Wagering requirements are there to protect casinos. Rather than being able to withdraw any winnings that you may get from a bonus right away, they ensure you need to place more bets using these funds until you reach a certain amount. Sound complicated? It can be – but luckily they can be overcome. These three options are some of the most popular methods of beating wagering requirements.

  • Playing at no wager casinos
  • Using a special wagering calculator
  • Picking and choosing low wager bonuses – or maybe not even taking one!

Let’s take a look at each of these three tips in a little more detail. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to focus your online gambling efforts to give yourself a better chance of cashing out.

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Here’s a little video on wagering requirements and how do they exactly work.

Best Casino Sites with No Wagering Requirements

One of the best ways to beat the wagering casino requirements is simple – avoid them altogether!

This might sound too good to be true, but there really is a selection (albeit, small) of good casinos that have binned these tricky obligations completely. What’s more, some of these actually implement a complete no wager policy – meaning any promotions you receive after the welcome bonus won’t be bound either.

Of course, you should always consider the usual factors when deciding upon your next destination – good licenses, payment methods, games etc.

But at the end of the day, if you’re sick of being tied down to these terms and would like to overcome them at all costs – there really is no better option.

Wagering Requirements Calculator

Not sold? Well, if you’re going to beat them another way then it’s imperative to know more about them. As the age-old adage says: know your enemy!

The more information you have, the better. That’s why calculating your obligations first will help you make sense of the situation – before it gets too messy. You can use the trusty Casino Professor’s wagering calculator to begin.

But how to use it? Take for example a wagering requirement of x50 the bonus amount only. You deposited £100, got a £100 bonus in return, but are playing a slot game that contributes 50% only.

Let’s begin:

  1. Enter £100 into both the Deposit and Bonus amount fields
  2. Input that the wagering is 50 (no need to enter “x” or other symbols)
  3. As this example is for the bonus only, leave the calculator as is with “Bonus”.
    • A casino will state whether this is “Bonus” or your “Bonus + Deposit” within each offer’s terms and conditions
  4. Next, you’re playing a game that contributes only 50% of the requirements. Enter 50 under Contribution (no need for “%”).
    • Most slots contribute 100%, however, this varies per casino. Also, roulette, blackjack and other classic games usually contribute lower amounts.
  5. Hit Calculate to see your requirements of 10000 (or £10,000).

Wow, £10,000!?

Is it really likely that you’ll be able to wager a £100 bonus to that extent? Probably not.

Which leads us to…

Bonuses with Low Wagering (or None at All!)

The last method(s) is to do one of the following:

  • Chose offers that come with low totals, e.g. below x20.
  • Don’t use promotions at all

Just think about the above example, but with x20 obligations. The total amount drops immediately to £4,000 – and that’s when playing a game that contributes only half. If you upgraded to 100% contribution, the £2,000 total is far more achievable.

Alternatively, if you don’t use promotions at all then you’re going to completely avoid all of the related issues that we just noted above. This can be a sensible thing to do, but it means you’ll only be risking your actual real money. Bonuses are mainly used to get you to sign up, so they’re a great tool to use when trying out a new casino and/or game to limit the risk.

But as we all know, each gamer is different. Which of the above methods of beating wagering requirements do you think is the best?