Top 10 Best walkie Talkie Apps (Android/iphone) 2022

Walkie Talkies were introduced at the time of world war two as an electronic communication device used by the soldiers to exchange information. A Walkie Talkie can not only transmit radio signals but can even receive them. Though Older Walkie-talkies were not as secure as they are nowadays, modern Walkie Talkies are reliable as the communication between the caller and the receiver takes place over a secure channel.
Besides this, Walkie Talkies nowadays have become the best pick of teenagers and kids as a toy. Even some professionals have started using them as telephone alternatives. Comparatively, commercial and kids Walkie Talkies are cheaper than military walkie-talkies, and one can easily buy them on Amazon or eBay. But nowadays, one can use their smartphone as a walkie-talkie device as there are free walkie-talkie apps available on android and ios. So here are the Top 10 best Walkie Talkie apps for Android/iOS 2022, which will not only convert your mobile phone into a set of walkie talkie but will provide some other unique features as well.

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best walkie/talkie apps 2022



best walkie talkie apps android/iphone 2022

Occupying the first position in our list of Top 10 Best Walkie Talkie apps for Android/iOS 2022, Zello is not the only the best walkie talkie app available on the android/ios market. Still, it is also the most popular amongst its contenders. With an array of available features, Zello requires account registration with users information and profile photo. With a beautiful, user-friendly interface, Zello comes with two colour themes, and the app has three tabs – recent, contacts, and channels. In contacts, you will find your friends on Zello, and The recent tab displays a list of calls that you’ve made recently.

Two Way

best walkie talkie apps android 2022

Two Way is the easiest and the simplest of the other walkie-talkie apps available on the play store and the app store. The user interface of this app is designed so that the users find it very easy to use. Users can use Two Way without creating an account.
The fun in the app begins after you tap on the menu icon and select the keypad option from the menu; after doing this, you just have to note down six-digit channel number, and Your friend can now connect their phone to this channel, and it’s done.

Hey Tell

best walkie talkie apps iphone 2022

HeyTell, besides being a walkie-talkie app, comes with some other unique features like voice messaging that allows users to record and send voice messages within 2 to 3 seconds of recording, and all is done for free. To use Hey Tell, users have to put their details and make a profile.
To use Hey Tell as a walkie-talkie, users must select a contact from the contact option and then tap on the large orange button to use their smartphones as a walkie-talkie.


best walkie talkie apps android/iphone 2022

Voxer is one of the best walkie talkie app on our list of Top 10 Best Walkie Talkie apps for Android/iOS 2022 that not only allow users to exchange voice messages with friends but can even listen to the messages later with this app.
Besides this feature, the app comes with other cool features like private chat, where one can send emojis, GIFs, URLs, pictures, or videos to friends. This app provides users with utmost privacy through the private chat mode.


 walkie Talkie Apps (Android/iphone)

TIKL is one of the best free walkie-talkie apps that can turn your smartphone into a powerful walkie-talkie. With one on one calls, TIKL supports group calls as well. The app uses WiFi or Mobile data connection for transmitting voice messages. With a user-friendly interface, the app has three privacy modes which are walkie-talkie, polite, and busy.

Intercom for Android

best walkie talkie apps android/iphone 2022

Also known as IOA, Intercom for Android is a very popular walkie-talkie app available on google play store and is a great app to voice chat with friends or relatives staying within 105 feet radius. IOA has a Bluetooth’s range of 33 feet, that means to use this app Your friend must be within 33 ft distance.


best walkie talkie apps iphone 2022

IPTT is one of the best walkie talkie app for the phone which is available on app store. The app is capable to convert your iPhone into a walkie-talkie. Besides one to one, it provides one-to-many group communication as well. If you want an app that has the easiest interface than you need not go anywhere and simply download this app and start using it.


best walkie talkie apps android/iphone 2022
Besides being one of the best walkie talkie apps on the app store, this app has an out of the box feature that makes this app stand out from the rest. Using that particular feature, users can track the time, location and current weather for the person receiving the message. All that is required to initiate the communication is the phone number of the receiver, with no necessity that the receiver should download Roger too.


best walkie talkie app android 2022

Though Dingtone comes pretty much later in our list of Top 10 Best Walkie Talkie apps for Android/iOS, 2022 doesn’t make it a less feature-loaded app than the rest in the segment.
Dingtone is the most versatile app available in Android and its market. With this app, users can not only make free calls but can send texts to any landline or mobile phone around the world. The app is completely free and has such a user interface that one can not put their hands away from this app for long. You can download this app easily from the market.

AT&T Enhanced PTT

best walkie talkie app iphone 2022

Last but not least, Enhanced PTT (EPTT) is AT&T’s best walkie talkie with Push-to-Talk communications application available in the market. Users can download this app and sign up for a monthly service subscription to get speedy one-to-one or one to group communication across AT&T’s nationwide 4G and 3G coverage areas and on compatible Wi-Fi networks as well.


So, guys, these are the best walkie talkie apps android/iPhone 2022.
now download on your smartphone and start talking to each other by wireless without any network problem.
Enjoy chatting, video, voice transmission easily with these awesome apps.
Let’s start your smart walkie talkie.
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