hey guy’s don’t know weather of current city,time,location.
Here i pick best weather widget Android/iphone for you.
All the best and top downloaded  best android/iphone weather widgets added in this list.
top features,dynamic animation, live wallpapers and much more.
these apps definitely help you to keep track every single activity happen on weather.
Let’s escape yourself from danger weather conditions with live weather updates.
Everything you need in a best weather app iphone/Android 2021 is here.
Let’s download and set it on your home screen now.
Let’s set weather
  best weaher widgets apps android 2017

1.Accuweather android / iphone

one of the best weather widget for Android/iphone.
Insane numbers of downloads by user’s.
More than 50 millions downloads.
No more introduction or any additional things required for downloading it.
Awesome superior accuracy feature get
you best weather info about your location.
Minute to minute updates.
Best weather widget for iphone/Android for your homescreen.
Latest weather forcast,temperature alerts,storm alerts,huricane,radar maps and much more.
All in one weather app Android/iphone for your smartphone.
Let’s go and check your current location weather now.

2.weather bug for iphone

best weather widgets apps 2019
one of the best weather widget app for iphone user’s.get awesome updates on weather directly from your homescreen.
see latest notifications about weather changes and much more directly on your lock screen.
best inbuilt radar features in it.
awesome map pin point feature and much more.
if you are looking for a simple and eay to use weather app iphone 2019 this one for you.
lets download free from itunes store and start getting updates on iphone now.
let’s get started now.

3.Go weather for android

Another great app for weather updates.
It’s also insanely downloaded by user’s.
50 millions downloads hits.
Live weather updates,live wallpapers,widgets and much more.
Awesome weather updates features check your weather in real time condition.
Awesome forcast,weathers alerts,precipitation forcast,winx forcast,map and radar,health and sport,lockscreen and much more.
Download this app from google play store now.
And enjoy weather updates.
Everything you need for weather is here.
Let’s go download and see updates.

4.local weather and forcast for android

Another awesome one weather widget app Android for your smartphone.
See every single updates on weather from anywhere.
It’s not matter where you are just open the app and check it
See awesome live scenario of weather like raining,sunny,cold e.t.c directly on your precise app Widget.
Awesome scenes for your home screen.
Customize it set your location and get latest updates on your location weather directly on your home screen.
Let’s download and keep updated on weather forcast.

5.yahoo weather android / iphone

You already kNow about yahoo search engine engine and yahoo mail.
Here is the another great magic from yahoo compney.
it’s yahoo weather app Android.
See weather updates like never before.
Awesome animated weather scenes directly on your smartphone.
Awesome updates real time forcast.
Add upto 20 cities and get live updates on your screen.
Awesome lock screen functionality.
See weather without unlocking your smartphone.
More than 10 millions user’s.
Let’s download and use now.

6.Weather for android

It’s also a good weather app and it’s name also weather.
Awesome dynamic weather features.
see awesome 3d scenes of weather like sunny,cold,rain e.t.c
directly on your homescreen.
Live storm,weather forcast, live wallpaper scenes and much more.
It’s complete package for weather widget Android lover’s.
Simple and easy to use.
Let’s get it. Install it and use it.
It’s weather time.

7.noaa weather radar and updates android / ios

Complete blockbuster app for your smartphone.
Get live alerts on emergency situations.
Real time conditions for multi location.
Keep track every changes in your location weather.
Perfect fit on your smartphone home screen.
Classy look of this weather widget app make your home screen more smarter and beautiful.
Awesome customization options resize weather widget and much more.
Let’s set download and set now.

8.weathe xl pro  android / iphone

extra large app for extra large weather forcast lovers.
Advanced function weather forcast app with awesome features.
Gorgeous and realistic animation for every type of weather situations.
Feel the weather directly from your smartphone screen.
It’s completely realistic weather app for smartphones.
Live wallpapers,10 days report,radar,animations,live updates and much more.
Complete featured app for your Android smartphone.
No more talk visit play store download and set up your location and start  getting weather updates now. 

9.Weather forcast

Another great free weather forcast app widget Android for your mobilephone.
Awesome customization options see live updates.
Add more than 10 cities at a time and get complete weather reports for them.
Awesome 10 days weather report feature for every type of location.
Best classy stylish look widget for your home and lock screen.
Customize according to your choice.
Let’s pick it set it and rock it.

10. live weather  iphone / android

best weather forcas tapp android iphone 2017 collection
Another best Android weather widget app for your smartphones.
Every features which you need in a weather app is here.
Simple ui design easy to use and customize.
Locate your location automatically and see live updates directly.
Fastest forcast updates.
Live wallpaper for your smartphone, feel the weather with it’s awesome realistic weather situation animations.
Complete packaged app.
Let’s set download .

10.Transperant weather and clock for android

Most beautiful and stylish weather forcast app for your smartphone.
You also find clock+weather widget for your smartphone homescreen.
Insanely awesome widgets customize it and set it.
All the essential features of weather forcast app is available here.
One of the best and most used app on smartphone.
Simple ui and advanced features options.
Get live updates of weather on your smartphone now.
so guy’s these are the top weather widgets Android/iphone apps 2021.
I hope you loved it all.
Awesome stylish widget for your smartphone homescreen/lockscreen.
Let’s increse the beauty and smartness of your Android smartphone.
top widgets with top features.
set,customize, wallpaper,animation and much more.
weather apps helps you to get awesome updates.
You can use it to plan a trip/hang outs.
get awesome updates with more than 20+ cities at a time.
Go set and update.
so guy’s this post is all about best weather widget apps Android 2019 collection.
I hope you like it all.
Don’t forget to leave your valuable comment and which one you pick from this list.
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Thank you