5 Best Water Reminder Apps


Everyone has become calorie-conscious, and water is the only thing that is fat-free, so keep drinking water and stay fit. This app allows you to put an alarm and keep track of water intake.

1.Water Drink Reminder

Good amount of water quantity reduces stress, nourishes your skin, keeps you fit, regulates metabolism, boosts energy and helps in not getting kidney stones.


A very good app for all as it reminds you to drink water. We all should drink water to keep ourselves hydrated. No matter where you are or how busy you are this app will remind you to drink water and stay fit.

3.Water Call

It is the best water reminder app iOS 2022. With the help of this app, you can sync your daily workouts and drink water accordingly. 

4.Hydro coach

This app will remind you to drink water many times a day keep you fit and healthy. Just because we forget to drink water this app is made to remind us to drink it for our own good.

5.Hydro diary

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