Top 10 Best Trendy Apps (Android/IPhone) 2022

Every year, analysts predict trends that will determine the advertising, media and digital industry shortly. Year after year, the same predictions about the importance of video, new approaches to SEO optimization, the growth of mobile Internet penetration and related advertising tools and features in SMM are repeated. But next year, it seems, we are waiting for a lot of interesting things.
Million trendy applications were produced and developed with Google Play. This is quite enough for those people who buy a smartphone with an Android OS.
We are going to share with you valuable information about the most popular apps in the current 2022:

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best trendy apps android/iphone 2022


 AMOLED Walls 

best trendy apps android/iphone 2022

It is very convenient for lovers of smart wallpapers, considering high quality. The applications are developed and created by the only developer. The first one is designed for OLED-display, while the second one is for others.

 MNML Screen Recorder 

best trendy apps android/iphone 2022

This is a very nice free app created to record the screen of high quality. In addition, we should admit that such a perfect design is made in the Material 2.0 style.


best trendy apps android/iphone 2022

The amateurs of outsourced launchers prefer the following application. Lawnchair is in line with the Pixel Launcher and performs additional functions such as custom icons, gestures, themes, grid size adjustment, etc. The Hyperion Launcher is designed for setting up fonts, logging into the fingerprint scanner.

 Fluid Navigation Gestures 

best trendy apps android/iphone 2022

This app is the best option if you want to replace navigation which is already known for you. It is performed with a help of gestures. All you need is a PC or Root-rights in order to hide the previous navigation. The Fluid Navigation Gestures app offers some instructions on how to move navigation away with the help of your PC.


best trendy apps android/iphone 2022

The developers are trying to make dating apps as simple and convenient as possible to use the service without problems. One such application is Tinder. Tinder allows you to find people of interest to you, like-minded or people having common hobbies. First of all, it is necessary to download the application. Both OS iPhone and Android can support this great dating app. The social network Facebook can help you to register. When you install the app, you can paste questionnaire information about your personality to draw the attention of other people registered there. It is not necessary to check many accounts to persuade yourself that a person you are communicating with is real. Tinder gives you the ability to view accounts anonymously and liking profiles you like. Besides Facebook, there is the opportunity to attach Instagram to the application. This will allow sharing photos conveniently.



The Badoo app is the top among the most popular apps for dating. The simpleness and conciseness of the interface help you to get understand it right away. You will be able to enter a username, reliable password, and e-mail after registration. Next, you fill out your profile.Photo-verification is also used here. The verification is carried out with the help of moderators. After confirmation, you will have the ability to use the application.


 Trendy Apps (Android/IPhone)

PlayJ is created on purpose to broadcast recording of the screen to your friends in different applications. This is a great alternative variant which substitutes Skype.

 Reachability Cursor 

best trendy apps android/iphone 2022

As a screen becomes bigger every day, this trendy app will help its users to resolve the issue of how to use any smartphone only with one hand. The cursor is situated upside, while the other part in the bottom is designed for controlling the cursor.

 Otter Voice Notes   

best trendy apps android/iphone 2022

The main peculiarity of such a nice app is the speech translation into text in current time. Unfortunately, it provides the text in English only.


best trendy apps android/iphone 2022

If you don’t want to listen to your standard ringtones each morning, then SpotOn is the best variant to set a YouTube video like a ringtone for alarm.

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