High resolution video is slowly becoming a basic necessity in the field of video marketing. Customers are showing greater affinity towards products ranking higher in terms of presentation and a 4K frame can definitely strengthen your case with the same. The main problem however arises once the video has been shot and the backend team struggles with both cost and storage possibilities while trying to edit iPhone 4K videos.

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Problems of 4K iPhone videos:

  • HEVC videos of iPhone is not compatible with all applications. It needs to be converted to H.264 for gaining greater compatibility.
  • Sharing recording footages become an area of concern especially over social media platforms.
  • Video captured at 60fps might seem super shaky and fails to guarantee optimized viewing experience.

Problems of editing 4K iPhone videos:

  • Significant loss of quality happens while users edit iPhone 4K videos.
  • Overheating of computer due to increased CPU usage.
  • Choppy 4K video playback.
  • Video editing software’s tend to crash while trying to export 4K content.

The requirement of high end system specs also makes it impossible for amateur editors who are trying to strengthen their brand image with flashy footages to back up their content. This is where VideoProc can come to your rescue as you go around the town shooting videos with your iPhone for company and subsequently edit iPhone 4K videos.

Why VideoProc

This 4K video editor VideoProc can keep your back especially while trying to process pixel-rich iPhone HEVC 4K videos. It is tailor made for novices who are trying to learn the tricks of the trade and might get confused by the professional applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro (you can also use edit 4K in Adobe Premiere) and Final Cut Pro X. In spite of being pretty lightweight, VideoProc packs in a sonic punch in terms of some super-cool features which can help you edit iPhone 4K videos to perfection.

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  • Users can edit large videos using the flexible cut attribute of VideoProc. It thus becomes extremely easy to rearrange clips sorted by your iPhone file manager by chopping away unwanted footages and optimize the side of your final video.
  • Videos captured through different devices like smartphone, GoPro and other video cameras might have varying formats such as MKV, MP4, MOV and AVI. VideoProc can help you in combining all these separately captured footages under a common umbrella to come up with a stellar masterpiece. It also becomes possible to adjust the resolution, playback speed, file extension and video length without having to worry about the A/v sync issue.
  • Subtitles can be of great help if you want to create and edit large videos in regional languages but wish to bring the global audience under your wing. VideoProc allows its users to add external subtitles to your iPhone videos and even take your pick amongst different subtitle languages.
  • Aspect ratio can have a big role to play in shaping the final look and feel of your iPhone recordings. You can define the same to suit different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and many more using the crop feature of this iPhone 4K video editor.
  • It becomes possible to add professional effects to your footages in the form of mirror, grayscale, sharpening, painting and a lot more apart from fine-tuning the same in terms of hue, contrast, image brightness, saturation, gamma etc.
  • 4K videos can be seen exerting more pressure on both hardware and software components of your PC. Instances of system glitches are also a common problem faced by users trying to edit iPhone 4K videos. Things become worse while dealing with RAW files integrated with HEVC codecs. In such a scenario, GPU acceleration can serve as your ultimate nirvana and VideoProc can help you out with the same. It is powered by Level-3 hardware acceleration which can bring drastic relief for CPU while increasing the processing speed up to 47 times.

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Just when you thought that things can’t be any better with VideoProc free 4K video editor, comes the delightful announcement of summer sweepstakes which is valid for entries submitted between 1st August and 9th September 2019. For entering this contest, users will simply have to share the problems faced by them while trying to edit 4K videos. Sharing this event with your peers on social media can increase your chance of winning lucrative goodies by 10 more entries. The winners shall be announced on the basis of random draws on 10th September.



This multi-platform software can serve as the go-to option for content creators with its rich arsenal of professional grade features. The fact that it has a seamless user interface and can be downloaded for free further ads up to its lucrativeness. Some of its peer free video editing software such as iMovie doesn’t support 4k videos. But you are bound to feel spoilt for choice while using this 4K editor which is compatible with videos recorded at 30, 60, 120 and even 240 fps. All of this becomes possible due to full GPU acceleration of VideoProc which adds up to its speed without causing any quality cuts. Thus, while CPU usage lowers down to 33%, the final content retains 98% quality of the original footage.