Can you use PayPal on Amazon? 2024

Are you an avid Amazon shopper but wish you could use PayPal to complete your purchases? You’re not alone! Many people have wondered if they can use their favorite payment method on the world’s largest online marketplace. In this blog post, we’ll explore whether or not it’s possible to use PayPal on Amazon and discuss some alternative payment methods that may work for you. Let’s dive in and find out how to make your shopping experience even more convenient!

Can you use PayPal on Amazon?

Can you use PayPal on Amazon?

Unfortunately, as of now, Amazon does not accept PayPal as a payment method directly. However, there are some ways to work around this limitation and use your PayPal account for Amazon purchases.

One option is to use a PayPal Cash card or credit card that’s connected to your account. This way you can add the card details on Amazon and make the purchase using the funds in your PayPal balance.

Another alternative is to use a prepaid debit card that accepts funding from your PayPal account. These cards function like regular debit cards and can be used anywhere Visa or Mastercard are accepted, including on Amazon.

You can always opt for an Amazon gift card purchased with funds from your PayPal account. Once you have added the gift card code into your Amazon account, it will act as store credit during checkout.

While it may not be possible to use PayPal directly on Amazon currently, these options offer ways around it so you can still shop conveniently without having to switch between payment methods frequently.

Use a PayPal Cash card, credit card, or prepaid card

If you want to use PayPal on Amazon, using a PayPal Cash card, credit card, or prepaid card is an option. These cards are linked to your PayPal account and can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

PayPal Cash Card works like a debit card and allows users to withdraw cash from ATMs. This card doesn’t require any activation fee or monthly charges. You need to have a verified PayPal account in order to apply for this type of card.

On the other hand, if you prefer having a credit line with rewards points system, then applying for the PayPal Extras Mastercard might be worth considering. The extra benefit of this type of card is that it offers 3x reward points per $1 spent on eligible purchases such as gas stations and restaurants.

There’s also an option for those who don’t want to link their bank accounts with their online shopping habits – prepaid cards. These cards come preloaded with funds that can only be spent up until its limit. It’s almost like carrying around cash but without the fear of losing it all at once!

With an Amazon gift card

If you’re looking to use PayPal on Amazon, one option is to purchase an Amazon gift card with your PayPal account. This can be a great workaround if you don’t have access to a PayPal Cash Card or credit card.

To get started, simply log into your PayPal account and navigate to the “Shop” section. From here, you can search for and select an Amazon gift card in the amount of your choosing. Once purchased, the gift card will be delivered via email – making it easy to redeem on Amazon.

When applying the gift card balance at checkout on Amazon, simply enter the claim code provided in the email from PayPal. The value of your gift card will then be applied towards your order total – just like any other payment method.

Using an Amazon gift card with PayPal may not be as seamless as using a direct payment method – but it’s still a viable option for those who want to shop on Amazon without using traditional credit or debit cards.