Top 5 Best F-droid Apps

Are you Fed up with using the same old Gmail or Yahoo for sending mails? Personalize the way you send mails using K-9. The app can be downloaded at zero cost.

1.K-9 Mail

Fennec is the Mozilla Firefox version of F-droid. It is an open-source browser, just like the famous Mozilla Firefox. The best part of Fennec is it doesn’t save. 

2.Fennec F-droid

ownCloud helps you store your stuff on the cloud. You no longer need to worry about the space on your phone. The ownCloud is similar to google drive.


Most phones don’t come with face recognition, detection, or do not support HDR. This app gives you that freedom to capture HDR photos comes with external

4.Open Camera

You can’t find a better replacement for Facebook than this. Faceslim is a social media platform similar to Facebook. Unlike the large amount of storage space that Facebook occupies,

5.Face Slim