Top 10 Best Transcription Software (Windows/Mac) 2023

Transcription software is very helpful for users with large chunks of audio and video files to be converted into text documents. Here we bring you the Best Transcription software, windows/ Mac 2023, with which you can transcribe audio into the text file.

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Best Transcription Software windows/ Mac 2022


 Listen N Write Windows

Best Transcription Software windows 2022

Listen N Write is the best transcription software window 2023, and it is a straightforward and easy-to-use software for transcription. This software doesn’t have so many sophisticated options but has a simplistic interface to convert the speech to text. You are allowed to skip or rewind the file to make the transcription task easy. This software supports MP3 and WAV files, and it generates the essential size for the output. This tool can be operated on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows Server, and Windows XP. The software is free with no installation charges. As you launch the program, that file will appear in a media player file. You are allowed to edit the corresponding text in the text editor which pops up. By default, this software plays for 5 seconds and then pauses for you to type. You are allowed to adjust the speed and playback options if you get the speed to be too fast. You are also allowed to adjust fast forward and rewind by the use of hotkeys. By using the Bookmark feature, you can also mark critical sections in the file for a quick recall later.

 Eurescribe WIndow

 Best Transcription Software windows 2022

EureScribe is another best transcription software 2023, and this tool makes the transcription faster for both audio and video files. One of its best features is that this tool breaks down larger media files into smaller fragments. This feature helps you memorize quickly, and thus you are allowed to use many keyboard shortcuts to have a hassle-free typing experience. This tool works with all the main formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, MPEG, AVI, and DVD video. In this software, two editions are designed to suit different users. Its edition will be helpful for individual needs.


 Best Transcription Software windows 2022

MAXQDA is also a powerful transcription and data analysis tool, and it provides you various audio/video files and analyzes interviews, images, and online surveys. In this software, you can also organize unstructured data and test theories to generate creative graphics and reports. You are allowed to use foot pedals and can accelerate the transcription. This tool first creates an empty document automatically and then connects it with the media file. After this, the Transcription mode control panel appears where you can personalize how this tool should behave during the transcription. You are allowed to change the playing speed up or slow down the clip. By using the rewind interval option, you can also decide for how many seconds the player should jump back to continue playing the media file after you have stopped playing it.

Transcribe! – Seventh String WIndow

Best Transcription Software windows 2022

Transcribe! Designed by Seventh String is perfect for users who need to deal with music and audio files. This tool can be used to work with a particular part of music. The music player of this tool has many transcription specific features which are particularly designed for speech to text conversion.

 Enhilex Medical Transcription Software WIndow

Best Transcription Software windows 2022

Enhilex Medical Transcription Software is created for easing out the medical transcription process. By the use of this tool, you can easily manage Medical terms and abbreviations. This tool has feature to an unlimited number of lab names and abbreviations around various folders. You are allowed to copy the enteries from notepad and can paste into MS Word or any other file format.

 Transcribe! WIndow

Best Transcription Software windows 2022

Transcribe has feature to efficiently convert speech to text even along with background noise and multiple speakers. This tool, by the use of automatic transcription feature can speed up the transcription process with twice or thrice the normal rate. You can also control the transcription process by using the control buttons which includes pause and rewind buttons, and also includes the hotkeys. You are allowed to transcribe quickly with the media player which plays the audio file and have the text file in the same window. This tool will save a lot of time which spent on switching between text and audio file. This software supports all the main file formats which includes mp3, mp4, AMR, WMA and wav.
It also includes many hot keys to function as shortcuts. Transcription at each keystroke will automatically saved.

Transcriber Pro WIndow

Best Transcription Software windows 2022

Transcriber Pro is a fast, convenient, and easy to use tool for professional translators. This tool opens the audio and text files in the same window for a simple transcription process. Some hotkeys can be completely personalized, and time stamps and speaker are also tagging.

 Transcription Helper WIndow

 Best Transcription Software windows 2022

Transcription Helper is a professional handy tool for transcription. In it, playback can be controlled by the use of hotkeys and foot pedal. There is a great feature to generate time stamps automatically and to navigate to specific points in the video.

 Express Scribe Mac

Best Transcription Software Mac 2022

This is one of the best transcription software, mac 2023, and it is designed for the need of mac users. With this tool, users are allowed to control audio playback by the use of a transcription foot pedal or by the use of the keyboard. Give a try to this software now!

 Inqscribe mac

 Best Transcription Software Mac 2022

You are allowed to download and install this software for free and can register for a 14-day trial. This tool allows you to play audio or video in all famous formats. You are allowed to use the foot pedal to control playback more smoothly. Try this tool!


So these are the Best Transcription software windows/ Mac 2023 with which you can transcribe audio into a text file. Please like, share, and comment on your views on the above transcribing software.
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