Top 5 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

The app is best in all the parameters like ratings, reviews, trust of users, and features. You can find your dream girl in this sexy, apocalyptic bishoujo game!Storyline 

1.World End Girlfriend

Your final year of high school is almost over, and after that, you’ll be moving to the big city! When a fateful encounter brings you into contact with three beautiful dryads

2.My forest spirit

our school’s sports festival is in full swing, But you’ve never been a fan. As you escape the crowd, you feel a chilling gaze. Turning, you spot a pale girl you don’t recognize.

3.High School Vampire

This application is li’l different as it is not for dating or romancing a virtual girlfriend but helps you set up a fake call with Caller ID, Picture of a Caller

4.Fake Girl Friends

The app has another engaging theme of romance and dating. But remember, The app is marked for adults only, and if you are less than 12+ years of age, I recommend you not to download it. 

5.My maid cafe

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