Many time we need to encrypt a USB flash drive when we need to transfer data. You are allowed to save confidential data. But these advantages also brings a high risk of accidentally losing of your significant files. Unfortunately you are not allowed to password protect your entire USB flash drive. But you are allowed to invest in encrypted flash drive which comes with hardware encryption. Here we brings you Best USB encryption software windows/ mac 2021 to encrypt a USB Flash drive.

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Best USB Encryption Software window/ Mac


1. VeraCrypt portable Windows

Best USB Encryption Software windows

This software is best USB encryption software window 2021 and now this software is updates and improved version of truecrypt. This software uses 3 different encryption algorithm like AES 256-BIT, Serpent and TwoFish. This software has been developed in order to fix many of the security issues in TrueCrypt. With this software, you are allowed to run the portable application directly from the USB stick. This software is completely free to use untile you use it for drive size up to 2GB. This is great tool for partition, external store devices and entire devices. This software works by creating password protected virtual disk volume. All you need is just to plug in the USB flash drive and need to launch veraCrypt volume creation wizard. You are allowed to select just by creating a volume or you can encrypt the entire memory stick. With this software, you are allowed to access to the encrypted files just by entering a password. You can use this software in about 37 languages.

2. SecurStick Window

 Best USB Encryption Software windows

This is another best USB encryption software window 2021 and this tool also does not need installation and it works without administrator rights. Still you need to run an .exe file from the USB stick. After this, this software will launch a command prompt and also a browser window. You just need to enter a password and need to choose created to install the safe zone. Once it develop, this software works like an encrypted safe box on the memory stick. You only need to copy your files there and that will automatically encrypted.

3. ENC DataVault (EncryptStick) window

Best USB Encryption Software windows

It is also great software which runs on window and as similar to above two software and it also does not require installing the program on the computer. As you set up the encryption on the USB memory stick, you originally install a prtable vault which will secure your files. This software is not free of cost and it will cost $ 14.99 for one time license in order to install the program on 3 devices which includes a computer. But this software provide you 14 days free trial and this software supports section of the ENC security site which refers mostly to windows and Mac.

4. USB Secure Window

Best USB Encryption Software windows

This great software was developed by the same organization as folder lock that is and this tool has been designed to serve the basic task of encrypting USB flash drives. With this software, you will get the ability to recover your USB stick and thus it allows you to save your contact detail with the help of flash drive. By this way, if someone finds your USB stick, they will be able to contact you. As this software install in your device, after that you will be able to access to files on any computer without running the software. This software will provide you 2 options to access your files. You are allowed to unlock them and you can just access them in a virtual drive. These all comes handy when USB stick is accidentally unplugged. This software has classic interface pattern and this software comes with detailed user manual.

5. USB Flash Security Window

Best USB Encryption Software windows

This tool works with AES 256- BIT encryption. This tool will encrypts the entire USB flash drive except a part that stores the program. In this software, the encrypted files are latent and you are allowed to access them just by running the program directly from the memory stick. By this way, you will never need to install the tool on your computer.

6. Rohos Disk/ Rohos Mini Drive Window

Best USB Encryption Software windows

Above two software solutions are designed by company SafeJKA S.R.L. Rohos disk is encryption solution for computer’s drive as well as USB memory stick and also external hard drive. Rohos Mini Drive is created exclusively for encrypting of USB flash drive. These both program create 2 partition on the memory stick, one is hidden one and another is open one. In the open partition, you need to store rohos disk browser tool from your computer. By this way, you are allowed to access your encrypted files on any computer and without administrator rights.

7. LibreCrypt Window

 Best USB Encryption Software windows

This is another freeware and these can be named as DoxBox. This software has no drive size limits and you are allowed to encrypt as much USB flash drive as you want. This software can only be run in windows. This software comes in 2 editions and one of it is to run on desktop and to create a vault on your USB stick and that is known as dropbox. The another one edition is created to make encrypted files which are available on any desktop just without installing the software. This software works with 3 different encryption algorithms that are AES, Serpent and TwoFish.

8. USBCrypt Window

Best USB Encryption Software windows

This is another software which is designed for windows and this tool will protect files on removable devices. This tool has ve ability to encrypt other drives connected through eSATA or firewire. This software will encrypt USB memory flash drive by using AES algorithm.

9. Kruptos 2 Go- USB Vault Mac

Best USB Encryption Software mac

This is one of the best USB encryption software mac 2020 and this tool uses AES 256- bit encryption algorithm. This tool is quick and easy to use. You are allowed to use this software to encrypt a USB Flash drive. Try this USB encryption software now!

10. AxCrypt Mac

 Best USB Encryption Software mac

This software is free, open source and GNU GPL licensed software which aims at being intuitive, simple and efficient. The ebst feature of this software is that it’s timed execution and you can only lock down the file for limited set period of time and you can set it to unlock automatically.


So these are Best USB encryption software windows/ mac 2021 to encrypt a USB Flash drive. Please like, share and comment your views for above USB encryption software.
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