40 Useful iPhone Widgets You Should Use 2024

Are you looking to make the most out of your iPhone? Look no further than these 40 useful widgets that will take your phone to the next level! From launcher and weather widgets to fitness and music player widgets, we’ve got you covered. With so many options available in2024 you won’t want to miss using these essential tools for a more efficient and personalized smartphone experience. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top picks for the best iPhone widgets you should be using right now!

40 Useful iPhone Widgets You Should Use

Best Useful Widgets for iPhone in2024

As we move into the future, iPhones are becoming more customizable and personalized with a variety of widgets to choose from. The best useful widgets for iPhone in2024 include Launcher, Widgetsmith, Photo Widget: Simple, Smart Stack, Apollo for Reddit and ScreenKit.

Launcher allows you to create custom app icons on your home screen while Widgetsmith lets you customize your widgets by choosing different fonts and colors. Photo Widget: Simple is perfect for displaying your favorite photos on your lock screen or home screen.

Smart Stack is a game-changer as it dynamically shows relevant information throughout the day based on usage patterns. Apollo for Reddit is an excellent widget that displays top posts from various subreddits while ScreenKit offers hundreds of beautiful pre-made widget designs.

Utilizing these best useful widgets can enhance the functionality and personalization of your iPhone experience in 2024


Launcher is a must-have widget for anyone who wants quick access to their apps. With the ability to customize the appearance and layout of your home screen, Launcher makes it easy to organize your most frequently used apps in one convenient location.

One of the best features of Launcher is its ability to create custom app icons. You can choose from a wide variety of icon designs or even upload your own images for a truly personalized touch. Plus, with support for multiple pages, you can have all of your favorite apps just a swipe away.

Another great thing about Launcher is its compatibility with Siri Shortcuts. This means that you can use voice commands to launch specific apps or perform certain actions without ever having to touch your phone.

If you’re looking for an easy way to streamline your iPhone experience and take full control over how your home screen looks and functions, then look no further than Launcher.


Widgetsmith is a customizable widget app that allows users to create widgets for different purposes. With this app, you can choose from various widget categories such as date and time, calendar events, reminders, health stats, photos and more.

One of the best things about Widgetsmith is its ability to match with your iPhone’s home screen aesthetic. You can personalize each widget by changing the font size or color of text or selecting an image background from your photo gallery.

This user-friendly application also offers smooth navigation when creating widgets. Simply select the type of data you want to display on your widget then customize it according to your preferences.

In addition to customization options, Widgetsmith also provides reliable performance and accurate information updates in real-time. This makes it easier for users who rely heavily on their smartphone widgets for daily tasks.

If you’re looking for a versatile and easy-to-use widget app that allows maximum personalization options without compromising performance quality – Widgetsmith is definitely worth considering.

Photo Widget: Simple

One of the most popular widgets available on iPhone is the Photo Widget: Simple. This widget allows users to display their favorite photos directly on their home screen, providing a personal touch to their device.

The Photo Widget: Simple is extremely easy to use and customize. Users simply select the photos they want to display and adjust the size of the widget as desired. The widget can even be set up to rotate between multiple images at specified intervals.

Not only does this widget allow users to showcase their favorite memories, but it also provides quick access to important information such as upcoming events or reminders. For example, a user could set up a photo of their family with an accompanying reminder for an upcoming birthday or anniversary.

The Photo Widget: Simple is a great addition for anyone looking to add some personalization and convenience to their iPhone home screen. With its simple setup process and customization options, it’s no wonder why this widget has become so popular among iPhone users worldwide.

Smart Stack

One of the most innovative widgets that Apple has introduced to its iPhone users is the Smart Stack. This widget lets you stack multiple widgets on top of each other, and with a simple swipe, you can access different widgets throughout your day.

The best part about the Smart Stack is that it uses artificial intelligence to show you relevant information based on your usage habits. For instance, if you usually check social media in the morning, this widget will display your preferred social media app at that time.

Moreover, this widget also allows users to customize their stacks by arranging and deleting widgets according to their preference. The Smart Stack’s flexibility makes it an essential tool for people who want quick access to multiple apps without constantly swiping or scrolling through pages.

The Smart Stack is not only useful but also fun to use due to its customizable features and intelligent capabilities. With this widget on your iPhone home screen, accessing vital information has never been easier!

Apollo for Reddit

Apollo for Reddit is a widget that allows users to access their favorite subreddits from their iPhone home screen. With its clean interface and customizable options, Apollo has become a go-to app for many Reddit enthusiasts.

One of the best features of Apollo is the ability to personalize your feed by selecting specific subreddits to display on your home screen. This can save you time scrolling through endless content and help you focus on the topics that interest you most.

Another great aspect of Apollo is its easy-to-use navigation. The app offers a variety of sorting options, including hot, new, and rising posts, making it simple to find relevant content quickly.

Additionally, Apollo provides various customization options such as font size and color schemes which allow users complete control over how they view their feeds on their iPhone’s home screen.

If you’re an active Redditor who wants quick access to your favorite communities without having to scroll through the entire website or app every time then try out Apollo for Reddit today!


ScreenKit is a highly customizable widget app for iPhone that allows you to create beautiful and functional home screen layouts. With over 400+ pre-made widget templates, you can choose from a variety of styles such as minimalistic designs or vibrant colors to match your aesthetic.

The app also offers various types of widgets including time, date, weather, battery life and even social media widgets like Instagram and Twitter. You can easily personalize these widgets by adding images or changing the font style.

One great feature about ScreenKit is its ability to schedule your widgets so they change throughout the day according to your preferences. This means that you can have different themed home screens during morning, afternoon and evening.

To use this app effectively, it’s recommended that you pair it with Widgetsmith which allows further customization options like text color and background images.

ScreenKit provides an easy way for users to add some personality into their iphone home screen design without sacrificing functionality.


One of the most useful widgets for iPhone is the Weather widget. It provides real-time information about weather conditions in your area, including temperature, humidity levels, wind speed and direction, and much more.

The Weather widget is not only helpful for planning your outdoor activities but also helps you prepare for unexpected weather changes. With just a glance at your home screen, you can see whether it’s going to rain or snow outside or if the sun will shine down on you.

Moreover, this widget allows you to add multiple locations so that you can check the weather conditions of any place where you are planning to travel. You can even customize it by choosing between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales according to your preference.

Having access to up-to-date information about the weather through this widget makes planning our day easier and ensures we’re always prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Soor Music Player

Looking for a music player widget that looks as sleek and modern as the iPhone itself? Look no further than Soor Music Player.

This beautifully designed widget allows users to control their music playback directly from the home screen. With its intuitive controls, you can easily skip tracks, adjust volume, and pause your tunes with just a few taps.

But what really sets Soor apart is its smart features. The app automatically detects which songs you play most frequently and surfaces them in an easy-to-access playlist. It also offers personalized recommendations based on your listening history.

And if you’re someone who loves to create custom playlists, Soor makes it easy to do so right from within the widget. Simply tap on “Add” to start building your own collection of favorite tracks.

Soor Music Player is a must-have for anyone looking for a more sophisticated way to listen to their tunes on their iPhone. Try it out today and see why it’s one of our top picks for best widgets of2024


One of the major concerns for any smartphone user is battery life. With so many apps and features running in the background, it’s no surprise that battery drain is a common issue. Luckily, with widgets like Battery, you can easily monitor your iPhone’s battery levels.

The Battery widget displays the current percentage of your iPhone’s battery life along with an icon indicating whether it is charging or not. This way, you can keep track of how much power you have left and when to charge up next.

Another useful feature of this widget is that it shows which apps are consuming the most amount of power from your device. By identifying these culprits, you can take appropriate measures to reduce their usage and extend your phone’s battery life considerably.

While there are various ways to optimize your iPhone’s performance and maximize its lifespan – including reducing screen brightness or turning off Bluetooth – having access to a quick overview through the Battery widget remains one of the easiest ways to manage device energy consumption on-the-go.

Advanced Widget Widget

Advanced Widget Widget is a powerful tool that allows you to create custom widgets for your iPhone. With this widget, you can display information and data from various apps on the home screen of your device. This means that you don’t have to open an app every time you want to check something.

One great feature of Advanced Widget Widget is its ability to customize the look and feel of your widgets. You can choose from different fonts, colors, and styles to make your widgets match your personal taste and preference.

Another advantage of using Advanced Widget Widget is its versatility. You can use it with almost any app on your iPhone, which makes it an excellent choice for people who rely heavily on specific apps for work or productivity.

Advanced Widget Widget is a fantastic tool that can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your iPhone’s home screen. Whether you’re looking for a way to stay organized or simply want quick access to important information, this widget has got you covered!

Spark Mail

Spark Mail is a widget that will surely help you with your email management. It’s well-designed and user-friendly, allowing easy navigation between emails and quick responses to messages.

With Spark Mail, you can customize your inbox according to what matters most to you. You can snooze emails for later, set reminders for important tasks, and even reply using templates or frequently-used phrases.

One of the best features of this widget is its “smart” inbox organization. It automatically categorizes emails into Personal, Newsletters, Notifications, Pinned Emails and Seen Emails so that you don’t have to sift through everything in one go.

Another noteworthy feature is the integration of third-party apps such as Trello or Evernote. This allows users to easily save attachments from their emails directly onto these platforms without having to do it manually.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to manage your email on-the-go then Spark Mail should definitely be on your list of widgets-to-try!

Calendar and Reminders

The “Calendar and Reminders” widget is a must-have for those who have busy schedules and need to keep track of their appointments, meetings, and tasks. With this widget, you can easily view your upcoming events or reminders without having to open the calendar or reminder app.

One great feature of this widget is that it allows you to customize how many events or reminders are displayed. You can choose between small, medium, or large size widgets depending on your preference. Additionally, if you tap on an event or reminder in the widget, it will take you directly to the corresponding app so that you can edit it further.

Another useful aspect of this widget is its ability to sync with other calendars such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. This means that all your events from different accounts will be displayed in one place making it easier for you to manage them efficiently.

If keeping organized is important for your daily life then adding the “Calendar and Reminders” widget to your iPhone home screen would be a wise decision.


The “Files” widget is an essential tool for anyone who works on their iPhone. It allows you to access your most frequently used files directly from the home screen, rather than having to search through multiple apps.

With this widget, you can easily open and edit documents, images and media without wasting precious time. The Files app also lets you organize your files by creating folders and subfolders for easy navigation.

This feature is particularly useful for students or professionals who need quick access to important documents while on-the-go. You can even customize the widget to show only specific folders or files that are relevant to your current task.

The “Files” widget is a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and boost productivity on their iPhone.

Color Widgets

Color Widgets is an amazing app that allows iPhone users to customize their home screen with aesthetically pleasing widgets. With this app, you can easily create personalized widgets by choosing from a variety of colors, fonts and styles.

One of the best things about Color Widgets is its ease of use – even if you have no design experience, you can create beautiful and functional widgets in just a few minutes. The app offers a wide range of widget sizes to fit your needs, so whether you want to display the time or your daily schedule, there’s a perfect size for every purpose.

Another great feature of Color Widgets is the ability to customize each widget with different backgrounds and text options. This means that you can match your widgets perfectly with your wallpaper or theme for a cohesive look.

Color Widgets is an excellent tool for anyone looking to add some personality and style to their iPhone home screen. It’s easy-to-use interface combined with its customization options make it one of the best widget apps available on the App Store!


One of the most popular categories for iPhone widgets is fitness. With so many people taking their health and wellness seriously, having quick access to fitness information can be extremely helpful.

Fitness widgets range from tracking your steps and calories burned to providing workout ideas and tips on healthy eating habits. One great option is the Fitbit widget, which allows you to track your daily activity levels, exercise routines, and sleep patterns.

For those who prefer a more personalized approach, there are also customizable fitness trackers like MyFitnessPal that allow you to set goals for yourself and track your progress over time.

If you’re looking for inspiration or motivation when it comes to staying active, check out the Nike Training Club widget or Yoga Studio app. Both provide guided workout routines with step-by-step instructions on how to perform each movement correctly.

Incorporating a fitness widget into your iPhone can help keep you accountable when it comes to reaching your health goals. Whether it’s tracking your progress or finding new ways to stay active and healthy – there’s something out there for everyone!


Fantastical is an iOS widget that integrates with your calendar and reminders to display upcoming events and tasks right on your home screen. The app has been praised for its sleek design, intuitive interface, and powerful features.

With Fantastical, you can easily view your schedule for the day or week at a glance without having to open the calendar app. The widget also allows you to create new events or tasks directly from the home screen, making it convenient and time-saving.

One of the standout features of Fantastical is its natural language processing capabilities. You can enter event details using simple phrases like “Meeting with John at 2 pm tomorrow” and the app will automatically parse the information and add it to your calendar.

In addition to its core functionality as a calendar widget, Fantastical also offers customization options such as theme colors, font sizes, and date formats. This makes it easy to tailor the widget’s appearance to match your personal style.

If you’re looking for a powerful yet user-friendly tool for managing your schedule on iPhone, Fantastical is definitely worth checking out.

Google News

Google News is a free news aggregator that compiles headlines and stories from various sources around the world. It uses an algorithm to suggest personalized content based on a user’s location, search history, and reading habits.

One of the benefits of using Google News is its ability to provide users with relevant and up-to-date news in one place. Instead of having to search through multiple websites or apps for news articles, users can simply open the Google News widget on their iPhone home screen.

Another great feature of Google News is its customizable settings. Users have the option to select specific topics they want to see more or less of, adjust their language preferences, and even choose which publications they trust most.

Moreover, Google News has also implemented measures to combat fake news by fact-checking articles before displaying them. This helps prevent misinformation from spreading and ensures that readers are getting accurate information.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to stay informed about current events without sifting through countless sources or falling prey to fake news stories, then adding the Google News widget is definitely worth considering.

Find My

One of the most useful widgets for iPhone is “Find My”. This widget allows you to quickly locate your friends and family who share their location with you. It’s especially helpful when trying to coordinate meetups or keeping track of loved ones on a trip.

The “Find My” widget also has a feature called “Items”, which lets you locate any Apple devices that are signed in to your iCloud account. You can even set up notifications for when an item is found or lost.

Another great feature of the “Find My” widget is its ability to play a sound on your device, making it easier to find if it’s nearby but out of sight. And if all else fails, you can remotely lock or erase your device using this widget.

The “Find My” widget offers peace of mind knowing that you can easily locate important people and devices in your life.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in today’s digital age. This messaging app allows users to send and receive messages, make voice and video calls, share photos, videos, and documents with ease. But did you know that WhatsApp also has a useful widget?

The WhatsApp widget allows you to quickly access your recent chats without having to open the app. You can see who sent you a message and read it right from the home screen of your iPhone.

Another great feature of the WhatsApp widget is that it allows you to reply directly from the home screen without opening the app. This saves time and makes communication more convenient for users who are always on-the-go.

Furthermore, you can customize this widget according to your preference by choosing different sizes or themes that match your phone’s aesthetic.

If you’re someone who uses WhatsApp regularly then adding its widget will definitely enhance your user experience!


Shortcuts is an incredibly useful widget that can automate a variety of tasks on your iPhone. With Shortcuts, you can create custom actions to quickly launch apps, perform common tasks, and even control smart home devices.

One of the most popular uses for Shortcuts is creating custom Siri commands. By setting up a shortcut with a specific phrase or command, you can have Siri perform complex tasks with just your voice.

Another great feature of Shortcuts is its ability to combine multiple steps into one action. For example, instead of having to open several apps and navigate through menus to send a message to someone, you could set up a shortcut that does it all in one step.

Shortcuts also offers integration with third-party apps, allowing you to extend its functionality even further. You can use shortcuts for everything from checking the weather in your favorite app to controlling your smart thermostat.

If you haven’t yet explored the world of Shortcuts on your iPhone’s home screen, now’s the time! With so many possibilities for customization and automation at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what you can do with this powerful widget.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is the perfect widget for those who always forget important things. This amazing tool allows you to create notes and pin them on your home screen, making it easy for you to remember what you need to do or buy.

With Sticky Notes, you can quickly jot down ideas or thoughts without having to open other apps that may distract you from your current task. You can also color-code your notes so that they stand out and are easier to find.

This widget is particularly useful for students who need a quick reminder of their class schedule or assignments. They can simply add a note with all the necessary information instead of flipping through different pages in their planner.

For busy professionals, Sticky Notes help keep track of meetings, deadlines and appointments. With just one glance at their home screen, they’ll know exactly what needs attention throughout the day.

Sticky Notes provides an efficient way of staying organized and productive by keeping important information front-and-center on your iPhone’s home screen.

Screen Time

Screen Time is a built-in iPhone widget that can help users track their device usage and screen time. It provides an overview of how much time you spend on your phone, which apps you use the most, and even allows you to set limits for certain apps or app categories.

One of the best features of Screen Time is its ability to give users insights into their phone habits. With detailed reports showing daily and weekly usage data, it’s easy to see where your time goes when using your device.

Another great aspect of Screen Time is its parental controls. Parents can set up restrictions for their child’s device usage, including setting limits on specific apps or content types.

For those who struggle with overusing their phone or want to be more mindful about their technology habits, Screen Time can provide helpful reminders and alerts when approaching preset limits.

Screen Time is a useful tool for anyone looking to gain better control over their device usage and create healthier tech habits.

Smart Battery Widget

Smart Battery Widget is a must-have widget for every iPhone user. It provides an easy way to keep track of your device’s battery life and the apps that are consuming the most power. The widget displays the percentage of battery life remaining and also shows how much time you have until your phone needs to be charged again.

Another great feature of Smart Battery Widget is that it allows you to customize its appearance, so it matches your device’s theme or wallpaper. You can choose between different styles, colors, and fonts to create a personalized look that suits your taste.

This widget is particularly useful for people who use their phones extensively throughout the day or those who are always on-the-go. By keeping an eye on the battery level constantly, you can manage your usage more effectively and avoid running out of juice when you need it most.

Adding Smart Battery Widget to your home screen will help streamline your mobile experience by providing valuable information at a glance without having to open any specific app. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that makes managing your phone’s battery life effortless!

Contacts Widget

The Contacts Widget is a handy tool for anyone who frequently communicates with their contacts. This widget allows you to quickly access your favorite contacts and call or message them without having to open your phone’s contacts app.

With the Contacts Widget, you can customize which contacts show up on your home screen. This means that you can easily access the people you talk to most often without having to search through all of your other contacts.

One great feature of this widget is its ability to display photos of your contacts. This makes it easy to identify who you’re trying to reach and adds a personal touch to your home screen.

Another benefit of using the Contacts Widget is that it saves time. Instead of opening up multiple apps and scrolling through lists, everything is right there on your home screen for quick and easy access.

If staying connected with those closest to you is important, then the Contacts Widget should definitely be considered as one of the useful iPhone widgets in 2024


Shazam is a popular music identification app that has been around for over a decade. With Shazam, users can identify the title and artist of any song playing nearby by simply holding their phone up to the source of the sound. It’s like having a personal DJ in your pocket!

What’s great about Shazam is that it not only identifies songs but also provides lyrics, music videos, and allows you to add identified tracks to your playlists on various streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

One cool feature of Shazam is its ability to recognize songs even when they are being played in noisy environments or at low volumes. This makes it perfect for identifying songs while you’re out at clubs or concerts.

Another benefit of using Shazam is discovering new music. Users can browse through charts to discover trending tracks or check out recommended artists based on their listening habits.

If you’re looking for an easy way to identify and organize your favorite tunes, give Shazam a try!

Copied Touch

Copied Touch is a useful widget for iPhone users who frequently copy and paste text. With this widget, you can store up to 10 items in your clipboard history, making it easy to access previously copied text.

This feature comes in handy when working on multiple documents or projects at the same time, as you do not have to switch between apps constantly. Copied Touch also has a search function that allows you to easily find specific items from your clipboard history.

The widget is highly customizable and allows you to change the font size of each item in your clipboard history for better readability. You can also choose whether or not to show images or URLs in your clipboard history.

One downside of Copied Touch is that it only works with text-based content, so it may not be suitable for those who frequently copy and paste multimedia files. However, for most users who work primarily with text-based content, this widget can greatly improve productivity and efficiency by eliminating the need for constant switching between apps.

Siri Suggestions

One of the most useful iPhone widgets is Siri Suggestions. This widget uses artificial intelligence to analyze your usage patterns and suggest apps or actions that you might need at any given moment.

For example, if you usually use your phone in the morning to check the weather and read news articles, Siri will suggest these apps on your lock screen when you wake up. In addition, it can also suggest contacts for calls or messages based on whom you interact with frequently.

The best part about Siri Suggestions is that it learns from your behavior over time. So as you continue to use certain apps or contact specific people more often, it will adjust its suggestions accordingly.

Another great feature of this widget is its ability to predict what app you might want next based on where you are and what time of day it is. For instance, if it’s lunchtime and you’re near a cafe that you often visit, Siri may suggest opening your food delivery app.

Siri Suggestions is an incredibly useful iPhone widget that can save users both time and effort by anticipating their needs before they even realize them themselves.


Draft is a productivity app that allows you to take notes and create lists. It provides a simple yet powerful interface to help you stay organized and focused on your tasks. With Draft, you can quickly jot down ideas or reminders without the need for complex formatting options.

The main feature of Draft is its ability to sync seamlessly with other devices through iCloud. This way, all your notes are always up-to-date no matter where you access them from. You can also share your notes with others by sending an email or message directly from the app.

Another great thing about Draft is that it integrates well with Siri Shortcuts so that you can easily add new items to your list hands-free using voice commands. Additionally, the app offers customizable themes and font sizes for better accessibility.

If you’re someone who likes keeping things organized and wants a simple note-taking solution without any extra bells and whistles, then Draft might be just what you need!


ESPN is a popular sports channel that provides live coverage of various sporting events and news updates. With the ESPN widget, you can stay updated on the latest scores and highlights from your favorite teams and leagues. The widget displays real-time information about ongoing games, upcoming fixtures, and other exciting sports-related content.

The ESPN widget allows you to choose which sport or team you would like to follow closely. You can customize it according to your preferences so that you only receive updates on the sports that interest you. Whether it’s basketball, football, soccer or any other sport – this widget has got you covered!

With its easy-to-use interface, the ESPN widget makes it effortless for users to access all their desired content in one place. It saves time by providing quick access to scores and schedules without having to navigate through multiple screens or apps.

This feature-rich app also offers video highlights of crucial moments during games as well as expert analysis from experienced commentators. This way, fans never miss out on any action-packed moment in their favorite sporting event.

If staying up-to-date with sports news is important for you then installing an ESPN Widget on your iPhone should be a no-brainer!

Chrome Suggested Sites

Chrome Suggested Sites is a widget that allows you to quickly access your favorite websites. It’s perfect for those who frequently visit specific sites and want to save time by not having to type in the URL every time they want to visit it.

This widget is customizable, allowing you to add or remove websites as needed. You can also rearrange the order of the suggested sites so that the ones you use most are at the top.

One thing I love about Chrome Suggested Sites is how it learns from your browsing history, making suggestions based on which sites you visit most frequently. This makes it even easier for me to get where I need to go without wasting any unnecessary moments typing in URLs.

This widget has made my browsing experience much more efficient and enjoyable. Instead of constantly searching for my favorite websites, they’re always just a tap away with Chrome Suggested Sites.

Game Center Widget

The Game Center Widget is a must-have for iPhone gamers. It allows users to quickly access their favorite games and see which friends are online for multiplayer matches.

This widget displays your recently played games, recommended titles, and trending games on the App Store. You can also view game achievements, leaderboards, and challenge friends directly from the widget.

With the Game Center Widget, you won’t have to open the app every time you want to play a game or check on your friends’ progress. The convenience of having all this information readily available at a glance makes it easier than ever to stay connected with other gamers in your social circle.

This widget also serves as an excellent way to discover new games that you may not have considered before. With its recommendations based on what’s trending and popular among your gaming network, there’s always something fresh and exciting to try out.

If you’re someone who loves playing games on your iPhone or iPad regularly – whether alone or with others – then adding the Game Center Widget is a no-brainer!


DataMan is a useful widget for iPhone users who want to monitor their data usage. This app can track your cellular and WiFi data consumption in real-time, helping you stay within your monthly limits and avoid excess charges.

The widget displays detailed information about your daily, weekly, and monthly data usage, as well as which apps are consuming the most data. You can set custom alerts to notify you when you’re close to reaching your limit or if any particular app is using an excessive amount of data.

One of the best features of DataMan is its ability to forecast future usage based on your current trends. The app predicts how much data you’ll use by the end of the month so that you can adjust accordingly.

DataMan also has a clean interface that’s easy to navigate. You can customize the colors and layout of the widget to match your preferences or home screen aesthetic.

DataMan is an essential tool for anyone looking to keep their mobile plan costs under control while still enjoying all that their iPhone has to offer.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a popular widget that lets iPhone users access their photos and videos easily. With this widget, you can view your entire photo library in one place without having to jump from app to app.

One of the best features of Google Photos is its ability to automatically back up your photos and videos to the cloud. This means that even if you lose or break your phone, your memories are safe and accessible from any device with an internet connection.

The widget also has powerful search capabilities, allowing you to find specific photos by person, location, or object. It’s perfect for those who have thousands of pictures stored on their phones but struggle to locate a particular image when they need it.

Another great feature is the Assistant tab which creates fun animations, collages and movies using your pictures as well as suggesting edits such as brightness adjustment or color correction.

Google Photos is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable way to store and access their photo collection on their iPhone.


Headspace is a mindfulness and meditation app that helps you calm your mind, reduce stress, and improve focus. The app offers various guided meditations for different purposes such as sleep, anxiety relief, and productivity.

One of the unique features of Headspace is the “SOS” session which provides quick and effective exercises to help you deal with stress or anxiety when needed. It also has a personalized progress tracker to monitor your achievements in meditation.

Headspace’s interface is simple and user-friendly. You can choose from different themes, sounds, and animations to customize your meditation experience. Additionally, it offers mini-meditations for those who don’t have much time but still want to practice mindfulness throughout their day.

Headspace is an excellent tool for those looking to incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine. With its wide range of resources and customizable options, it makes it easy for anyone to start practicing meditation regardless of their level of expertise.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an incredibly useful widget for iPhone users, as it can help with a variety of tasks using just your voice. Whether you need to send a text message, make a call, set a reminder or check the weather, Google Assistant has got you covered.

One great feature of Google Assistant is its ability to integrate with other apps on your phone. For example, you can use it to play music on Spotify or navigate using Google Maps without having to open those apps manually.

Another handy feature is the ability to create custom routines that perform multiple actions at once. For example, you could set up a routine called “Bedtime” that turns off all your lights and sets an alarm for the next morning when you say “Goodnight”.

If you haven’t already tried out Google Assistant on your iPhone’s widget screen, we highly recommend giving it a shot! It may just become one of your most frequently used widgets.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a widely used map application for iPhone users. It allows you to navigate through unfamiliar territories with ease and provides real-time traffic updates, making it an essential widget for those who frequently travel. The app not only helps you get from point A to B but also offers information on nearby restaurants, gas stations, and attractions.

One of the handy features of Google Maps is its ability to save maps offline. This feature comes in handy when traveling abroad or in areas without network connectivity. Once you’ve downloaded the maps, you can access them even when there’s no internet connection available.

Another useful aspect of Google Maps is its integration with other apps such as Uber and Lyft. If you need a ride to your destination, simply tap the ride-hailing service icon on the map screen to book a ride directly within the app.

Additionally, Google Maps has added new features over time that make it easier than ever before to find your way around town. You can now use augmented reality (AR) navigation within buildings like airports or malls – just hold up your phone camera up and follow directions overlaid onto what’s in front of you!

Google Maps remains one of the most valuable widgets for iPhone users who depend on accurate location data while on-the-go!

widgetopia Widgets + Weather‬

Widgetopia Widgets + Weather‬ is a versatile iPhone widget that provides users with real-time weather updates. This widget displays the current temperature, weather condition and an animated visual representation of the weather.

One of its standout features is that it allows users to customize how often the data refreshes, so they can be sure they are always getting up-to-date information. Users can also choose between different themes and layouts for their widget to match their personal style.

In addition to displaying live weather updates, Widgetopia Widgets + Weather‬ also has several other useful functions. It includes a clock display with multiple time zones and date settings as well as quick access buttons for frequently used apps like phone calls or messaging.

Widgetopia Widgets + Weather‬ is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a customizable and informative iPhone widget that adds value to their daily routine without being overwhelming or intrusive. With its sleek design and practical features, this widget will undoubtedly become a go-to tool for many users seeking reliable information at just a glance on their iPhone home screen.

Sleep Widget

The Sleep Widget is a fantastic widget for anyone who wants to keep track of their sleep patterns. With this widget, you can easily see how much sleep you got the night before and if it was restful or not.

This widget gives you an overall picture of your sleeping habits, allowing you to make adjustments as necessary. If the widget shows that you’re consistently getting less than 7 hours per night, for example, it may be time to prioritize getting more shut-eye.

One great thing about the Sleep Widget is its simplicity. You don’t need any fancy equipment or gadgets – just place your iPhone next to your bed and let the widget do its job.

Additionally, the Sleep Widget allows users to set goals for themselves in terms of how many hours they want to get each night. This can help motivate individuals towards better sleep habits.

If you’re looking to improve your sleep quality and quantity, give the Sleep Widget a try!

Mail App

The Mail App is one of the most useful iPhone widgets that you can use. With this widget, you can easily stay on top of your emails and ensure that you never miss an important message.

One great feature of the Mail App widget is that it allows you to see your inbox at a glance. You can quickly scan through your messages and decide which ones require immediate attention. This saves time and ensures that you don’t waste hours sifting through unimportant emails.

Another benefit of the Mail App widget is that it allows for quick email triage. You can swipe left or right on individual messages to archive them, delete them, or mark them as read. This makes it easy to keep your inbox organized and clutter-free.

Additionally, with the Mail App widget, you have access to all of your email accounts in one place. Whether you have a personal Gmail account or a work-related Outlook account, everything is accessible from within the app.

If you’re someone who relies heavily on email communication throughout their day-to-day life, then having the Mail App widget on hand will undoubtedly be beneficial to staying organized and efficient with handling incoming mail.


And that concludes our list of 40 useful iPhone widgets that you should use in 2024. We hope these widgets help make your daily life easier, more efficient, and entertaining.

Let’s talk about the Spotify widget. If you’re a music lover, this widget is an absolute must-have for your iPhone. With Spotify’s widget, you can access your recently played songs and playlists right from your home screen without having to open the app every time.

The best part? You can control playback directly from the widget itself! This means skipping tracks or pausing a song becomes much more convenient while on-the-go.

These are just some of the many great widgets available for iPhone users today. Whether it’s staying organized with calendar reminders or catching up on news headlines with Google News – there really is something for everyone out there!

So go ahead and try out some of these amazing widgets to see how they can improve your daily routine in 2024