15 Best Timepass Apps (Android/Iphone) 2023

Are you on the quest to find the best suitable applications for your time pass, probably in 2023? Perhaps, you’ve been on the search on the possible ways on how you can remotely get rid of boredom? That’s relatively easy, and I guess because numerous exciting applications will possibly help you on your quest. Meanwhile, over time, so many individuals and folks out there find it very difficult to get rid of boredom and maximize their time. This awful experience has made lots of people start doing things they never wanted to. So many others suffer from addictions is because they do not know how to kill boredom or possibly make the best use of their time. In a nutshell, I’ve been able to do extensive research on how to possibly help the masses get rid of boredom or helping them maximize their time very well without having to regret their day or something. However, I’ll like you all to know that there are so many timepass applications out there that you can remotely use to kill boredom.
Notwithstanding, what I’ll be sharing is not timepass apps, but what I’m sharing are the best collections of timepass applications for your Android and iOS device. So, if you’re here already, just read through to completely comprehend this article. Don’t be told, but instead, read it yourself and know it yourself. Then be the one that will tell others.

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 Timepass Apps (Android/Iphone)

When we talk about the best timepass applications for your Android & iOS devices in 2022, AnonyChat is one of the best on the list. Just as the name implies, AnonyChat is an application that you can use to connect and probably chat with friends. Are you bored? Or perhaps looking for whom to talk to but couldn’t find any? AnonyChat is what you need. With AnonyChat, you can easily converse with strangers at random.

Pimple Popper

Timepass Apps Android / Iphone 2022

This is another excellent application that you can use for your time pass in 2023, and this same application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Pimple allows its users to pop virtual pimples easily. Keeping on doing this, you’ll end up driving away boredom. In addition to this, this app will also put you through the required guides on how to pop different kinds of pimples too.


Timepass Apps Android / Iphone 2022

Framelapse is one of the best apps you should try out in 2023 for your time pass. You’ll love every moment you spend on this same application. With this same application, you can easily automate your recording so that it will stop recording immediately after the time you set has elapsed. Added to this, you can also choose the preferred bitrate or the resolution of the time-lapse video.

Toilet Time

Timepass Apps Android / Iphone 2022

Toilet time is another awesome timepass application which is very compatible with your Android & iOS device in 2023. If you don’t have this very application in your device, you’re really missing out.This very application features a wild range of toilet related mini games that you can get over with just in few minutes. I can assure you that this application (Toilet Time) is really a nice idea for your timepass. 


Timepass Apps Android / Iphone 2022

Yo is an incredible application that will give you a wonderful experience when you download it. When we talk about the best timepass games in 2023 (compatible with Android and iOS devices), Yo app isn’t a bad idea. This application primary functions like a messaging app. The only difference here is that you can only send the word YO to your contacts. Isn’t this cool? If you’re really bored, just try Yo app.

Sand Draw Sketch


From our recommendations, Sand Draw Sketch is one of the best time pass applications, very much compatible with your iOS & Android devices. This same game will help to get rid of boredom from anywhere you might be. With this great application, you can become very creative simply by using Virtual Sand as your canvas in this fun sketching game. This experience is what you shouldn’t miss out on.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

Timepass Apps Android / Iphone 2022

With Microsoft Hyperlpse, you can easily record series countless of videos. However, you’re also allowed to select the speed at which you want to record a video, choose between 720p and 1080p resolutions, and hit the record button. One of the primary reasons why I like Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile is that it allows you to share your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media networks or save them to your SD card.


iShaver Pro

Timepass Apps Android / Iphone 2022

iShaver Pro is another excellent timepass application every Android, and iOS user should have on their mobile devices. Just as the name projects, iShaver Pro is an application that allows you to shave just virtually. One good thing about this very application is that; the more you shave, the more you stand the chance of unlocking several razors. As soon as you install this app, kindly hold the button, and immediately, a virtual hair will start falling off. Meanwhile, you can choose the length of hair and its designated color too.

Perfect365 One-Tap Makeover

Timepass Apps Android / Iphone 2022

The Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover is a virtual saloon where you can easily put in some interesting makeovers on any picture you upload. Are you tired of boredom? Why not try this application.The experiences you’ll get from spending your time with this application will really make you love it drastically.


Timepass Apps Android / Iphone 2022

If you’re actually talking about the best timepass app without mentioning Binky, then you’re making whole lots of mistakes. Binky is a social media app which primarily removes the social element from the app.One of the major reasons why I recommended the Binky app is that it lets you rebink posts which is similar to the retweet function in Twitter. But on this very app, everything you do will not be visible to anybody. So if you really want to be active on social media without being social, Binky is actually what you need. 


 Timepass Apps (Android/Iphone)

Paperama is an enjoyable game you can easily use to keep yourself busy. This is one of the best ways to kill boredom. However, Paperama was rated as one of the best timepass applications compatible with your Android & iOS device. However, on this same application, you’ll be required to solve several puzzles, which are strictly based on paper folding techniques. In this very app, you’ll be timed too.

Hyperlapse from Instagram


Hyperlapse from Instagram lets you create videos so easily with some simple steps. On this spate, you can remotely increase the video’s speed up to 12 times. One of the major reasons why I love this great application is because it has an automatic camera stabilization feature, which means that you don’t need to worry if the camera shakes or not. You can easily save the videos you created to your phone or maybe share it to instagram. 


Bottle Flip 3D

Timepass Apps Android / Iphone 2022

Bottle Flip 3D is another excellent application you should get into your mobile device if you earnestly want to get rid of boredom. Just as the name implies (Bottle Flip 3D), it allows its users to flip bottles. Almost very similar to the bottle flip challenge but quite different from it. In this application, all you need to do is to flip bottles then ensure it lands perfectly. You can use this application to drive away boredom.

Weird Guys

Timepass Apps Android / Iphone 2022

Weird Guys is a pretty and an incredible application for your devices (Android & iOS preferably). If you’ve not downloaded this very application this year, then you’re really missing out a great fortune. In this game, you’ll find so many Weird Guys, and they are however attracted by flowers which surfaces. All you’ve got to do is to make sure the weird guys avoid the flowers to avoid an untimely interruption. You can only understand when you have it on your device. 



Hole.io is one of the best apps for your timepass in 2023, and this same application is very compatible with both your Android and iOS device. This application is an excellent idea for your time pass. In this particular application, you’ll be exposed to so many holes. All you’ve got to do here is to ensure that you gobble up the things that catch your eye. Also, do not fail to expand the hole to eat more and showcase everyone out there about your eating prowess.


Having gone through this particular content, did you find it thoughtful and valuable? I hope you found what you were looking for in this article? Make the best use of this very article by trying most of these Android and iOS applications if you value your time and would want to make the best use of it. So far, do you have any questions or any suggestions to render? Kindly send us feedback using the comment section below this same content, thanks and please do not forget to share this article with your friends and loved ones too.