Top 5 Best Wii HomeBrew Apps

This functions like the app store on android devices or as the iOS store on apple devices. Once you install this to your console, you can then use it to search for various homebrew

1.Wii HomeBrew

One of the downsides of homebrew applications is that you are prevented or discouraged from allowing or seeking software updates for your Wii Console.

2.Pimp my Wii

Gecko OS lets you play games that have country restrictions. For some reason, gaming sometimes only releases games that are playable on consoles sold in specific markets.

3.Gecko OS

WiiMC stands for Wii Media Centre. With this homebrew app, you can play various media files on your console. It plays video files on DVDs, SD cards, or USB drives.


This is a primary file manager for the Wii. It comes with a built-in music player and allows you to connect to a USB keyboard when editing text. There are files that one may want to rename


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