The towel stand is a bar where a towel is hung. A towel stand is used to hang the towels (bathroom or kitchen), tea towels, kitchen towels, and bedding after washing towels. Often wash towel with a hot wash and maybe add any disinfectant in the wash if they look dirty. You can use a piece of thick absorbent cloth or paper used to dry or wipe stuff off, which can be referred to as a ring of the towel. You should install towel rings within a few inches of the sink for functionality. Plan to mount a towel ring anywhere from 50 inches to 52 inches off the ground. Towels should hang easily and not brush against the top of your vanity. Use it in a loop by adding Velcro strips to two sides, one on the front and one on the back, below. Stitch in the spot, or use Velcro strips of iron. Throw it on the door handle of your oven and never again find yourself grumbling about a lack of towels. If you wash your clothes on a long, hot cycle, it can make them look dirty and worn very quickly.

Getting to know deeper about towel stand

This is also important to remember that towels and sheets should not be washed together because they are very different materials. Also, clothes and towels will carry germs. There are three main ways germs are spread by clothes and towels that. When more than one person uses towels or bed linen, germs can spread between them. When someone handles dirty laundry, they can spread germs on their hands. Toiletries can become toilet sloppy, so make sure you keep them to a minimum. Towels should be placed with face cloths and hand towels in a cabinet to keep them close at hand so they don’t spill over. Store the towels in your linen closet. Keep the towels close at hand. It’s sanitary to use a bath towel two or three times in washes.
Yet damp bathrooms and towels can easily become the host to many unwanted microorganisms. Daily laundry washes are adequate to destroy germs and clean your towels. Keeping towels to dry on the towel stand is an elegant way to dry towels quickly. You can put it in the shower, but it’s also going to be a fun decoration in your bedroom. It is a solid, wooden construction with a curved decoration on end. The functional and sturdy wooden towel stand is resistant to wear, wind, moisture, and other negative factors found in the bathroom. Simple form and neutral white color are other essential aspects of this stand. So now, let us have a look at different types of towel stands.

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1.The Towel Butler Polystone Base (Stainless Steel)

 Best Towel Stands 2020

This has a height of about 18/8” and is made of brushed stainless steel. It makes towels dry and has a weighted foundation for stability. This towel stand is great in the shower or the pool or the spa. This is one of our best selling towel stands.

2.iDesign York Metal Free-Standing

 Best Towel Stands 2020

This towel stand comes with a hand towel rack with 2 bars for hanging and drying fingertip towels in a master bathroom, a children’s bathroom, or a guest bathroom. Often perfect for use in a laundry room or kitchen to keep towels within reach. It is made of rust-resistant steel for years of high-quality use. The Satin silver is a classic, tasteful look that matches any decoration. This towel stand is simple to use, and no mounting is necessary; position the rack wherever it is needed. The Towel rack measures 6 “x 9” x 13.5 “and is perfect for your bathroom.

3.The AmazonBasics Double-T Hand Towel 

 Best Towel Stands 2020

This towel stand is used for the vanity of the bathroom; it holds 2 hand towels. It has T-shaped upper and for neatly showing towels; rounded tips help hold towels in place. This towel stand is made up of durable metal bars with a smooth finish (brushed nickel and hi-gloss white); blends seamlessly with the surrounding decoration. It also has rectangular metal base doubles as a jewelry dish for compact storage space. This towel stand comes with a one-year limited warranty backed by AmazonBasics.

4.Blomus Floor Standing Towel Rack Stand, 

Best Towel Stands 2020

The height of this towel stand is 18/10” and it is made up of polished stainless steel. It supports the heavy-duty and is extensively used for space-saving design. This towel stand is in great demand.

5.The AmazonBasics Foldable Clothes 

Best Towel Stands 2020

This towel stand clothes drying rack for energy savings and gentle drying so that your clothes last longer. It is made of robust but lightweight steel, quick to transfer from room to space. of this towel stand is that it has accordion folds flat for easy storage. This towel stand has chrome’s surface protects against rust and mildew. This towel stand measures approx. for about 14.5 x 29.5 x 41.75 inches (LxWxH).

6.Amba SAFSB-33 Free Standing Plug-In Towel 

Best Towel Stands 2020

This towel stand quickly heats and is stainless steel. The special feature of this towel stand is that it has ten crossbars that allow for optimal drying. It also has horizontal and vertical bars.

7.Kingston Brass CC2025 Pedestal

Best Towel Stands 2020

This towel stand is the construction of brass and is very useful. It can be used for decorative projects. The with this towel stand are available.

8.Umbra 320260-918 Hub Ladder, Expandable

 Best Towel Stands 2020


This towel stand comes with a design that can be used to display beautiful linens or to organize clothing pieces that often end up in a stack beside your bed. Also, heavier objects, such as towels or jackets, can be hanged easily; kept clean, and organized. The Hub Ladder is lightweight, simple to carry, and expandable, allowing it to fit into any size of space. Four beveled hooks running along the sides provide even more hanging space for anything you need. This towel stand is 60-inch high and 16-inch wide to 24-inch long, making it the perfect storage solution for your home entrance, bedroom, bathroom, or any other area. This revolutionary clothing organizer is made of solid ash wood and powder-coated steel, making it as durable as it is stunning.

9.Blomus Menoto Wide Towel Rack

 Best Towel Stands 2020

With this towel stand, minimal assembly is required. This towel stand is very easy to use and our brand known in the market. This is one of the best towel stand sellers.

10.AmazonBasics Classic Hand Towel Bar Rack

 Best Towel Stands 2020

This towel stand comes with an Finish and is made of robust zinc alloy. This towel stand comes with a fixture Width: 26-1/8-Inch (66.40 cm), Fixture Projection: 2-7/16-Inch (6.20 cm). It can support a total weight of about 22-Lbs (10kgs). This towel stand includes mounting screws, mounting brackets, and drywall anchors; mounting requires 1/8-inch (3.17 mm) slotted screwdriver.

11.Coaster Home Furnishings 3-Tier Towel Rack 

Best Towel Stands 2020

These towel stands are made These towel stands are usually imported and it includes a towel rack. With this towel stand, you can add beauty to your home and living room. You can very easily organize your towel in the bathroom with this rack.

12.Maserfaliw Towel Rack Folding 

 Best Towel Stands 2020

This towel stand gives you the option of of towels and more, no installation required. This towel stand is built from a tough plastic material. It offers a folding design and space-saving if not in use. The material it is made up of is PP. This towel stand has characteristics such as folding, durable, towel organizer, and is very efficient.

13.Gatco 1508 Floor Standing S Style Towel 

Best Towel Stands 2020

With this, you can accent your bathroom face with our exquisite mix of finesse and sophistication, as the Gatco decor is specially crafted, featuring freestanding items of true tradition and modern appeal. This towel stand is carefully hand-painted and handcrafted and is of high-quality metalwork, making it durable for a lifetime. You can easily put this product on a variety of surfaces and where it can be most convenient. Starting in 1977, Gatco products have always provided LIFETIME WARRANTY along with all the required mounting hardware and installation instructions. This towel stand is accessible in three Wonderful finishes: Silver, Bronze, and Satin Nickel.

14.AmazonBasics AB-BR812-SN Bathroom 

 Best Towel Stands 2020

This towel stand comes with and is made of durable zinc alloy. This towel stand includes three pieces such as a towel ring, a regular toilet paper holder, and a 24-inch towel bar. The maximum weight capacity of this towel stand ranges from 11-22-Lbs (5-10kgs). This towel stand includes mounting screws, mounting brackets, and drywall anchors; 1/8-inch (3.17 mm) slotted screwdriver (not included) is required for installation. An AmazonBasics 1-year warranty backs this towel stand.

15.Yamazaki Home Tosca Bath Towel Hanger 

Best Towel Stands 2020

This towel stand offers for storing and drying bath towels while keeping a low footprint. Set in the bathroom to create the ideal place for a shower. The modern look of Yamazaki is designed to match your home decor with a light and airy design. The hanger is made of elegant, metal, and wooden material. Get this important space-saving tool for quick access during the day. The staggered wooden rails are extended at each end to accommodate hanging objects. The architecture is designed to ensure sufficient airflow while remaining lightweight to fit in tight corners. Shift it wherever it’s convenient for you. DIMENSIONS: This product has a capacity of 6.3 x 28.3 x 32.3 inches. Each bar holds 1 kg of weight. Yamazaki brings thought and creativity to everyday objects through life-inspired design in Japan. Items are designed with particular attention to usability, practicality, efficiency, and space-saving.

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So by now, you are aware of how important it is for you to have a towel stand to make your life easier. If you shower and dry your towel on a hook or ring every day, there is a good chance that it will never dry out completely, but using a towel stand will make it more convenient for you. Double bar with two towels moisture can still be trapped between the two towels and any bundles that may occur. It’s stunningly simple to use a towel stand on the back of the bathroom door. Few bathrooms have enough places to hang towels. Stacking towel bars behind closed doors is a great way to address the shortage and make efficient use of space. If you have a tiny bathroom, you will get creative and select the best suitable towel stand for you. The bathroom, the toilet, and the powder room, whatever you call it, this private space in your home can be difficult to keep organized (especially if it’s small!), but with a towel stand, you can manage it very well. Towels, beauty products, simple decorations are used to remind you that you are in your house, not a dreary office park, and all of these things eat up space, and this can be dangerous in a room that is also especially necessary to keep fresh and sanitary. The towel stand will look lovely in your bathroom, and it helps to keep your towels aired and dry. For smaller bathrooms, wall-mounted towel racks take away any floor clutter and raise storage space and decorate new possibilities, but towel stand is more convenient than them. Make sure your towels are exposed in the bathroom and dried well. Finally, you need to choose a stand that can be used in any bathroom.