It has been seen a lot of time that people spend a lot of time playing that game the most by which they can mentally and emotionally connect well. As technology is developing at an exponential rate, we can see its effects on our day to day life. It has become normal that people are using technology in every phase of their life. Technology has a great effect on the market of games where it has enabled the game developers to build games that are easy to understand and can be played by several users from all over the world. One such genre of game is the train simulator games. On the off chance if you are looking for a game where you can explore and learn more about locomotives then train simulator games is what you need to take advantage of. The train simulation games indeed have their true fan base like these days people look forward to playing the games which are more realistic and close to life than playing the games which involve fighting with a gun in your hand and killing all the aliens on the streets which appears to them very dramatic and unrealistic. It is amazing to see how simulation games are proudly presenting their graphics and special effects on the next level of reality. Have you ever dreamt of driving a real train or being a part of the fast-moving railway industry? Well, you can do it all and fulfill your dreams by playing the simulation games. Now let’s go through the rundown of the top 15 best train simulator games 2021.

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 Best Train Simulator Games Android/ iPhone


1. Indian Train Simulator by Highbrow Interactive Android

Best Train Simulator Games Android

By playing this game you would be able to get a chance to traveler all the cities of the country. Indian Train Simulator by Highbrow Interactive has been designed for all the Android mobile phone and tablet users. There are about 32 stations that the player would have to cover mobile controlling the train. Some of the stations are New Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Pune, Surat, Kota, Hazrar Nizamuddin, Asansol, Borivali, Kolkata, and the main other such stations. As a player, you will get a very good opportunity to drive 18 different types of trains such as WCAM- 3, WAP4, WAM4, WAG7, etc. The players will get to see inside the coaches off the train from 25 different angles of the camera.

2. Train Sim by Bytes Simulation Android/ iPhone

 Best Train Simulator Games Android/ iPhone

Once you start playing the train Sim by Bytes Simulation you would love this game and cannot keep yourself away from the game for a long time. It is compatible with all the iPhone, iPad, and touch iPod which have iOS 10 or more. It would not be surprising to know that the game has been downloaded by more than 20 million users because this train simulator game is loved by people from all generations. If it is true that you have a special liking for historical locomotive engines and trains then you need to play this game. This is because you will be able to drive an assortment of historical trains along with various other modern trains.

3. Indian Train Simulator  Android

Best Train Simulator Games Android

This game has been designed in such a way that it becomes very easy for the kids to understand the game. Not only just that but the controls of the game also fairly smooth and efficient. To tell you the truth, the virtual stations in this train simulator game are a replica of the real stations of India. Get yourself ready to take the train to all the corners of the country. You will be traveling from Delhi – Mumbai from Howrah -Lucknow and more. It has been designed for all the train simulator games lovers by the very popular Racing Games Android –Appaoleut games.

4. Euro train Simulator Android/ iPhone

Best Train Simulator Games Android/iPhone

As the driver of the Euro train simulator game, you would have to choose the right track for your train and you would have to complete the entire journey of the train without any mishap. The daily time for departure will be 9:00 in the morning, 12 noon, 3:00 p.m., 6 in the evening, and the last 9:00 p.m. You would see that the standards of the virtual railway stations are designed as per any German railway station.

5. Train Simulator Euro driving iPhone

 Best Train Simulator Games iPhone

The Train Simulator Euro driving is one of the best games of the train simulation game name that is available in the Apple game store. You may find it a kind of a racing game in the train simulator games genre. The control and the features of the game are so smooth that you will be able to play the game without any hindrance throughout the day. The graphics of the game are so very real that you have got yourself indulge in the game and not even realize that you have spent the whole day and night while playing the game.

6. Modern Train Driving Simulator iPhone

Best Train Simulator Games iPhone

The Modern Train Driving Simulator train simulator game is all about adventure and thrill. In every level, you will have to exercise your mind and try to escape the challenges and complete the entire journey without any fail. Sydney is a fast-moving city. The people dwelling in the city are not ready to compromise with transport services within the city. That is why it becomes the responsibility of the locomotive driver the city to maintain the normal routine of the people and drop them in their respective destinations.

7. High-speed Trains: Locomotive iPhone

Best Train Simulator Games iPhone

On the off chance that you are trying to find a game where we can spend your enjoy weekend without getting bored then this is the game for you. The game is full of graphical details which keep the player entertained while driving the train. The High-speed Trains: Locomotive simulation game has been the successful innovation of Games 4 Teen. The developer is known for providing an authentic experience to all the players by keeping them updated with the latest modes of the game. When you are playing the game you need to make sure that you are driving the train as per the given departure and arrival schedule.

8. Train driver ATS 3 iPhone

Best Train Simulator Games iPhone

This train simulation game is considered to be one of the best Japanese train simulation games. The Train driver ATS 3 iPhone has been successfully downloaded by more than 6 million players who are using iPhone iPad and iPod. On the off chance that you love to travel around the world then you will love this game. Here, you will get to travel to the different locations of Japan and reach to different stations. Every time you complete one level, you will get a new level with the new challenge. By running a local train in Japan, you will get to explore the different landscapes and beautiful locations in the country. Some of the amazing places that you cover by the train are Osaka Namba, Kintetsu Nara, Hyoutan-Yama, Kintetsu Nara and so on.

9. Train Driving Free by Redcorner Games simulation Android

 Best Train Simulator Games Android

Have you ever thought of how difficult it could be for a driver to manage a long train with the highest speed? Well, you got to do the same because you will have to drive a train which is very long length and width runs at a very high speed. By playing the train Driving Free by Redcorner Games simulation, you can test your visual and reasoning skills by making big decisions while you are handling a fast-moving train. The tracks of the train are designed in such a way that it provides as many twists and turns as possible to the players who are driving the train.

10. Train Driver 2018 by Ovidiu Pop Simulation Android/ iPhone

 Best Train Simulator Games Android/ iPhone

Have you ever wondered how difficult it becomes for the driver to driver train day and night without having a minute to sleep? Now it is your turn to experience the same by driving a visual train and following all the rules and regulations of the railways while you are picking up your animated passengers and dropping them in their virtual locations. Before you go ahead and play the Train Driver 2018 by Ovidiu Pop Simulation you need to keep in mind that this won’t be an easy task. Be ready to deal with all the unique challenges and get through the dynamic natural calamities. The driver of the train must keep the passengers safe no matter what happens.

11. Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player by MTS free games Android

Best Train Simulator Games Android

All the graphics in the rain Racing Games 3D 2 Player by MTS free games are in the form of three dimensions. You will get the opportunity to come across all the beautiful locations of the world while playing with original players in real-time. Not only just that it is a game that can play with a partner player at the same time and defeat the opposite team. The sound effect of the game is so real that you would feel as if you are driving a real train.

12. Subway Simulator 3D by Simulator live Android/ iPhone

 Best Train Simulator Games Android/ iPhone

The developers made an excellent choice by launching this train simulator game for all the users of both Android as well as Apple. Have you ever dreamt of driving different kinds of train in your childhood? A lot of people tend to have a special affection for this train simulator games because when you travel on the Subway Simulator 3D Train to get to witness the world differently.

13. Indian Train Driving by Tap- Free game Android

Best Train Simulator Games Android

If you have a dream to half the experience of traveling on the bullet train then you will enjoy the most by playing the Indian Train Driving by Tap- Free game. The graphics of the grain are very high quality and the station of this simulation game is very realistic. You will have to be smart enough to drive through heavy rain, loud thunderstorms, dense fog, and other such natural calamities. It would be highly imperative for the players to be punctual because the trains will leave the station on specific time slots.

14. Indian Train Simulator: Indian Train Business by ET game Developers Simulation Android

Best Train Simulator Games Android

There is an assortment of Indian trains in this game. Keep the player engaged through the long gaming sessions the developers have designed the real looking Indian trains. Some of the Indian Express trains are Garib rath, Duronto, Rajdhani, Shatabdi. It is amazing to see the world moving right in front of you while you are driving the train. The game is very addictive and you will never get bored of this game even if you keep on playing it every day.

15. Indian Train Simulator: Train Games by iGames Entertainment Android

 Best Train Simulator Games Android

There are several interesting features of the Indian Train Simulator: Train Games that you will love to explore. Do you think you are capable enough to control high-speed trains? In this game, you will come across a number of challenges in the form of hurdles to check your ability after taking instant decisions. The entire game is in high definition quality. Even small elements in the background tend to represent the real-life elements in 3D graphics. You can become the driver of the Rajdhani Express by playing the game and drive the fastest train of India.


These locomotive simulation games help the users to get a step closer to the railway industries and fulfill the passion of being a part of the fast-growing industry. These games are designed in such a way that you will feel as if you are driving a real train and carrying real passengers to their respective destinations being in the virtual world. You will be able to give signals and following a specific path by train to cover the distance successfully. It is the time to get you ready for the ultimate adventure of playing the train simulator game.