11 iPhone Apps That Got Banned And Why


The App Store is a panoply of apps that cover just about everything you can do with that little supercomputer in your pocket. 

Apple keeps an iron hand on what developers can offer to the public. If they step out of line, the hammer of Jobs comes down and deletes them unceremoniously. 

In 2021 alone, Apple removed or blocked a staggering 1.6 million apps and updates. Here are 11 tales of iPhone apps that went too far and got banned.

One of the most inexplicable flexes(Opens in a new window) of all time, Armin Heinrich’s “I Am Rich” was programmatically very simple. 

When it was booted up, it displayed an image of a glowing red gem which, when tapped, showed an affirmational mantra about wealth and success. Sounds pretty innocent, right?