Top 5 Best Proxy Browser Apps

It is the Best Proxy browser app Android/ iPhone 2022. This app comes with a built-in VPN, and it is a revolutionary web surfing solution with its unique feature of easy to use

1.Private Browser

It is the Best Proxy Browser app, Android 2022. With this app, you can unblock any website which you love to visit, but it is blocked in your area.


This app is a powerful and versatile Safari alternative that excels in its flash support. This app allows you to browse flash websites and also play flash games.

3.Photon Flash player

It is the best Proxy Browser App iPhone 2022, and it is an entirely private web browsing app that doesn’t store any of your previous internet browsing histories 

4.Fast Private 

It is also good app and will keep your internet secure and also avoids online threats. This app removes internet censorship and this app has feature of top level data encryption

5.Yulx Privacy

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