Using Technology for Good: How Can AI Help in Different Tasks


AI isn’t just a concept anymore; it is real and influences virtually all aspects of our everyday lives. These chatbots and robots have somehow wormed their way into every sector, and now, we use and interact with AI daily without even knowing. But this isn’t the end of it because AI scientists worldwide have shown that the revolution is just getting started.

Since many experts have debunked the “AI will replace humans” myth, the focus should be on embracing this technology and harnessing its potential. In this article, we explore the applications of AI in many everyday tasks, even down to poker games.

Training and Simulations For a Poker Game

If you asked seasoned players a decade ago if there was any such thing as a perfect poker game, they would laugh in your face and give you stats of the best champions who combined the most creative strategies and still could not play a perfect game.

Usher in AI, and of course, the impossible becomes possible. For those that didn’t read the New York Times’s report of this reality in their article, ‘How AI Conquered Humans’, the takeaway points are that poker players can now use chatbots and AI to balance bluffs and make a straight play.

Another shocker: these AIs have beaten the world’s best players in a show of strategic reasoning that overrides that of humans.

There wasn’t much fuss when AI beat humans at chess and checkers. But when it comes to the game where players can’t see their opponent’s hands, poker enthusiasts worry that AI-powered tools in tournaments will cause the game to lose their soul, and cheaters will begin to have an unfair edge in games. While some players love AI poker and some don’t, the fact remains that this technology is a game changer.

AI training and simulation tools can coach players to optimize their play and make it difficult for opponents to guess their game: Something that is needed to reduce the number of poker mistakes that weaker players make. These tools provide real-time feedback on the weaknesses in your poker strategy and correct your mistakes.

Now, mistakes are inevitable in a poker game and part of the learning process, but lessons must be learned to become an expert. These AI simulations can help players avoid mistakes like playing too many hands preflop or improper bankroll management. By learning from your mistakes and practicing moves with AI poker bots, you can learn how to beat formidable players. With a little assistance from these robots, you improve your gameplay and lose less money.

Commuting Smartly with AI

With AI technology, many people can commute smartly with digital assistants monitoring traffic and weather conditions. They help to ensure you do not waste your precious hours in road situations that could have been avoided. After all, city folks have been crying out for urban mobility for years. And, of course, it’s AI stepping up to provide more efficient and time-saving commutes, traffic management, and delivery systems.

Specifically, US Citizens with unfriendly transit systems can use AI to monitor and predict traffic, search for safe parking spots, improve road safety, and enhance delivery services. You no longer have to turn down hangouts with friends or neglect your shopping duties because you do not want to make the stressful commute.

Undoubtedly, as soon as more people get on board with the program, there will be brighter faces on the city roads and fewer accidents.


Yes, even Netflix and Chill get an AI retouch. Do you recall how it was so easy to find similar shows to watch after finishing that one good blockbuster?

It is all thanks to AI making ‘for you’ movie suggestions based on your viewing history, search queries, and tracking results from other apps on your device. It is amazing how one Netflix account shared by two people will not get the same ads and suggestions.

And although Netflix may still encounter some technical issues, AI has hacked the customer satisfaction thing. This arrangement with AI also pays off for Netflix; when customers are happy, the subscriber base and revenues increase.

Also, AI technology plays a big part in deciding which shows get renewed and which ones get canceled. Next time you are frustrated at your favorite show getting canceled, perhaps you should consider that AI does not believe it has done so well regarding audience metrics. Aside from all of this, AI also helps to smooth streaming even with poor network connections through Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.


Many Gen Zs and Gen As have never stepped foot in a bank and want to keep it that way. The good news is it’s highly unlikely that we will need to, with how AI handles everything for us practically. Serious issues like fraud and security concerns that warrant a bank visit can be done away with as AI spots hoaxes and scams from a mile away.

The banking sector was one of the first industries to embrace this technology and has now been able to operate a more customer-focused operation available 24 hours a day, particularly with chatbots and virtual assistants.

In today’s world, AI is not just for the tech gurus and startups; even your grandma uses AI to automate repetitive tasks. It continues to evolve and promises the potential to be more intelligent. Rather than seeing AI as a threat, why not use it for good? Hopefully, this AI crash course and its examination of AI use in everyday life is the push you need to explore the advantages of this technology.