Top 5 Best Face Cut/paste Apps

This is the best face cut/ paste apps Android 2022, and it was created by Picmax. It is the most powerful and simple photo editor app that will help you to cut and paste your face in a photo.


This is another best face cut/ paste app, Android 2022, and this app was designed by Photo2photo that you can easily install from the play store. Herewith the help of this app

2.Cut paste Photo

This is one of the best face cut/ paste apps for iPhone 2022, and it is the perfect app to personalize pictures by cutting and pasting faces in any other picture. 

3.Copy Paste face

This app will help you cut and paste the picture quickly, and this is a great photo editor, and it also works as a significant background changer. This app will provide you an easy

4.Cut copy paste

This is great app by Hamsoft and with this app, you can cut and paste faces. The result of this app is ultra realistic. This is best and most professional app for cutting 

5. Face Paste

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