Best Intruder Selfie Apps 

1.Secret Third Eye finds Unlocker

The 1st ranked on our list is Secret Third Eye find Unlocker. If you also want to know who tried spying on your phone

2.Anti Intruder Security System

The app has all the qualities to be the winner on the list. But due to being “a paid app”, it is placed in 2nd position. Since the app is paid,

3.Theft Alarm

This app acts as an Anti- Theft device and alarms you with a ringtone, and it will also take a photo of the intruder.


The app is also another kind of security system on your phone. The app has an impressive feature to lock the selective app of your phone

5.Hidden Eye

The app is also among the best intruder selfie apps with good ratings. The app works as an intruder selfie app and as a bug fixer,

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