Worried about rising medical expenses, visits to doctors, dental problems, etc.?

Do you know that the major reason for diseases is the intake of stale or junk food (vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, etc which we eat)? Because this food contains pesticides, bacteria, and harmful chemicals which are linked to various diseases like skin allergies, hormone disorders, cancer, infertility, nervous system, and liver damage. We must keep our vegetables always fresh and healthy. Almost all of us wash fruits, vegetables, and meat before preparing a salad, consuming them raw or cooking. But, seldom we realize that this is not enough. Fruits, vegetables, and meat come to us after they are subjected to extensive use of insecticide, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Rinsing them with mere tap water does not wash away their residual traces. As a result, we end up exposing ourselves to the adverse effects of these chemicals. We have now a solution to this in the form of the latest science-based portable appliance to generate ozone gas which can eliminate these diseases causing bacteria-, pesticides, and harmful chemicals. It can also kill germs which cause dental problems. Apart from this, the ozonizer can also have multiple utilities in the house. Invest in your health by making a one-time investment in Vegetable Purifiers, also called Ozonizers. So that in the long term, save money which you spend on medical expenses. Bath your veggies and fruits in the Ozonisers for a healthy and disease-free life. It is a sensible way to live healthier.You can consider some factors before buying a vegetable purifier, such as the ease of use, noise level, and automated timer. Also look out for maintenance, energy-saving, and other factors. Vegetable and fruit purifiers are not only important in cleaning vegetables and fruits, but also for disinfecting and sterilizing them. That is why they are called purifiers, not simply cleaners.

Based on the above criteria and some customer reviews, we have recommended our 15 best vegetable purifiers available online-

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1.Prestige clean home ozonizer POZ 1.0

 Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

Prestige clean home ozonizer is specially designed with the ozone purification technology that removes the chemicals and pesticides present on the surface of the fruits and vegetables while retaining its nutritional value. This purifier produces high voltage electricity, generating ozone that kills the harmful bacterias, fungus, and pathogens. It has an inbuilt automated timer function that allows you to set a timer anywhere between 10-30 mins according to your needs. It also claims to keep your meats and seafood fresh by cleaning and deodorizing them. The best feature of this purifier is its zero maintenance. None of the parts of the purifier requires replacements or services from time to time. It comes with a compact and space-efficient design and can also be wall-mounted or placed on a counter. It is also portable-, hence easy to use. 

2. Kent Vegetable Cleaner Wall-Mounted

Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The Kent vegetable cleaner purifier has a sleek and modern design which makes it convenient to be wall mounted. This model works on the revolutionary ozone disinfection technology; hence it efficiently kills and removes the harmful bacteria, fungus, and pathogen. It also eliminates and cleanses any kind of antibiotics and hormones present in the meat, fish, and other seafood. This purifier remains fresh and deodorized for a long duration and has a higher shelf life. Moreover, this appliance doesn’t use consumables to produce ozone, rather it is supplied by using the oxygen in the atmosphere. Thus, it needs less or no maintenance and zero replacements and services.

3. Paragon Plastic Vegetable Purifier with Ozone Food Guard

Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The Paragon plastic vegetable purifier oxidizes the residual chemical. It also helps in eliminating antibiotics and hormones that invariably remain in the meat, fish, seafood, and other related items. With in-built ozone purification technology, it disinfects the vegetables and fruits and makes them safe for consumption. It eliminates all the unfavorable microbes, freshens the vegetables, and increases its shelf life. The purifier applies vortex spraying current to wash the physical dirt of the vegetable surface. It also makes use of an electronic ozone generator to produce powerful oxidizing ozone to sterilize and disinfect food items. Operating time can be freely selected by using the turn knob timer. Churning in the unit combined with the rotational movement of the unit washes physical dirt and debris off the veggies. The unit uses a unique patented basket design that can be easily removed. This allows for easy handling of your fruits and vegetables. This appliance needs no maintenance and is light-weight simple and easy to use.

4. Crusaders Fruit & Vegetable Purifier

 Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The Crusaders fruit and vegetable purifier are exceptionally designed for kitchen, meat & vegetable cleaning, and drinkable water purification. It assures to remove all the pesticides and chemicals from the fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh and crisp for a long time. It is energy efficient and comes with a long shelf life. This purifier requires easy maintenance and has easy operation with one key control along with free time adjustment.

5.Ge Ozone G Multi-utility Ozonizer 

 Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The Ge Ozone ozonizer is a multi-utility appliance. It is sturdy, durable with high-grade quality material of ABS Plastics. It efficiently preserves fruits and veggies for a long duration, removes odor from the fridge and rooms as well. It also ensures to purify and sterilize the meat, fish, and other meat product. This appliance is economical with very low power consumption. It is used to disinfect the kitchen sponges and cloths as well.

6. HUL Pureit Marvella Mineral RO + UV with Fruit & Veg Purifier

 Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The HUL Pureit Marvella is integrated water plus fruit and veg purifier. This purifier comes with RO+UV/MF water purification technology along with unique fruit and veg purification technology that ensures safe and healthy fruits. Incorporated with the innovative oxyblast technology, it effectively removes up to 2 times more pesticides from the vegetables compared to just rinsing it off under tap water. One of the special features of this product is the double purity lock that allows an advanced alert and anti-shut-off system so that you never get impure water. It also filters out lethal chemicals and toxins like lead, mercury, pesticides, and insecticides.HUL Pureit comes with voltage protection that protects the purifier from sudden fluctuations, as high as 300 volts and as low as 100 volts. One of the best features of this purifier is its Mineral Cartridge that adds back essential minerals back to the water post-filtration. It has a large storage tank of 8 liters.

7. NHD Groots Px-902 Ozone Fruit and Vegetable Purifier

Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The NHD Groots purifier is based on the innovative Ozone disinfection technology as ozone is a very strong disinfectant and oxidizer. Because of its sleek and modish design, it gives a trendy look. This model can be mounted on a wall or placed on a counter at your convenience. It is handy, user-friendly as well as easily portable. It has multipurpose usage like air purifier, water purifier, cloth washing, skin caring, and pesticide removal. This purifier is eco-friendly, with low power consumption.

8. EPS Automatic Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Purifier

Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

Operating on the Ozone purification technology, this purifier removes the chemicals and toxins while retaining the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it also restores the flavor and taste of the food and extends its shelf life. The Automated Timer lets you pre-set the time anywhere between 5-30 minutes. This appliance has multiple placement options, works very fast and efficiently, and is easy to operate.

9. Greenway Ozone Maker – Multifunction Ozoniser

 Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

Apart from purifying vegetables and fruits, the Greenway ozone maker also purifies water, eliminates artificial hormones and antibiotics from meat and fish, removes odor from the fridge, and sterilize kitchen sponges. This purifier doesn’t need any consumables to produce ozone. It makes the ozone by using oxygen in the atmosphere. The package contains one tube of 6.5ft along with 4 ozone diffuser stones. This model has reliable performance and is durable as it is made up of sturdy ABS material. It is also fitted with a handy timer function for seamless control of purification duration. You can use this ozonizer to make ozonated oils like ozonated coconut oil/almond oil/sunflower oil/olive oil or any other ozonated vegetable oils. Ozonated oil is an amazing substance used for skin therapy with a phenomenal rejuvenating effect. It not only kills bacteria, virus, fungus, but also stimulates healing.

10. Krayo Ozone Fruit and Vegetable Purifier

 Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The All-round sterilization of the Krayo purifier makes it suitable for multiple purposes like removing pesticides, pathogens, and fertilizers from fruits and vegetables, sanitizing clothes, removing hormones from fish, seafood & meat, and disinfecting and sterilizing kitchenware and other products. It has an LCD display screen that clearly features all the readings. This panel also has easy-to-use push buttons that can be used to switch on/off, set on/off time, increase/decrease the timer, and confirm/cancel the inputs. This product is fully automatic and can automatically cycle. It can be used in hotels, high-end, waiting rooms, and other venues.

11. Wotefusi Ozone Generator

 Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The Wotefusi ozone generator is easy to operate and makes no noise at all. It has a long lifetime porcelain enamel tube, which is against oxidation. It has an E structure air pump which is stable and has a long lifetime. It is made up of epoxy resin and also has a vacuum encapsulated high-pressure module. This model has an anti-circumfluence device, preventing water from backing to the ozonizer. It is made of up ABS industrial plastic and gives a smooth, strong, and durable look. It wipes off any poisonous bacteria in air and water, as well as the ones attached on the surface of fruits and veggies. It also eradicates foul or rancid smell. Most importantly, it destroys the toxic gases like toluene and formaldehyde, eliminates epiphytes that can cause Dermatophytosis

12. DRMKART Mom’s Care Multi-Function Fruit & Vegetable Purifier

Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The DRMKART purifier efficiently dissolves chemicals and bacterias from the surface of the fruits and vegetables. It also cleans off antibiotics and hormones from meat, fish, and other seafood. Based on ozone technology, this product has exceptional power to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus. The high voltage electricity generates ozone to kill harmful pathogens. It has a compact, sleek and space-saving design and is effortlessly portable.

13. ARG Ozoniser Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

ARG Ozoniser is based on the remarkable and latest ozone disinfection technology that efficaciously kills bacteria and other pathogens from the food products. The food purified remains fresh for a long time with increased shelf life. It doesn’t need consumables to produce ozone, rather it uses the oxygen from the atmosphere. This product needs zero maintenance and services and works efficiently with low power consumption.

14. Grapy International Fruit & Vegetable Purifier

Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The Grapy International purifier works on the ozone technology which kills the pathogens and toxins on the vegetables. It is of multi-utility and can be used for sterilizing clothes, toys as well. Along with low power consumption., it has a long service life and smooth operation. It also effectively oxidizes residual chemicals and pesticides from food products. This appliance can also clean the air and remove any odor or foul smells. It may also be used for skincare.

15. SIMMANS Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

 Best Vegetable Purifier 2020

The SIMMONS fruit and vegetable cleaner is an ozone generator and disinfector. Ozone is often used as a safe, FDA approved, and very powerful disinfectant. it rapidly oxidizes the bacteria it comes in contact with, then reverts safely back into oxygen, making it one of the most environment-friendly cleaning methods available. Ozone can remove odors by attacking the organisms which cause them. It effectively deodorizes, disinfects, and destroys bacteria and other odor-causing pathogens. Ozone sterilizer has been used in water treatment, food sterilization, and medical therapies for its remarkable anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. It can be used for disinfecting veggies, fruits, meat, and removing pesticides and any foul smell. It can also be used for cloth sterilization.

After reading this article, you all must have realized the subtle but utmost importance of using vegetable and fruit purifiers. In these times of pandemic and pollution, we must be aware and precautious of all the deleterious viruses and pathogens that we may consume through our food, for the well-being and health of our family. Better to be safe and hygienic than sorry and sick!