15 Best Teens Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022

Teens these days are always attached to their phones more than the people around them. From morning alarms to late-night texting with their friends, the youth hardly live without their phones. Looking at the data, one can clearly understand that teens use apps more than anyone else. From sending necessary emails to making video challenges, and a simple calculator to games and photoshop, the youth have got themselves covered.

Here is a list of the top 15 apps every teen should have on his smartphone.

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 Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

In the golden era of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, one would argue that the importance of an email has been drastically reduced. Let me tell you that you are mistaken. Email is still very much a part of basic etiquette. Emails are being used everywhere; whether you want to share something with your coworker at work or if you want to submit your assignments online at school, sending an email is pretty much the norm for formal communication. One of the most popular, fast, and reliable apps for email is still Gmail, developed by Google. Gmail has been dominating for almost 15 years, with hundreds of millions of people using it daily. Gmail has recently added smart features like auto-completion, text correction, segregation of spam vs. genuine, etc.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

Instagram is one of the most, if not the most, popular social networking sites globally. People worldwide use Instagram to share their pictures with their followers, follow the celebrities they like, meet new people and keep themselves updated with what’s happening around the world. Just like Snapchat, people can post stories that will stay on their profile for 24 hours. Teens always love to socialize, meet new people, and keep themselves engaged in the community. Instagram is an app that you can find on almost every teens’ smartphone. It has overtaken Facebook and Snapchat as the most popular social networking app. It has also become the go-to app for businesses to post their advertisements and catch the eye of their targeted audiences.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

Who hasn’t heard of Youtube? The most popular app in the world for streaming videos for free. Even a child of the age of 3 is addicted to Youtube and can access youtube better than some older people. That’s how simple and addictive youtube is. It has everything from movies, music, TV shows, comedy clips, educational videos, etc. Teens turn to Youtube for several things, including entertainment, to learn something valuable for their academics, or to upload their videos with an aspiration of becoming famous.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

Tiktok is currently one of the fastest-growing apps in 2022. It is an app where people showcase their talents, style, and skills by making funny, creative, and informative videos and gain followers. Due to its rapid growth, businesses are now turning to Tiktok to post advertisements. This app has certainly caught the eye of teens and celebrities all over the world, and now almost everyone uses TikTok for some light-hearted entertainment.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

Since bursting onto the scene in 2009, Whatsapp has taken over the messaging industry by storm. Before Whatsapp, people used to communicate via SMS, Emails, or chat rooms. But Whatsapp has changed the game for everyone, especially the youth who always want to be connected with their friends online. Now Whatsapp has multiple features such as audio calls, video calls, stories, etc. It is one of the most downloaded applications and is definitely loved by everyone for its simplicity and ease of use.

Google Maps

Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

If you are someone who has a hard time remembering routes, asking the way to your destination every time to someone might feel awkward, and sometimes you are not told the correct way to reach your destination, which leads you to frustration. In that case, Google Maps offers you the best route with the estimated time that it might take to reach the destination. It also shows the traffic density in all the places, and it is voice-automated, meaning you do not have to look at your phone every time to check the route. It is certainly a popular app for teens who might be venturing out on their own and need proper guidance to reach their destination.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

Snapchat is another social media app that gained popularity because of its attractive filters. Snapchat is popular among the young crowd. It has a concept of stories where a story is visible for 24 hours for all of your friends to see, after which it disappears. Snaps are available only for a period of 10 seconds. If you want to make dog faces or add a tiara to yourself, you will be amazed at what Snapchat can do.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

Nobody has time in this world to read about everything that is happening around them. That doesn’t mean we must ignore the world. Inshorts displays short news in various fragments in accordance with your choice that you can read in a few seconds and still be informed of everything that is happening around the world.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

In this modern era of digitalization, nobody wants to go to theatres or wait for long hours to download the TV series they want to watch. Everyone wants to gather around with their friends or on their own with some snacks and binge-watch anything at any time. Netflix has got all of it covered. With affordable rates and high-quality content, including TV shows, movies, documentaries, standup comedies, etc., it is not a surprise why this app is on every teen’s mouth in this generation.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

In today’s world, it is very important for teens to understand the importance of what is happening in businesses all over the world in various industries and what skills are required in the job market. LinkedIn helps them provide guidance to a successful career path by keeping them updated with insightful news, articles, and blogs to learn what is fresh in the market. With LinkedIn learning, they can regularly brush up their skills and be prepared to crack any job interview they go for.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

Uber is an app using which you can initiate a trip request that is automatically forwarded to an Uber driver near you, alerting the driver to arrive at your location. The Uber driver will then come and pick you up and drive you to your requested destination.

The driver is able to teach the best route, which is free from traffic and roadblocks. The app also allows you to calculate the trip fare and the distance covered. The Payment can be made over online modes as well without you actually paying in hard cash. If you are a teen who travels a lot to the school, college, or to hang out with your friends, Uber is at your service.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

Swiggy is an application that has lately become a popular application among youngsters to search their restaurant, order food online for home delivery, and find what the reviewers and food bloggers have to say about the restaurant and the food. Simply choose your restaurant, order the items on the menu and pay using Netbanking or Cash on delivery and Swiggy delivers food to your doorstep.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

Who doesn’t love to listen to music throughout the day? Whether traveling, playing games, feeling bored at home or even trying to sleep, everyone needs to treat themselves to a bit of music. Spotify is a top-rated app to listen to music and podcasts to keep yourself awake and relaxed.
With Spotify premium, you have access to endless hours of music without any ads. Every song and every artist you like is possibly on there for you to listen to. Other than music, there are countless podcasts on there to keep you informed and entertained. You can create your customized playlists.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

There is only so much music that you can listen to. At a point in time or after a certain age, you tend to get bored listening to music. Luckily, Audible has your back. With so many audiobooks, it is a great way to keep yourself awake and interested in the road. This app is popular with everyone and has over 50 million downloads.

The app has something for everyone, in every category, and for every age group. You can download a book to your device, which will allow you to listen offline. Audible even has a selection of their stuff if you run out of books.


Best Teens Apps Android/Iphone 2022

Studying 8 to 10 hours a day, including school or college, is often hectic for students. Hence, one needs some time off on the weekend to chill out for entertainment. BookMyShow ensures you take yourself out with your friends for a few hours by booking movie tickets, comedy shows, or musical concerts online with a great discount or awesome deal of the day. Choose a show and pay online. You can treat yourself to a nice weekend.


Teens worldwide are hooked onto a lot of apps all the time, and most of them are very popular. It isn’t easy to drill it down to just 15. We have picked the top 15 apps that will lead the way in 2022. We hope this article helps you draw a conclusion on which apps are the best for this generation’s teens.