How To View Instagram Stories Without The People Knowing 2023

Hello friends!

Today I am telling you one of my Instagram’s real stories. When I started surfing Instagram, I thought that I was a Badass. And if I meet a girl on Instagram, I will never tolerate her attitude. I built this castle in my imagination and assumed myself to be Vin Diesel’s cousin. But suddenly, I struck up a conversation with a beautiful girl named Jenny. I thought that she was a cute innocent rabbit, but as our conversation grew longer, She appeared like a lion with extra long nails and teeth.

I turned into a scared cat at that time…

Still shivering!

And then our conversation also turned into an argument. We said not to interfere in each other’s life. I thought she would say sorry to me, but that never happened.

But the next day, I wanted to know about her. And what she shared in her story. I just wanted to stalk her. But I do not want to make myself “seen” in her story’s viewers list. Also, I could not find any solution to this problem.

And that time, I explored more and found ways to stalk her stories without her knowing.

So friends, today I, Shyami- the badass boy, will tell you how to view anyone’s Instagram story without their knowing. You need not thank me after reading the whole article.

There may be more reasons if you want to view others’ stories without knowing them. It may be you want to stalk your crush or your ex. Another reason is if you’re going to keep your eye on someone’s activities during a period.

But you must always fear that once you open their story, you will be caught by them as your name will be shown on their viewers’ list. And this is why You all want an option or some method. With the help of that, your name doesn’t appear in the viewers’ list. Or you wouldn’t be caught by them.

To find the solution to your problem, you need to read the whole article wholeheartedly.

Let’s understand the topic by your questions…

Can we view anyone’s Instagram Stories anonymously?

If you want a quick answer, then it is No. Noone can view anyone’s Instagram Story without letting them know. There is neither an option to hide the viewer on Instagram. Nor any feature available there to view Instagram stories of someone without getting caught. There are so many apps available in the market that claim to do this job, but you can not trust them as you may find them not helpful for this job.

How to watch someone’s Instagram Story anonymously?

As we told above, there is no in-built feature to watch someone’s Instagram story without letting them know. But still, there are some ways to view someone’s Instagram story anonymously.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode.
  • Create a new account.
  • Using

Method 1- Turn On Airplane Mode.

This method works when your phone’s mobile data is not on. You will have to turn on flight mode to apply this feature.

Here is the step-by-step guide.

Step 1- Launch your Instagram app.

Step 2- Turn on the Internet connection and now wait to load the Instagram stories so that you can watch them after turning off the flight mode.

Step 3- Close the app when you have watched all the stories.

Step 4- Now, remove the Recently closed app.

(Step 3 and Step 4 are essential to follow; otherwise, it will show “seen” in the view list.)

Step 5- You can now activate airplane mode or turn off your mobile data from your phone’s settings and go again to Instagram.

Your views will not be counted in the viewers’ list, Because you watched stories when your mobile data was off. But there may be some situations when it is not working for you. There are some other methods to be followed, and let’s understand them.

Method 2- Create a new account

The trick is a traditional method of stalking someone without revealing their true identity. You first need to create a new account with a new name and profile, and then you will be free to view the story of anyone without letting them know about your true identity.

Here are some essential things to keep in mind so that this method doesn’t reveal the real you.

  1. Ensure that you did not fill in any information like email, phone number, and data related to the previous profile to this new account. You need to know how much information people have about you and whose story you want to view.
  2. If their account is public, you will have to follow them first because it is susceptible when someone not on our follower’s list is viewing our story daily. And this is why we need to behave like organic followers.
  3. If the account is Private, make sure you created your profile very original and follow that person. Because without following them, you will not be able to access their stories.

If you still do not want to use these methods, Here is another way to get this job done. But the important thing here is that it works for public accounts only. If the person whose stories you want to view has changed his/her account private, it will not work. You will have to opt for the first two options in this condition. Let’s look into the third option..

Method 3- Using

Follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1- open in your web browser with the help of your mobile phone or pc.

How To View Instagram Stories Without The People Knowing 2022

Step 2- Enter the username whose story you want to see.

How To View Instagram Stories Without The People Knowing 2022

Step 3- Tap Download.

Step 4- Tap on I am not a robot.

Step 5- Now, all the recent stories of that profile will be shown on the page. You can download what you want to do by clicking save as video.

How To View Instagram Stories Without The People Knowing 2022How To View Instagram Stories Without The People Knowing 2022

This is one of the most reliable and trusted methods; for you to make this job done. You can also try the “Instagram video downloader” option to download any video on Instagram. The most important thing is that it doesn’t save space on your phone as the app does.

So, friends, I have told you all the most effective ways to watch anyone’s story without the people knowing. You can try the most compatible with you, and I will recommend second; if the person has a private account and third if you want to stalk a personal account. I tried the third way to hunt Jenny. And guess what, what happened?? I could access her story without her knowing. And I found that she was eating creamy sauce pasta with a handsome boy. And this is why I remained single again. I realized that I am a badass for eating grass.

I hope you all learned so many things from this article

  1. How to stalk anyone’s story on Instagram without letting them know.
  2. Please do not mess with girls; they can be cute rabbits outside and fierce lionesses inside at the same time.

It is an excellent time to say bye to you and write another article to solve your query…

TATA and Bye-Bye.