The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Proxies: What You Need To Know

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Proxies: What You Need To Know

Instagram is always on the lookout to ban accounts and IPs that do not follow their terms of use. This is a big problem for marketers and influencers who rely on bots to generate and engage with their audience. The good news is you can keep your bot and account safe by mimicking real human behavior with Instagram proxies.

Yet, finding the right proxy for your Instagram project can be a difficult task in its own right if you don’t know what to look for. While there are a ton of proxy providers on the market not all of them live up to expectation. To help safeguard your Instagram accounts and your pocket, here is all you need to know about Instagram proxies.

What Is An Instagram Proxy?

In the past, any type of proxy could work on Instagram. However, in recent years, Instagram’s antibot techniques have greatly increased. Therefore using any proxy will get your IPs and accounts banned in no time, hence the need for specialized proxies for Instagram.

An Instagram proxy is a proxy server that is optimized to work on Instagram. Just like any other type of proxy, an Instagram proxy acts as an intermediary between your device and Instagram’s servers. Due to this, requests from the user appear to originate from the proxy address rather than the user’s real IP. This allows users to anonymously access Instagram’s servers and resources. r

Why Do You Need Proxies for Instagram?

The average Instagram user who just wants to check up on friends or like pictures does not require proxies to access the network. However, for businesses and marketers looking to stand out, an Instagram proxy is a must-have in many cases. Here’s why you need Instagram proxies.

Evade IP Bans

To keep the community safe, Instagram reserves the right to permanently block IPs and accounts that break any of its guidelines. User IPs and activities on Instagram are logged and scrutinized to find users who breach these rules. Once a user is spotted doing anything against Instagram’s terms of use, their IPs and or account can be banned depending on the severity of the offense.

Even though you can quite easily create new accounts, having your IP permanently banned will lock you out of Instagram’s servers for good. Now, this is where Instagram proxies come into the picture. With the right proxy, you can get back to Instagram in no time. An Instagram proxy will allow you to conceal your real IP behind an IP that still has access to Instagram. This will allow you to appear on Instagram’s system as a completely new user.

Instagram Automation

The fast-paced digital marketing environment usually requires constant and consistent engagement. However, this can be a very tedious task to do. Hence, businesses and account managers usually rely on bots and other automation tools to manage and drive engagement. However, this goes against Instagram’s policies and ultimately will result in account and IP restrictions.

Nevertheless, paring the correct proxy with a suitable automation tool enables bots to mimic authentic human users effectively and allows your bot to cleverly navigate Instagram’s anti-bot systems.

Handle Multiple Accounts

As a measure to curb spamming and promote organic engagement, Instagram users are limited to a maximum of 5 accounts per device or IP address. This might not be much of a problem for every user. However, for account managers handling many accounts and influencers seeking to drive engagement, this can be a major restriction.

Yet again, you can bypass this restriction by dedicating IPs to each account. This will create the impression that each account is being managed by a different user from a different device.

What is the Best Proxy Type for Instagram?

Not all proxies are created equal, and this discrepancy becomes particularly relevant when it comes to Instagram. Let’s take a look at the different types of proxies you can use for Instagram.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are the cheapest proxy type you can get on the market. They are hosted on high-performance systems data centers. This makes them readily available and fast compared to other types of proxies. Datacenter proxies are suitable for low-budget Instagram use cases and use cases that require fast and interrupted access.

Although datacenter proxies can technically be used for managing Instagram accounts, they may not be the ideal choice. Their primary drawback stems from their source. Datacenter proxies are registered to data centers, rendering them more vulnerable to detection and potential blocking.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies make use of IPs assigned to real home internet devices like computers and laptops by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They are sourced by leasing IPs from ISPs or through peer-to-peer proxy programs which makes them quite expensive compared to the datacenter kind.

With residential proxies, user requests to Instagram are routed through IPs that are registered to real human users with physical addresses. This makes them more trustworthy and less likely to be blocked and hence, ideal for Instagram.

Mobile Proxies

Just like residential proxies, mobile proxies direct user requests through real internet devices. However, this is done explicitly using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Also known as 4G proxies, they are assigned to user devices by Mobile Network Operators when the user connects to the internet and assigned to a different user when the initial user goes offline.

Mobile proxies are nearly impossible to block. This is because blocking such IPs would potentially deny access to thousands of users who would be assigned the IP by their network operator. Also, given that most Instagram users access the platform via mobile devices, using mobile proxies for Instagram automation allows users to closely mimic real human activity.

How to Choose the Best Instagram Proxy Provider

Instagram proxies can provide a significant boost and ensure the success of your operations. However, making the wrong choice when it comes to Instagram proxies can lead to resource wastage and account restrictions. Therefore, it’s essential to buy proxies that live up to expectations. Let’s look at some major factors to consider when making your choice for an Instagram proxy.

Reliability and Uptime

Succeeding in digital marketing often requires swift and consistent engagement with potential and returning clients. As you might have guessed already, Instagram is no different. Irrespective of your niche, there are a thousand and one other marketers looking to tap into that market. Hence, a little delay on your part, and your competitors will snatch the lead.

Therefore, ensure that you purchase reliable proxies with high uptimes. This will ensure that you can access the proxies when you need them most. In fact, what use would that proxy be if you are unable to access Instagram? Just imagine trying to connect and engage with your audience at peak hours and realizing all your IPs are offline.

Proxy Speed and Performance

You should also consider the speed and performance of your Instagram proxies. A slow or unreliable proxy can hinder your ability to engage with your audience effectively. It’s crucial to select proxies that offer fast response times, stable connections, and low latency. Fast proxies will ensure a seamless connection to Instagram and allow you to swiftly engage with your followers.

How do you know if your Instagram proxies are fast enough for your use case? While many providers boost big numbers, a simple performance test will separate the chaff from the grains. Therefore use providers like KocerRoxy who offer users trial periods to test their proxies.

Compatibility With Instagram

The most important factor to consider when buying proxies is whether or not they are compatible with Instagram. While proxies are legal in most cases, Instagram strictly prohibits its use. Due to this, they have systems in place to spot, flag, and ban proxy IPs from accessing their servers.

Therefore, using the wrong proxy on Instagram will not only put your proxies at risk of getting banned but your accounts as well. Hence, it is a call in the right direction to ensure that you use the best Instagram proxies irrespective of your use case or project size. Additionally, if you plan to use automation tools for managing your Instagram activities, verify that the selected proxy is compatible with these tools to maintain a harmonious and risk-free Instagram presence.


Instagram proxies offer a gateway to unlock the vast potential of Instagram. With over 2 billion users, Instagram presents substantial opportunities for businesses and marketers. However, its stringent regulations and anti-bot measures require careful consideration. The right Instagram proxy, whether it’s a datacenter, residential, or mobile proxy, can be a game-changer.

However, it is also crucial to consider where you get your proxies from. When selecting an Instagram proxy provider, prioritize reliability, speed, and compatibility with Instagram’s guidelines to ensure a seamless and effective experience. This will not only allow you to stay afloat but also allow you to optimize your interactions.