Verified SQL Database Backup Software: Ensuring Full Data Security

SQL database is a relational database that uses Structured Query Language (SQL) to manage and manipulate data. It uses tables to organize and store data, and SQL query language to retrieve, update, and manage the data. SQL databases are most commonly used to store large amounts of structured data, such as user data, order information, product catalogs, etc. for enterprise applications and websites.

The importance of SQL database for business

SQL databases play an important role in the enterprise because they provide a reliable, efficient and secure way to store, manage and retrieve enterprise data. The following are the importance of SQL databases for enterprises:

1. Data management: SQL database can ensure the integrity and consistency of data, thus improving the operational efficiency and decision-making ability of the enterprise.

2. Data analysis: SQL database enables the enterprise to conduct data analysis to understand customer needs, market trends and business performance, etc.

3. Data sharing: SQL database can provide a platform for enterprises to share and collaborate on data, so that it improves the efficiency of enterprises and reduce duplication of work, as well as avoid duplication of data storage and management.

4. Data Security: SQL database can protect data security through access control, authentication, encryption, etc., which can improve enterprise information security and safeguard customer privacy.

Therefore, SQL database is very important for enterprises, which can improve the operational efficiency, enhance data analysis, promote enterprise collaboration and communication, protect enterprise data security, etc., thus laying a solid foundation for the development and success of enterprises.

Fully verified SQL database backup software-AOMEI Cyber Backup

According to reports, 2/5 of the enterprises that experienced a complete data loss resulting in a system shutdown never resumed operations, and 1/3 of the remaining companies declared bankruptcy within two years. In other words, 60% of the companies went out of business due to complete data loss.

At the same time, however, these risks can be significantly reduced if enterprises back up their data. Therefore, enterprises should regularly back up their SQL databases and ensure that the backup files are stored in a safe place to protect the security of the data.

Here is AOMEI Cyber Backup is an enterprise-class backup software that enables you to backup and restore SQL databases on all Windows PCs & Servers within LAN. More specifically, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Schedule automatic backup: Set it up once to have it performed automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Select multiple databases at once: Choose as many databases as you want, or even multiple instances on a server.
  • Manage backup tasks centrally: All the created backup tasks will be listed in the software, allowing you to execute, edit, delete or restore them centrally.
  • Restore to another SQL Server: Restore database to another SQL Server on another client computer, besides restoring to the original location.

In the next section, I will show you the simple steps to backup SQL database with this secure, easy and intelligent software.

Steps to backup SQL database with AOMEI Cyber Backup

The user-friendly SQL database backup software – AOMEI Cyber Backup makes it simple for SQL Server to back up every day, every week, or every month with just a few clicks. Additionally, you have the option to create full, incremental, and differential backups as needed. Besides, it also offers LAN-based virtual machine backup for VMware and Hyper-V.

Please log in to AOMEI Cyber Backup web console initially, then access to Source device to Add Microsoft SQL.

Note: You need to validate the database instance from Authentication. Once you have entered the credentials and verified successfully, you can easily create the SQL server database backup.

Once you have set backup cleanup, it helps you to delete older backup version automatically and therefore save storage space. And if you have set up email notification, it enables you to receive email notifications when the task is abnormal or successful.


SQL database backups play an essential role in the protection and preservation of businesses’ data. With backups, organizations can safeguard their data against potential risks such as data loss, natural disasters, hacking, or cyber-attacks. In addition to mitigating these risks, regular SQL database backups also help to maintain data accuracy and integrity while meeting compliance requirements.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, make sure your organization is taking the necessary precautions to safeguard its valuable data with regular SQL database backups.