17 Best Time Pass Games (Addicted AF) 2023

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So, you are here, and I am also. I like to talk with you when I have free time. But sometimes, I think about How you would pass your time when you have a little time while waiting in a restaurant and going to the office by public transport, etc., as we can not take your Playstation everywhere and can not play any PS4 or PC game while waiting somewhere. Then how can we pass our time? Do we have an excellent solution to pass our time?

in today’s article, Shyami-the tech player, found the best time pass games 2023 for android/iphone. 

Let’s start…

 Best Time Pass Games 2022

Crossy Road Android / Iphone

 Best Time Pass Games Android / Iphone 2023

When we talk about the best time pass games for Android and iOS in 2023, Crossy Road is one of the best you can find out there. The main motive and idea of this game are to make an animal character cross the busy road without being interrupted.
Yeah! Crossy Road has to do with choosing the right time to the crossroad with moving cars, the railway, etc. So if you are looking for a time pass game to download, Crossy Road is an excellent idea.

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Trivia Crack

Best Time Pass Games

Trivia Crack on Crazygames.com is a brain-teasing game and from my keen research, it is one of the best timepass games known to be very compatible with your Android and iOS device. In this game, your brain has got to be at work and so many trivia fans loved this game with great passion.  

Duo Lingo Android / Iphone

 Best Time Pass Games Android / Iphone 2022

Duo Lingo is another great timepass gaming application you should try out in 2023. If you’re interested in learning new languages aside from your local language, then Duo Lingo is what you need.
You can easily find your way to learning some exciting languages like French, German, English, Spanish and other languages. This gaming application is worth spending your spare time with. Learn them and consistently practice them; who knows, you might just become an expert with several languages.

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Zombie Tasunami  Android / Iphone

 Best Time Pass Games Android / Iphone 2023

Zombie Tsunami is rated to be one of the best time pass games 2023, which is very compatible with Android and iOS (iPhone) devices. This is an online game with a different style, and I bet you; you won’t get bored playing this game.
If you’re bored and perhaps looking for the best collections of timepass games to spend most of your time with, Zombie Tsunami is one of the best you should invest and spend time with.

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Galactic Warrior Android

 Best Time Pass Games Android / Iphone 2023

Galactic Warrior is a friendly and excellent game you shouldn’t miss downloading this season, especially if your mobile device is an Android or an iOS (iPhone) device.
This is an arena-style action game where you need to defeat the waves of enemies with your known skills. There are so many levels and stages in this very game. The more you go on this, the more you’ll reach more levels on the game.

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Happy Glass Android / Iphone

 Best Time Pass Games Android / Iphone 2023

Happy Glass is one of the best and top timepass game for Android and iOS devices in 2023. Yeah! There is no way you will talk about best timepass games, without mentioning this very one (Happy Glass). 

Meanwhile, this is a game where you have to draw a line from where the water will flow and make sure it fills up the glass. When you get started with this game, you’ll definitely understand it better and probably enjoy every moment you spend on it. 

The Tower Android / Iphone

best Time Pass Games

 This is another wonderful game you really wouldn’t want to miss out. In this game, all you’ve got to do is just to be building series of towers from variety of blocks. 

You can easily navigate this by taping the screen to drop the one block on top each other. You can also go through several atmospheres, reach the space and continue to build the tallest tower possible.

2048  Android / Iphone

best time pass game

2048 is a perfect game for your timepass and you wouldn’t want to miss. In this game, you’ll have to give your brain some exercise. This very game is math oriented and you’d like to give in to this. 

Meanwhile, in this particular game (2048), you’re allowed to swipe tiles until you get to the number 2048 without being interrupted long the way. Other folks that played this game really confessed that the game is cool and its really additive too. 

Ludo King Android / Iphone

 Best Time Pass Games Android

This game is a game you shouldn’t miss out with getting yourself involved with in 2023. This particular game is an old time game and its ratings on Playstore and App Store is very storming. 

Over the time, so many folks but now and in the past, had always enjoyed playing this very game. Families also could get themselves busy with this very game too. As a matter of fact, Ludo King is one of the coolest games you should really spend your time with. 

QuizUp Android / Iphone

Time Pass Games

QuizUp is a brain teasing game and from my keen research, it is one of the best timepass games known to be very compatible with your Android and iOS device. In this game, your brain has got to be at work and so many trivia fans loved this game with great passion.  

RavenHill Hidden Mystery Android

Time Pass Games Iphone

In Ravenhill, you must find hidden objects in pictures, kind of like those bizarre I-Spy books from when you were little. Come for the immersive storyline, satisfying sounds, lovely graphics, and fun match-three minigames. Stay because you can play this forever. Seriously: if you don’t lose a level, you can keep playing, playing, and playing.

I’ve played this game every day since October 2023, and I have yet to get sick of it. If it’s a bit too easy for your taste, the same developer makes a more complex version called Seeker’s Notes. (Yes, I play that one, too.)

Brawl Stars Android / Iphone

 Best Time Pass Games Android / Iphone 2023

Brawl Stars in an online game all Android, and iOS users should get themselves involved within 2023. This same game was brought to you by SuperCell).
If you were looking for the best time pass games for your Android and iOS device in 2023, then Brawl Stars is one of them. All you have to do is get started with them and enjoy all the moments you’ll spend on the game.

Adventure Capitalist Android / Iphone

 Best Time Pass Games Android / Iphone 2023

Adventure Capitalist is passive game which requires a ton of severe critical thinking or hard work as the case might be. This very game is easy and you can really start with a single lemonade stand and work your way up to owning decillions of shrimp boats. You can just do this just by tapping stuff on your phone screen.

You might not want to miss out any level or session on this very game (Adventure Capitalist). Quickly get this game into your device and find your way out of boredom. 

80 Days Android / Iphone

 Best Time Pass Games Android 2023

80 Days is a game that allows you to race around the world just in 80 Days. Isn’t this cool? Or perhaps interesting? This game was recorded to be one of the best games, and it’s excellent for your time pass. The story is vast.
In addition to that, you’ll need to balance your health and your finances and probably keep a keen eye on the time too. By doing so, it will enable you to know your strength so you wouldn’t fall behind bars and along the way too.

Hearthstone Android / Iphone

 Best Time Pass Games Iphone 2023


This is a controversial pick, given Blizzard’s les-than-stellar history as a company. Still, if you’re looking to sling cards à la Magic the Gathering but prefer to sling them in the Warcraft universe, Hearthstone is what you want. The game is easy to learn and tough to master. Weekly Tavern Brawls and solo game modes keep things feeling fresh. Fans of card games (or The Witcher) might also like Gwent.

Flow Free Android / Iphone

 Best Time Pass Games 2023

Are you looking for games to spend most of your time with? Then get Flow Free. It is very much compatible with your Android and iOS device. Also, it is rated to be one of the best time pass games in 2023.
In this same game, you’ll be connecting matching colors with pipes to create a flow to cover the board probably. As soon as that is done, you’ll automatically be welcomed to the next level, where another task will be given to you.

Alto’s adventure Android / Iphone

Time Pass Games android

Noodlecake develops the game. We all love to play adventurous video games when we have time. But we can not play it if we have very little free time. So, this is the adventurous game we can do time pass with. You can join Alto and his friends on a journey across the beautiful alpine hills and neighboring villages, ancient woodlands, long-abandoned ruins, etc. The journey is beautiful and has small challenges; you can complete it in your little free time. Along the way, you will have to rescue runaway llamas, grind rooftops and leap over the terrifying gulf. You will have to outwit the mountain elders while bringing the challenges when crossing the mountains. The game is quite simple and easy to play with high graphics. Many things make the game enjoyable every time, like beautiful views or locations, changing weather from time to time like in real life, multiple transitioning biomes, and a day/night cycle. The game has a unique “Zen mode” to play without interruption and obstacles. The features are endless, but some of them are listed here to give you a brief idea. 

  • Physics-based gameplay- The game is interesting when it feels natural to us. And hence, Physics is essential to make the game real. The app also applies physics-based gameplay, making the game fluid, graceful and exhilarating for the player. 
  • Play snowboarding – The game’s adventure goes around mountains and terrains. If there is a mountain, there is snow. And if snow is there, Snowboarding is also there. 
  • The natural world weathers- Since physics applies the same as in the real world, the weather is another crucial natural aspect in Alto’s adventure world. The app shows dynamic lighting and weather effects like thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows, shooting stars, etc. 
  • Test your skills- the game lets you test your skills with 180+ handcrafted goals. 
  • Star ratings- 4.2
  • Downloads- 10M+

Shadowmatic Android / Iphone

Best Time Pass Games Android

Triada Studio Games developed the game. The game is a unique kind of concept in the game world, and it was designed and created with a lot of attention and detail. Shadowmatic is an award-winning Imagination stirring puzzle game. In the game, you will have to test your physics-based imagination power as you will need to find the correct shadow of objects on the location by rotating them. The game is neither like PS4 nor theme-based, yet it is engaging and makes your imagination power strong. In the game, you will have to complete the various challenges of discovering the correct solution for unexpected and infinite silhouettes. The game has different features with different environments and unexpected challenges. To unlock all game levels, you will have to clear the first 14 free levels of the game in 4 different environments. 

There is a Gyroscope sensor used in the game menu. You can see the place around the different levels, and you can also make the level of the game bigger and smaller. 

Here are so many different features of the game that make it unique and cool among the all-time pass game. 

  • More than 100 levels in 12+ environments- The game has more than 100 levels to play. To unlock them all, you must clear the first 14 levels in 4 different environments. Here the environments are also varied, each giving you a different feel. It has a 12+ environment.
  • Fabulous graphics- the game has incredible graphics that make sense as it is a physics-applied shadow-based game. Also, with each different environment, to make the environment different, graphics must be fabulous.
  • 3D parallel view- The game has superb graphics, but the thing that enhances the interface is that it has a view in 3D also. And It is best if we want to recognize the shadow in 3D. 
  • Different modes and options- The game offers you so much additional support in modes and options like the assistant button, Nonlinear level progression, achievements, hints system, and arcade mode. 
  • Admired by many platforms- The game is award-winning and recognized by many platforms like Pocket Gamer, CNET, The Guardian, TIME, Washington post, etc. 
  • Star ratings- 4.5
  • Downloads- 1m+

Friends, here are these best 17 games to help you pass your free time. I am sure that you found some most exciting and interesting things on the list. Then, what are you waiting for?

Just click on the link given below and download the game. Start playing the game; till then, I will write a new article to solve one of the queries. 

Hence, bye-bye for now.

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