Uvalde football wins 1st home game after surprise visit from Houston Texans


After a summer plagued with grief, anxiety and anger, Uvalde found an escape, celebrating the high school's first home football game of the season.

Residents descended on the Honey Bowl Stadium on Friday night to watch the Uvalde High School Coyotes take on the C.C. Winn High School Mavericks.

Uvalde's stadium is just 2.4 miles from Robb Elementary School, where 19 elementary students and two teachers were killed on May 24.

The visiting Mavericks played a video showing teachers and students wearing Uvalde maroon attire and sharing messages of encouragement.

Uvalde cheerleader Andrea Perez, a junior, spent hours making a megaphone with her mom to honor the Robb victims. The football players have helmet stickers, she said,