServer (see figure 1).

We can also use Links to show dependencies between nodes. For example, if we wanted to show that one WebServer depended on another WebServer for its data, we could add a Link between the Two WebServers (see figure 2).

What’s new in WebSphere 8.5.5?

A little Introduction about Application Server & WebSphere

WebSphere 8.5.5 brings some great new features and improvements to the Application Server offering.
One of the new features is support for Java 9 (required for some of the new features in Java SE 9). Along with this, we have also updated many of our libraries and tools to make them more robust and reliable. In addition, there are a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements included in this release.

If you’re looking to improve your application delivery or performance, then be sure to check out WebSphere 8.5.5!


Application servers are essential in modern web-based architectures. They provide a platform on which web applications can be deployed and managed centrally. WebSphere is the most popular application server family and it provides a comprehensive set of features to meet the needs of today’s web-scale applications. In this article, we have provided an overview of what application servers are, how they work, and why you would want to use one in your architecture.