Top 5 Best FPS Counter Apps

The app is placed in 1st rank because of the various features. The app was launched last year in November. So, the number of downloads is not very high.


This app is also another best app but for PUBG & BGMI. It is suitable to increase your gaming experience if you are a PUBG and BGMI lover. Various features, good ratings and reviews

2.Turbo GFX TOOL

Suppose you are looking to fix only FPS problems. Then, this is the app best for you. The app sets your FPSbut it also increases the FPS in games.

3.Game Booster

The app is similar to our number 3. But due to fewer downloads, it is here on number 4. But if you want all the features in number 3, with less storage space, 

4.Game booster

The 5th rank is for a game booster app, a GFX tool. The app works the same as its name that can fast your gaming performance into 4X.Some of the basic details of this app are here

5.Game Booster 

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