Top 5 Best Clone Double Role Video Apps

This app is also best double role  Video maker App Android 2022 and with this app, you can clone yourself on a video or photo. This app will let you to create more than one clip and image .


This app is also great and this app will clone you with best filter and mirror effect. This app will divide your camera into several frames and blend them together.

2.Split Lens 2

This app is the best split video app which will allow you to clone videos and images. With this app, you can capture video with certain interval in between and then can clone . merge

This app is also good clone video app android 2022 and this app allows you to make fun cloning video to show you twin and also you can use ghost layout to make scary movie

4.Ghost Lens Free

This app is amazing and is the most dynamic and intelligent avatars in digital world. This app uses 3D motion picture quality and advanced artificial intelligence .

5.split camera

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