Top 5 Best Auto (Clicker/Touch) Apps 

SimpleHat Software, LLC brings you best auto clicker app Android 2022 and this app will automat repetitive clicks or taps.

1.Automatic Clicker

This is another great auto clicker app by XIAOYANG and this app will help you to keep your screen awake and will automatically click or tap on your phone’s screen.

2.Tapping – Auto Clicker

KJENMOLIPAN presents you another auto clicker app and this app will help you by keeping your screen active and mouse will move like a computer screen on your cell phone screen.

3.Easy Touch

This is app by True Developers Studio and is the best tool for auto clicking. This app will automate you in repeat tapping. This app has friendly interface and is easy to use. 

4.Auto clicker

PhonePhreak software brings you great auto tap app. This application will automatically and reliably click on any location which you target on your screen at whatever . assistant

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