15 Best Water Reminder Apps (Android/IPhone) 2021

Proper hydration is essential for a healthy body. There are many kinds of crucial health benefits from drinking enough water, including temperature regulation and fewer headaches. It is not always easy to know that you’re getting the right amount every day, unfortunately. That’s the reason hydration apps are essential. We can easily forget to drink water from time to time, but it is necessary for our health benefits. The Water Reminder apps remove your stress with many tools to help you track your drink.

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Water Drink Reminder


Water Drink Reminder android / iphone

Water Drink Reminder

Everyone has become calorie-conscious, and water is the only thing that is fat-free, so keep drinking water and stay fit. This app allows you to put an alarm and keep track of water intake. You can even edit your cups according to your will. See the cut down on your weight also. Just by entering your weight, you can know how much water to drink. It is the best water reminder app, Android 2021. All Android users can download this effective app now.

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Water Time Drink reminder app  android  Iphone

best water reminder app

This app is the best water reminder app for Android 2021. If you want an excellent metabolism, then you should keep proper track of how many times do you drink water or are you having water in adequate quantity. This water reminder app has easy-to-use controls. Fill up the glass to portray that how much water you had so that in the water intake chart, a proper graph is maintained. Do not worry this app will not disturb you in the night hours. Android users can download this app right away and make the most use of it.

Drink Water Reminder  android  /  Iphone

Water Reminder Apps (Android/IPhone)

Quickly set your goal from this app that you have to drink this amount of water. Record your water intake with this app. a reminder will be set, and according to it, you can drink water. This app even provides you with various cup sizes. It will not disturb you during the night hours. It is the best water reminder app, Android 2021. It helps you to drink water on time and stay fit—Android friendly app.

Aqualert: Water Intake android / iphone

Water Drink Reminder

Good amount of water quantity reduces stress, nourishes your skin, keeps you fit, regulates metabolism, boosts energy and helps in not getting kidney stones. Aqua alert is the best water reminder app Android 2021. It calculates the daily water intake you should have in a day and reminds you to have water too. Aqua alert app is a very useful app and can be used by people of all ages. It does not play an alarm in the night hours. Android compatible app.

Drink Water Reminder  android / iphone

best water reminder apps

Drink water reminder app is the best water reminder app Android 2021. Water keeps our whole body healthy. So we should drink a good amount of water every day. This app reminds us to drink water religiously. Just sync your weight with the app and wait for the best of best results. It will not disturb in the night hours and will be silent. It is not difficult to understand this app and this app helps you to have a healthy life with no toxic elements. Android friendly app. Download it now from play store.

Drink Water Reminder android

Water Reminder Apps (Android/IPhone)
It is the best water reminder app, Android 2021. The drink water reminder app will make you reduce your weight and stay fit. It will also help you make a good habit of drinking water and removing all the toxic wastes from your body. Drinking water is a good habit, and you should practice it with keen interest if you want to keep your nails, kidney, skin nourished. It is an Android-friendly app with simple and straightforward graphics.

Water Call: Water Drinking Reminder android 

Water Drink Reminder

A very good app for all as it reminds you to drink water. We all should drink water to keep ourselves hydrated. No matter where you are or how busy you are this app will remind you to drink water and stay fit. It is the best water reminder app Android.

Daily Water- Drink reminder android

Water Reminder Apps (Android/IPhone)

This app makes sure that you drink 8- 10 glasses per day and to make it happen it has reminders set for you to have water. It even gives you a histogram chart where you can see the amount of water you had in a week. Water makes you healthy as it is fat-free and keeps you in good shape too. iOS users download this amazing app now and stay fit. It is the best water reminder app iOS 2021.

Hydro coach android / iphone

Water Drink Reminder

It is the best water reminder app iOS 2021. With the help of this app, you can sync your daily workouts and drink water accordingly. You can even set goals to drink plenty of water on a hot day. The hydro coach will help you a lot in drinking water at particular times throughout the day. Best fits iOS.

Hydro diary- Drink water android 

Water Drink Reminder

Just download this fantastic water reminder app as it is the best water reminder app iOS 2021. This app will remind you to drink water many times a day keep you fit and healthy. Just because we forget to drink water this app is made to remind us to drink it for our own good. Compatible with iOS

Daily Water Tracker Reminder iPhone / Android

 Water Reminder Apps Android / IPhone 2020


Daily Water Tracker Reminder is a helpful app that gives detailed stats updates after every glass to see how close you’re getting to your daily goal and through the charts for an idea of your overall progress. You can use its free daily water tracker to balance and track your water intake and stay hydrated with Water Balance, while you can set your daily water intake goal and use our intake counter. Regular water tracker apps have so many unique features that include Free Water tracker notification reminder, beautiful design, simple to use, Log water with a single tap, Hydration logger, and water drink reminder.

 WaterMinder   iPhone / Android

 Water Reminder Apps Android / IPhone 2020


WaterMinder is the easiest and intuitive app that calculates appropriate hydration amounts based on your body weight, activity, weather, or personal goal. Then, it sends reminders all day long, making it easy to reach your daily hydration goals.

 The unique features allowed you to create custom cups for fast, simple logging and browse your hydration history to see your progress. This app lets you observe your hydration balance progress, calculate water goals, get triggered via reminders, complete your everyday hydration intentions.

 iHydrate iPhone

 Water Reminder Apps Android / IPhone 2020


iHydrate is specially designed to calculate a personalized water intake goal based on your individual information, lifestyle, and exercise choices.  The app highlights the breakdowns of total water intake, total beverages consumed, and visual representations of your daily progress. iHydrate records and develop your daily water consumption with charts and reminders to keep you progressing.

The app’s unique features allow you to modify the date and time of entries, enter your drink amount manually,  and calculate your personalized water intake goal.

 My Water Balance iPhone

 Water Reminder Apps Android / IPhone 2020

It is the most trending app that will calculate how much water you should drink each day based on your details and change that amount to suit your individual needs.
The unique feature of this app is its ability to choose from a bevy of drinks when you check in to record the amount of fluid you’ve had. All you do is tap “Add a drink” in the app, and a frankly enormous selection pops up, from the typical water, coffee, and tea to yogurt, a protein shake, even wine. After adding a drink, the app lets you know what percentage of your daily intake you have to go.

 Drink Water Reminder iPhone


 Water Reminder Apps Android / IPhone 2020

It is one of the most popular water reminder apps whose prime goal is to notify you at a fixed period so that you can drink water throughout the day. At first, you have to put information about your routine like what time you wake up, what time you go to bed, and how many times you want to drink water (during the regular interval), and you’ll get customized reminders.
The app’s unique features allow you to take in a lot of information about your daily activities, including the atmosphere you live in. This app is easy to use and very beneficial.


So these were the best water reminder apps for Android/iOS 2021. They will help you to know when to have water and keep your bodies hydrated and intoxicated. These apps are easy to operate and holds an essential value in our lives as they provide the most critical information to us, which is to have water. If you found the information good enough, then please do share and comment. Thanks.