Top 5Best Scary Face Changing Apps 

Face Changer is another excellent software for frightening face transformations. Because this software is only for Android users, it is free to download from the Google Play Store.

1.Face Changer

It is, as the name implies, an app that converts your normal face into a zombie’s face. You can use this program to transform your face into a 3D animated zombie visage.

2.Zombie Booth 2

Another fun Zombie software that transforms your face into a terrifying zombie. It’s a fun game that lets you create a zombie face that moves, bites, and performs frightening acts. 


The Haunted Booth app is a fantastic software for iOS users. The software is only available for iOS users and is free to use. The Haunted Booth is quite similar to the Zombie Booth.

4.Haunted Booth

The Scary Camera Prank app is another fantastic software for Android users. This is one of the best programs for editing photos, and it also includes some of the most terrifying

5.Scary Camera Prank

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