Top 5 Best Pokedex Apps

This app is by far the best Pokédex ever made. It is exclusively available on the android platform. It supports multiple languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew,


This Pokédex app is simple; subtle is designed with minimal visual treats. It is free, and though it lacks a great design, it is very informative and contains all the necessary

2.Simple Pokédex

Firstly, this is not made by the developer of Simple Pokédex mentioned above. This Pokédex is more like a guide which helps you see the HP, Defense stats, attack stats,

3.Simple Pokédex

It is already evident that it is found only for Android by the name itself. It is a French Language-based Pokédex which provides extensive information about too many Pokémon.


It is a unique Pokédex and has the material design. It has material design concepts and principles lined up for better understanding. It has ultra beasts, gigantamax modes

5.Goldex Pokédex

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