Top 10 Best Website Speed Check Tools 2022

The speed of a website is a very important factor for website success. Faster loading websites have higher SEO ranking, longer visitors’ duration, and better user experience. Here we bring you the Best website speed test tools 2022 to check your website speed.

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Best Website Speed Check Tools


Pingdom Website Speed Test

Best Website Speed Check Tools

Pingdom is the best website speed test tool 2022, and it is a market leader in website monitoring services. This tool is widely known for its free website speed testing feature. This tool has become very famous over the years as it is super easy and fast to use. This tool will prove a fantastic way to start website monitoring, and it is specially designed for beginners. This tool will display all your site’s requests in a waterfall view. This tool will allow you to filter by file size, load order, and load time. This tool goes on to list load time, total requests, and page size. And thus, you will get different perspectives on improving your website performance. This tool will offer you a speed performance rating, which is scored out of 100. This score rating has been broken down into basis of twelve criteria, and each of these criteria gives an individual score. This feature will help you to aim at those aspects which can provide tangible improvements to your site’s speed.
Additionally, this tool also stores the results of all the tests which are performed on your website. Thus you are allowed to track speed improvements over time. This tool also lets you select any test from Texas, Melbourne, New York, San Jose, and Sweden. This test result will put in a summarized manner, and this test includes insights, performance grade, response codes, and content size.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Best Website Speed Check Tools

Google Page Speed Insights is another best website speed test tool 2022, and it is specially designed for analyzing and grading the speed and performance of your website. PageSpeed Insight will show you the analysis result, which is based on a 1-100 scale. The high analysis score on the scale makes your website optimization better. If this tool provides you grade score of around or more than 80, it means your website is performing well. This tool is created and maintained by Google, and this will provide you detailed analysis and reports for both your desktop and mobile versions of your website. This software also serves as improvement recommendations on speeding up the performance of the website. This tool will also offer tips for minifying CSS and also image optimizations. This software works in different ways. The first way of working is called time to above the fold. This procedure will measure when any user requests a new page and when the browser shows up above the fold content. Another working way is time to full-page load, and this will measure the time taken when any user requests a new page and the browser fully renders the entire page.


Best Website Speed Check Tools

GTmetrix is another very famous website for speed testing and analysis software. This tool is immensely easy to use, and it is perfect for beginners who can pick it up quite fast. This tool will provide you comprehensive analysis as this tool combines the performance and recommendations offered by Google Page Speed Insights and Yslow. Thus this tool comes out as a perfect solution for all your speed optimization needs.


Best Website Speed Check Tools

WebPageTest is a creativity of Patrick Meenan who is a Chrome engineer at Google. This tool is an open source project. With the help of this tool, you are allowed to perform a free website speed test from multiple locations all around the globe just by using real browsers like as Chrome, IE, etc.

Dotcom-Monitor Website Speed Test

Best Website Speed Check Tools

Dotcom-Monitor provides you lots of free and useful tools. One of its very popular and useful tools is the Dotcom-Monitor Website Speed Test Tool. This tool lets you to quickly test the speed of your website from about 25 locations around the globe.

KeyCDN Website Speed Test

Best Website Speed Check Tools

This simple page speed test provides you waterfall breakdown and a website preview. This software gives you 14 different test locations across the globe in order to give the total download time of your assets from that physical location. You are also allowed to run a private as well as a public test which you can share or can also bookmark for future reference.


Best Website Speed Check Tools

This tool is Yahoo!’s page performance tool, and this is a comprehensive and commendable website speed testing tool. You need to install this tool and add it to your browser. This tool is completely free to use, and it supports all famous web browsers.

Google Mobile Speed Testing Tool

Best Website Speed Check Tools

This tool has been targeted towards marketers and agencies. This tool will deliver you easy and understandable optimization report and you are allowed to have the reports directly to your email and you can also have them forward them to your webmaster or developer.

Varvy Page Speed Optimization

 Best Website Speed Check Tools

This tool is another website speed testing tool, and it has been developed and maintained by Patrick Sexton. This tool will show you reports in five different sections, which include a resource diagram, JavaScript Usage, CSS Delivery, Page Speed Issues, and Services used.

Sucuri Load Time Tester

Best Website Speed Check Tools

This software is another very handy tool for website speed testing. This tool lets you test the performance of any of your sites all across the globe. This tool can check your website from more than 15 locations and show you the time taken from each location, average response, and performance grade.


So these are the Best website speed test tools 2022 with which you can check your website speed. Please like, share, and comment on your experience with the above website speed test tools.
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